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Samsung Galaxy S3 expected to get some features from the Galaxy S4

Friday 15th of March 2013 /
Now that the highly entertaining and highly painful presentation (wonder how Samsung managed that) has concluded, we at Android Authority have the complete down-low on the phone Samsung is going to be heavily dependent on to be their moneymaker for the next 12 months – the Samsung Galaxy S4.Now out of the 40 million+ people who have bought the Samsung Galaxy S3, at least a few of you must have this question of your mind: how many of the cool new features announced today will be available on your phone?Samsung VP of Product Planning Nick DiCarlo has graciously decided to clear the air for us, and he has said that anything that is not dependent on hardware will be issued as an update to their flagship devices.For those of you who were hoping to get “Air View” on your Galaxy S3′s, sorry folks, you are out of luck this time. The TV remote app and the S Health app will also probably not make the cut, since they require an IR blaster and a pedometer respectively to function.While I cannot make any promises, most likely the new camera features should be available a
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my samsung intercept cell phone will allow me to view pix from

Friday 09th of December 2011 /
my samsung intercept cell phone will allow me to view pix from my home security cameras from home, but not anywhere else. > I can Google, read Yahoo email and go to Facebook away from the house- but cannot view cameras.> i've erased and re-installed the DMSS application. > i've contacted the Sprint network. I have had a ton of roadblocks trying to access Google Android Market who offer this particular app.> HELP, pleaseAlready Tried: -I WENT TO THE SPRINT STORE TO SEE IF THE PROBLEM MAY BE WITH THE PHONE MODEL- THEY SAY NO. -I TRY 3-G AND WIFI WHEN I'M AWAY FROM THE HOUSE AND IN A KNOWN 'HOTSPOT'.-I ERASED AND RE-INSTALLED THE DMSS APPLICATION.
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Will I get OTA after rooted?

Thursday 17th of November 2011 /
This is my first root on Android phone. Never needed it before.I did the root yesterday, it is all successful, however, I have few questions:1. Will I get OTA updates from Verizon? If so once I update my root will be gone?2. Besides having benefits of getting free WiFi, what else did I gain from rooting? Can I uninstall Verizon software that I don't intend to use?
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Quick Look at Air View & Air Gesture on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Saturday 11th of May 2013 /
As we continue our coverage on the Samsung Galaxy S4, we thought we’d take a moment and show off Air View and Air Gesture on Samsung’s new flagship device. Now these features were found on the Galaxy Note 2, but they have been tweaked and add a bit more features to these features in the Galaxy S4.Air ViewThis feature on the Galaxy S4 allows you to to hover your finger over different elements and see whats inside. For instance, with the Gallery you can hover your finger over a album and see what it contains. You can also hover over text messages to see what your contact said without having to open it. It also works in a few other apps like the stock browser and the dialer. But the place you’ll use it most often is in the Gallery. I know I use it there all the time.Air GestureAir Gesture lets you do different gestures over the screen without touching it. You can wave your hand to answer a call, move shortcuts or calendar events to other pages, move between pictures, pages or music tracks in their respective apps, scroll web pages with screen-sized jumps and my favorit
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Samsung Takes Us on a Software Tour of the Galaxy S4: Air View, S Translator, Dual Camera and More – Droid Life

Tuesday 19th of March 2013 /
Samsung’s Galaxy S4 event is long gone, but as we lead up to an April launch, the company wants to make sure you know all there is to know about this year’s flagship. Since most of their Radio City Music Hall show was spent running through a series of supposed-to-be-humorous slap stick comedy scenes, you may have missed out on some of the action. The volume of new software features announced at the event was actually pretty overwhelming, so expect videos like this from Samsung to continue to pop up for the next few weeks.In this first clip, their demo gal from the Unpacked event walks us through Air View, Air Gesture, S Translator, Sound and Shot, and Dual Camera.We may have asked this in the past, but are all of these new Samsung features nothing but a bunch of gimmicks or do you find them to be useful? OverviewVia:  Samsung Tomorrow
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Will I get updates if I restore apps from the SD card?

Wednesday 13th of January 2010 /
Someone mentioned in another thread that there will not be automatic app updates if apps are restored from a SD card using Astro to backup apps. I asked a follow-up about using mybackup pro to backup apps, but no one replied. I was thinking of buying mybackup pro in case my Droid fails or I have to do a factory reset, but that would be a waste if I will not get updates after restoring from the SD card.
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not able to get any response from my kindle reader, it will

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 /
not able to get any response from my kindle reader, it will turn on green light and allow me to put password XXXXX but having no reception with internet access to enable me to readOptional Information: Type of Device: TabletModel: not sure reader with no keyboardWhat have you tried so far?: checked to see if computer access is strong, which it is.switched on and off.
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Will GS3 get Air View from S4?

Friday 12th of April 2013 /
I am only wondering this because the infared sensor that detects your hand on the S4 is the same on the S3. The two sensors on thw S3 next to the camera im sure are the sane on the S4. If so and one of them is an infared sensor could the S3 get air view? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
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A Lot of Gimmicks But "Air View" Will Be Useful

Thursday 14th of March 2013 /
I do not care for a lot of the other software features but Air View will be used. It's a good way of making a small screen bigger. Anything that makes my phone easier to stand in for my laptop is a good thing. Being able to view more information without moving into different screens saves time and is a great convenience. I hope the browser incorporates this for dropdown menus as well.
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Will it get Kit-Kat?

Saturday 26th of October 2013 /
I'm getting one, but, AC, do you think the Maxx will get KitKat? It probably won't get 2 updates, but will it get KitKat? Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 2
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