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YouTube videos stop playing

Monday 11th of June 2012 /
Alright so I just got the HTC One V and the YouTube app is already acting app. When I click on a video, it loads, then plays the first second of the video. Then it stops, loads and plays the first second again. Then it stops and loads AGAIN. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?? I can't watch anything because the stupid thing just keeps reloading the first second of the video. I don't think its the connection problem because it does the same thing even if I'm running on WiFi and 3G.
posted on: HTC One V
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New x2 wont play youtube and other issues

Tuesday 03rd of April 2012 /
Just bought the X2 because I loved my X1 because it was built like a tank.1. I can't view youtube through the browser even with wifi. I can watch videos on the youtube app but I hate the youtube app.2. I'm a heavy user (close to 20 gigs of data a month) and my battery life has been terrible from day one. 3. When I got the phone activated I asked the guy at the Verizon store how I could get my music from my old phone to my new phone (I don't know how to do stuff on my computer other than charge the phone). He takes my sd card from my old phone and put it into my new phone. Is that ok? I hate it when these store guys do crap like that! It makes sense and most of pics and all music carried over but not my videos! I like my 16 gig sd card vs the 8 but I want my videos back. Any ideas on my problems?
posted on: Motorola Droid X2
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Youtube and other videos stop playing after 15 seconds

Thursday 22nd of July 2010 /
I'm having issues with the video playback on my Moto Droid. I have no issue when I record video and play but when I try to play Youtube videos or any other videos off of websites, it only plays for 15 seconds and stops. It continues to load and everything but it just freezes... Any ideas what can cause this? Or more importantly, what can fix this?
posted on: Motorola Droid X2
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Videos stop playing

Tuesday 07th of December 2010 /
Droid X user here. Help! How come my videos I play from youtube stop playing at midpoint? ...all the time!
posted on: Droid X Tech Support
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Hard reset w/o losing your photos and other videos on the Maxx

Tuesday 17th of July 2012 /
I read in another blog(different website) that someone did a hard reset and did not check the box under the privacy settings that say to wipe internal storage of phone. Is this true, regarding this method of resetting the phone. He didn't lose photos or videos on the phone and during the reset process his phone went right in and downloaded all his apps for him. Is this a proven method to reset the phone after getting ICS? Or is there another method to do a hard reset w/o losing photos and videos on the phone? Thanks for the feedback!
posted on: Droid RAZR MAXX
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Games and other apps keep opening after i force close them. draining my battery

Wednesday 09th of November 2011 /
I have the Optimus v. apps like Skype, Amazon market and game apps that I download keep restarting themselves, even after I force close them. I know that Droid needs some programs to stay open, but why would a pool game or Skype need to remain open? they are killing my battery. how do I resolve this?
posted on: Droid RAZR MAXX
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YouTube and other videos lag??

Wednesday 15th of February 2012 /
Hey all, I've been having this issue with my phone for months now and its just annoying as hell. If I use my YouTube to watch a video or any other form of videos, they take forever to load and when they do they lag like mad. If I pause it for a min of two so it can buffer/load it'll still lag and skip like crazy. Am I missing something? I've restarted my phone like its going to help any :/ nothing I do works. Its to the point where I just want to throw it against a wall. Can anyone help me out and put me in the right direction? Thanks for any helpMike Sent from my Inspire using Tapatalk
posted on: AT&T Inspire 4G
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Internet and MMS services stop working after an hour of restart

Saturday 08th of September 2012 /
After I upgraded my Sony Xperia S to Android 4.0.4 after an hour or so of not using my phone and/or when I leave a WIFI area I cannot use any data services on my phone from my network without restarting the device. I can reconnect to WIFI again without a problem.I've tried resetting the phone, checking the power saving settings and reinstalled my network providers MMS and 3G settings.Any idea guys and thanks in advance.
posted on: Sony Xperia S
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Note 2 Sound Quality Review and other videos that you might find useful.

Wednesday 10th of October 2012 /
The first video is for everyone that was curious about the sound quality of the Galaxy Note 2. Should offer some solid answers to a hot topic. You might find other videos interesting too. Let me know if you would like me to go over anything else. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sound Quality Review How to trigger S-Pen Keeper on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 128GB (64GB Marble White + 64 GB MicroSDXC) How to install Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Follow Up) Galaxy Note 2 Accurate Data Speed Testing and Inaccurate Speedtest Results Samsung Galaxy Note 2 VoLTE (voice over LTE) Demonstration Test LTE Speed Test in Korea (LG, SK, KT) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Call Quality Test (Speaker Mode) Edit: Just discovered that you can hover with AirView on Web pages, and it acts like hover with a mouse. This feature seriously rocks. I don't think I can ever go back to a regular smartphone again. I made a video to show this: S-Pen AirView Hover For Web Browsing (Amazing Must See Unmentioned Feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 2) ______________________________________________________
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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YouTube and Play Store are show after Kit Kat update

Saturday 23rd of November 2013 /
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but after I clears the Google services framework to update to 4.4, YouTube and the Play store have been very slow to load images. Chrome however, is working fine and I see no other obvious problems. Posted via Android Central App
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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