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Can i install android operating system in the place of windows ce operating system?

Saturday 01st of October 2011 /
i got a wespro netbook which is pre-installed windows ce operating system is it possible to install android operating system in it instead of windows ce ?if possible tell me how, please !!!
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Dual boot Android 2.3 and Windows CE

Wednesday 08th of February 2012 /
Guys please help ! I have a android 2.3 tab with 700 MHz processor cortex a8 with 256 mb RAM ,2GB NAND and 2 USB ports and micro sd support.i also bought the 7 inch leather case with usb keyboard and works fineI need to install Windows CE onto it ?? or if possible dual boot android and win CE ????Please help !!!
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Change android for Windows CE

Monday 23rd of January 2012 /
Hello, I'm new here in the forum and wanted to know if you have to change the android 2.2 for Windows CE and where do I download the firmware 6.0 for windows CE tablet WonderMedia wm 8650 7''inch green LED. Appreciate everyone's help
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Flashing Firmware android and windows ce to zenithink zt-180

Friday 01st of October 2010 /
How to flash zenithink 180 firmware see my you tube download the USB burn tool 7.2 Note XP 32bit will not work on any 64 bit. may work on 32 bit vistaNewest release , please note, 576 and 600. models built before Aug 15 will have old touch screen and use 576. Please also note Google market place is added in the new firmware.0929_1024x576 here are the basic default apps for android for the Windows CE firmware use this 0714_1.46_EN note english version
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can i install android os in windows ce pre-installed wespro netbook?

Tuesday 08th of November 2011 /
i am new in this forum , i need your assistancei got a low end netbook (wespro netbook-click here to see book )my question is can i install android os in it?if possible , how ? is it a better idea than windows ce because it has not touchscreen ?please help me!!
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Mobinnova Beam Drops Windows CE in Favor of Android

Thursday 25th of March 2010 /
As Laptop Magazine recently discovered, Mobinnova, an upstart smartphone and soon-to-be notebook producer, has dropped Windows CE in favor of Android for its upcoming Mobinnova Beam.The Beam is an 8.9″ netbook that is powered by a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 256 MB of RAM and a 512 MB SSD, which can be increased by using an SD card. The netbook has two USB ports, an SD card reader, stereo in, stereo out, and an HDMI port to make use of the Tegra 2′s ability to output 1080p video.Unfortunately, the Mobinnova Beam will not have access to the Android Market. There is no word on pricing or availability, however the netbook is rumored to be released on AT&T.
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Can I Install Android Operating System in Place of Windows CE Operating System?

Monday 26th of September 2011 /
I got a wispro tiny laptop which is pre installed windows ce operating question is can i install android operating system in the place of windows ce.If possible advise me ! if imposible avoid this question
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How Do I: Android install on Windows CE 6.0 embedded netbook?

Monday 26th of December 2011 /
I have a very small netbook. Not sure of its actual name. The Description is below. On the bottom it is written:Windows Embedded/Partner W/LogoWindows CE 6.0 OS FC - FCC ID: YRZ66688 No CD/DVD Drive No Floppy Small adapter for charging like a phone. 3 - USB Ports1 - SD Card Slot1 - RJ45/Ethernet Cord Port1 - Microphone Port1 - Headphone Port System Properties ScreenMicrosoft Windows CE Version 6.00 (Build 3122)Processor Type: WMT, ARM-WM8505Memory 128MB.2006 Microsoft Corp. Has Wireless. Bluetooth application but when I try to connect it says the adapter is not present or something. I can re look it up I just can't remember right now. On boot it loads OS Image and shows a logo called "Wireless Book".Home Screen Background shows "Windows Embedded CE 6.0" My Question is can I Run/Install Android OS on this netbook? Either Replacing the Windows CE OS with Android. Or Installing Android OS to a 2GB SD Card or larger/other USB Drive or SD Card and then boot it on startup instead of CE. I would eventually want to buy a larger Card for storage but my spare is a 2GB SD
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10" ePad with Windows CE

Wednesday 21st of July 2010 /
It sucks a large one. I hate Windows CE. It is rubbish. OK Being a cheapskate I bought an "ePad" from eBay with Windows CE6.0.Very disappointing. Can't see much point in having a Tablet with virtually no touchscreen functionality beyond the basic. No finger scrolling, zooming, etc.I guess I have two questions:1. Is Android the better choice for touch functionality?2. Can a Win CE Pad be re-flashed to Android?Many thanks in advance.
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can a note2 run windows ce?

Saturday 02nd of August 2014 /
I run a business where I collect data on an old arcaic data recorder that runs windows ce and I want to do my recording through my note 2. So, my question is can i install windows ce on my note2? Im new here so please be kind. Any help would be much appreciated. The application is "data plus pro ce" if that helps. Thanks
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