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how do i transfer mp3 files from my pc to my kobo arc?

Monday 10th of December 2012 /
how do i transfer mp3 files from my pc to my kobo arc?
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Samsung Intros SideSync App, Allows Phone and PC to Work as One – Droid Life

Thursday 09th of May 2013 /
Today, Samsung is showing off SideSync, a new way for your Galaxy device and PC to work in tandem. Once you hook your Galaxy up to a PC with the software and app installed, your device then becomes an extension of the PC, allowing you to access certain device features from the PC and vice versa. For example, if you are working on a Word doc on the PC, then need to leave the Starbucks, you can simply drag and drop the file onto your phone and make your escape. The app is available through the Samsung Apps app found on your Samsung device, so go check it out. As a reminder, you will need to have a Samsung account to download it, so make sure to get one of those.Samsung Apps LinkVia: SammyHub
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How transfer a PDF ebook file, from my PC to my Android phone

Tuesday 29th of May 2012 /
How transfer a PDF ebook file, from my PC to my Android phone? After transfer, this can opened by any PDF capable App on the phone?sending MMS requires an email & phoneNo to send to, what is the email used for? is it delivered to it?recommended installing a virus security App like AVG?How setup my Note, all photos input to phone or other data, as MUCH as possibly can (depended from data) go to SD CARD?
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myTouch - Is there any software for bluetooth connection on pc to mobile?

Friday 19th of November 2010 /
I'm using nokia pc suite..It requires bluetooth connection to connect my mobile to pc.. So how to connect pc to mobile without using USB Cable.. Is there any bluetooth Software for pc.. I'm not aware of this concept.. Somebody explain me about this?
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Kainy Android app can stream games from your Windows PC to your Android device

Saturday 17th of March 2012 /
Kainy is a new Android app from “indie” developer Jean-Sebastian Royer that has managed to raise quite a few interested eyebrows. Although not one of the most polished apps around, the Kainy Android app (available for $5.04 in Google Play) works paired with its free PC counterpart, allowing you to stream games from your Windows PC to your Android smartphone or tablet. While not entirely visionary – as I’ll explain by the end of this article — the app is an excellent example on how the concept of streaming might be used in the future to intermediate the delivery of more processing power from a fixed system to a mobile device.Although Kainy can stream any app from your computer to your Android device, it does so at a low video quality, one that makes text barely visible, an obvious impediment for browsing or editing documents. If you’re a gamer though, you might find it awesome that you are now able to play Dirt 3 on your Android smartphone.The app provides a quick way to customize user input control (in addition to the 100 hundred default templates), so it shou
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Installing Android Apps from PC to the Mobile Phone

Monday 22nd of October 2012 /
Hi, I am using a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT9100 running android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.I was just wondering if its possible to download and install android apps using my PC without using wifi (or 3G) on my phone.For instance, in apple devices, you can just use Itunes in the PC to go to the App Store and download the app you want. Once downloaded you can simply connect your IOS device to the PC and install the app into the device.Is there any official way of doing this on android devices? Any official program provided by Samsung or Google that would let me do this?I have already tried Samsung Kies and cant find a way to do this. If its possible please let me know.Thanks!!
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Nvidia shows how Splashtop THD can bring your PC to life on your Tegra Tablet

Tuesday 17th of January 2012 /
While coping with aching feed, uncomfortable floors to sit on and endless lines into press conferences and keynotes, we still managed to learn and see a lot. One of the coolest announcements and features we saw, was shown during the Nvidia presentation. Not only did they make the announcement that the Transformer Prime was getting ICS, but they showed off a new application called Splashtop THD.The application idea is not all that new of an idea. There are many great application on the market already that let you remotely access your PC to open files, browse the web, email files to yourself or even download files directly to your phone or tablet. Although these uses can be amazing, we always want to do more. Splashtop THD is designed to do just that. During the presentation, which you can watch in the video below, you will see a Transformer Prime running Ice Cream Sandwich using the Splashtop THD app to remotely access a PC. Now, they do have it hard-wired into the PC during the show, strictly because the network connections at CES are terrible. They show some of the basic functi
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can anyone help me figure out why PC to Chromecast looks terrible?

Thursday 25th of July 2013 /
I tried it from my PC (Win 7, Intel i7 six-core, overclocked to 4GHz, 8GB ram, NVidia GTX680 2GB graphics card, 240GB SSD, ) and still got pretty bad results. I open up the Chrome browser from the PC and the picture stutters and there's a huge lag. The PC is connected via ethernet directly into the wireless router. The router is next to the TV with the Chromecast plugged in. It's basically unusable. Even simple browsing generates a 3 to 4 second delay. What am I doing wrong? The Chromecast does work flawless for Netflix, YouTube and Google Movies.
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Wired PC to Chromecast

Monday 05th of August 2013 /
I think it sucks that this has to be used on a wireless PC. The wired PC is plugged into the same router...but whatever. Maybe they can resolve this sometime soon...
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Fling Java Tool Streams Local PC Media To Chromecast, Uses VLC To Transcode Practically Any Format

Wednesday 21st of August 2013 /
The Chromecast add-ons just keep coming, don't they? The latest tool to take advantage of Google's dirt-cheap media streamer is called Fling, from Plano, Texas developer Leon Nicholls. Unlike most of the tools from Koushik Dutta and others, this one expands Chromecast's desktop streaming powers. The Fling Java tool streams local video and audio files directly to Chromecast, and uses the popular VLC media player to transcode the ones that Chromecast doesn't support. Chromecast can only stream a Chrome tab from a desktop out of the box, but Fling uses the Java Runtime Environment for quick and dirty direct streaming. There's no need to set up a web server, just make sure you're on the same LAN as your Chromecast TV and it should pop up. Drag and drop your media into Fling and it will start playing on the Chromecast. The dongle supports an extremely narrow range of video and audio formats, so to get around it, the developer has tied Fling into the impressive transcoding power of the open-source VLC media player. The tool is still being developed and a few early users are having trouble
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