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Saturday 15th of September 2012 /
I am searching for this book 'Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher' on Kindle, I wanna download and read the book on my cell (android phone), Anyone having know what format should I convert the book? I heard .pdf is very slow in Android. What about .epub? Does it work?
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Why is my android so slow?

Sunday 04th of September 2011 /
My Samsung Galaxy android phone is so slow when i'm playing games on it? please help. Is there anything i can do to speed it up? I've taken off most of my pictures off it and i've deleted messages and calls logged to see if this will speed it up but its no use its still slow.
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Can I Read Amazon Books on My Android Phone?

Sunday 16th of September 2012 /
I am searching for this book 'Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher' on Kindle, I wanna download and read the book on my cell (android phone), Anyone having know what format should I convert the book? I heard .pdf is very slow in Android. What about .epub? Does it work?
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How can I view my phone's screen on a computer in real time?

Sunday 04th of March 2012 /
Possible Duplicate: How do I project the screen of my android phone for a presentation? How to capture video stream from Android phone screen and show it on laptop? I have made a demo app and it's installed on my phone. I want to be able to show the app in action from my phone using a projector. The way I see this happening is if I can share my phone's screen with my laptop. Is there an app to help me do that? Note: The main reason for me not to use the Android device emulator is that it runs extremely slow and at 100% of CPU usage which I don't think is good for my laptop. I have a moderately spec-ed machine, and I need to find a why to do.
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Why my next phone will be an iphone. Possibly.

Saturday 27th of August 2011 /
Ok, so I read the reviews- "Desire HD faster than iphone," "iphone beater" "HTC's fastest phone yet" etc.. So I bought one. We've been together for about a year and like any relationship at the beginning you forgive/ignore the little problems of your loved one, but in time they can become very niggly..The main thing, and I know a few Desire/Android owners who generally say the same thing, is the speed. Now, when I'm connected to wifi, it is lightening and all works fine, indeed it is faster than my missus' iphone. However, when the mobile connection is on and there's no wifi to connect to, it goes from reasonably quick, to OK, to effing slow. Way slower than the Apple phone, there's been to many times when I've been out with iphone users (some of whom have 3yr old phones) and i've had to put mine away as embarrassingly it won't load a page, or can't find a point on the map.Which leads me to the map app, which is great. But the problem is that it only works brilliantly when connected to wifi, so what's the point? I live in central London, so I'd assume I'
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Is the admire a crippled android phone?

Wednesday 30th of November 2011 /
God day,I got my admire for $80 on sale, and coming from an iphone 3gi like it more. For less then $100,I am not complaining.Its fast, stable, and has good battery life anywho, I downloaded and installed a game called street fighter 2, and installed it and it said it needed ADOBE AIR, and to download ADOBE AIR.When I did, it said ADOBE AIR was NOT compatible for my phone. This made me nervous as ADOBE is known for many things that make the internet run. So will my phone be limited to what it, for example, I had to download an app to reminded me with an audible tone that I had a miss mms or missed call, all that I saw was a tiny little smilely face on the upper left hand side....are ALL android phones like this?because I was under the impression that android os is a universal os, and not tied down to hardware.... so why isnt there a ROM mod for our phones? Shouldnt one mod work for all? Will my admire just die a slow death, and not receive updates, or be yesteryears technology while other samsung products get updated?Its just looking like android is more tide into hardware then an act
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At my wits end. Why is my LG Esteem so slow compared to Wife's stock Esteem?

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 /
Hi there, Long time lurker & Android user, first time poster to this forum. BackgroundI bought my Esteem in December of 2011. My wife bought hers in January of 2012. Right from the start, my Esteem was having the random reboot problem, while my wife's was not. The ProblemAs a result of my random reboots (and because I'm a nerd), I rooted my Esteem and have been playing around with various roms, kernels, and Overclocking with SetCPU over the past year. The problem is, my wife's bone stock phone is still noticeably faster than mine. It's not faster in benchmark tests as my overclocked processor kills hers, but it's faster in the to day usage. For example, with both phones on a fresh reboot, and doing the best I can to touch the "contacts" button on both phones at the exact same time, her's comes up instantly with no delay, while mine has a very slight lag to it. It's not much but it's noticeable in the day to day usage. I can only describe it as her phone registers the touch and opens the app instantly, while mine registers the touch, **thinks for 50 milliseconds** then o
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applications - Why My android device show less RAM and Slow at Jelly bean?

Sunday 17th of February 2013 /
I bought a new Samsung galaxy S Advance(GT-i9070). It came with Gingerbread. It was actually a phone with 768 RAM. I clearly verified this with the shop when I bought it. Last day I upgraded my phone to Jell bean with official Russian firmware and reset to factory default settings. But now the phone seems very slow . Also full RAM Capacity seems 521 MB at Application manager. All applications are now consuming memory from total 521 MB memory.My question is- where is remaining memory? How can I obtain the remaining memory to speed my phone? Some people on the web say to root the phone, install ROM manager etc. Are these approaches good? Please give me a solution
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Slow Transfer Speed when Transferring Files on LAN from PC to Phone

Friday 28th of December 2012 /
Hi there. I'm having a bit of a problem with my HTC EVO 4G LTE. I'm rooted and am running Android 4.0.4 and Software Version: 2.13.651.1 710RD. I recently started trying to set up a way to easily and quickly transfer files from my computer to my phone so I wouldn't have to hook it up via USB every time I wanted to put a file on my phone. I figured a LAN connection transfer would work fine, so I got ES File Manager and made some folders on my PC shared. I went to LAN under ES File Manager and found my PC, connected to it with my username/pass, and found a file I wanted on my phone, and copied it over. It worked fine, but it was rather slow for a LAN connection; it took about 4 minutes to transfer a 123mb file, so about 0.51 megabytes/sec. Can anyone offer any ideas as to why my file transfer is going so slow, despite being connected via LAN Wifi??
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DIY portable external tablet size screen for Android phones?

Friday 20th of July 2012 /
I mostly use a tablet for reading books and watching videos. Those are really the only functions that my tablet is more useful for than my smart phone or laptop. So why not just have a portable high resolution LCD that I can dock my Android phone in to send a signal out via micro HDMI? I find it annoying not being able to access things on my tablet because they're on my phone and vice versa. Sure, there's ways to sync them or store in the cloud but: 1.) Syncing isn't instantaneous...some amount of wait time, particularly when there's no wi-fi available.2.) Syncing is slow for large files3.) Why have the same data on 2 devices for 1 person? I may pull out my phone to read a little bit of a book while waiting in line somewhere when I didn't bring my tablet with me. But when I go home, I'll switch to my 10" tablet just to take make use of the bigger screen. This got me wondering, why not just have a ~10" battery powered high resolution LCD with HDMI input that I dock my phone into? Sure, it won't be as slim as a tablet, but if I'm going to carry around a device that big, I usu
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