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Why is my android so slow?

Sunday 04th of September 2011 /
My Samsung Galaxy android phone is so slow when i'm playing games on it? please help. Is there anything i can do to speed it up? I've taken off most of my pictures off it and i've deleted messages and calls logged to see if this will speed it up but its no use its still slow.
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Wifi on Tablet verrrrrry Slow

Friday 19th of October 2012 /
Hi All,This is my 1st time owning an Android device. I purchased one of these </title><meta name="description" content="10.2" Tablet PC,Superpad 8,Flytouch 8,Android 4.0.4 ICS, 32GB, 1.2GHZ 1GB DDR3 in Computers Tablets Networking , iPads Tablets eBook Readers |eBay"><meta name="keywords" content="10.2" Tablet PC,Superpad 8,FlIt came with ( i think the latest firmware ) But the wifi is so slow on it. My connection at home when wired is over 30MBOn my wireless laptop it's 20mb +on my iphone i'm getting over 15MB changes from 10 - 17mb.. But the tablet is not even getting to 1mb.. most times it's below .5mb. I've not done anything to it.. Does anyone have any idea as to why it's so slow. Or have an idea of how to increase the speed ?I'm sorry if this is not the correct area to post. I couldn't see a support area. Any help would be great. Thanks.David.
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internet VERY SLOW

Monday 05th of March 2012 /
hey guys, im a proud owner of a new galaxy note, im still in the process of getting used to Android from my apple iphone (i owned all generations of the iphone up to the 4) i am content with the phone, however is anyone else noticing VERY SLOW internet loading times? i mean come on, i havent been so frustrated with loading times on any of my devices (laptop, iphone, ipad, etcetc) for the past couple years. i know the specs of this phone is supposed to be better than an iphone 4, however why is the internet so slow? i doubt it is my internet connection because i compared and made couple webpage loading times with my iphone 4. (I am running the tests on my wifi) the green loading bar takes forever to reach the max. i say estimated about 5~15 seconds more than my iphone when i ran a few tests. also, do you guys notice the 4g and the 4g LTE signal on your phones? im not too sure, but i dont think i have seen a "4g LTE" signal as of yet.. Please reply to this thread as i would like to know how others are dealing with their phones!im hoping that my phone is a defected one so tha
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applications - Why My android device show less RAM and Slow at Jelly bean?

Sunday 17th of February 2013 /
I bought a new Samsung galaxy S Advance(GT-i9070). It came with Gingerbread. It was actually a phone with 768 RAM. I clearly verified this with the shop when I bought it. Last day I upgraded my phone to Jell bean with official Russian firmware and reset to factory default settings. But now the phone seems very slow . Also full RAM Capacity seems 521 MB at Application manager. All applications are now consuming memory from total 521 MB memory.My question is- where is remaining memory? How can I obtain the remaining memory to speed my phone? Some people on the web say to root the phone, install ROM manager etc. Are these approaches good? Please give me a solution
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samsung galaxy s 2 - Wow, my Android OS used 1.75GB in 5 days

Monday 13th of May 2013 /
I just purchased a samsung galaxy s2 from Virgin Mobile on the 7th of May 2013. Have it activated on the 8th of May 2013. Can anyone tell me why my Android OS would have used up 1.75 GB of data in that amount of time. Not to mention the slow data speeds I am receiving I could barely download anything unless I waited a very long time and had very poor internet connections. was constantly getting webpage not available every time I used the Google search. Have had many conversations with virgin mobile to no avail. Can anyone help or at least explain to me what is happening here?
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android resource management

Thursday 28th of January 2010 /
I could really use some help here, and I apologize if you guys have herd this 100 times before but i wasnt sure where to look/post. For some reason my phone has gone to a near crawl, i run a google finance widget, wall street widget, sports tap widget, the google calendar widget, a task killer widge, and the power control widget. A friend runs a similiar amount of widgets and his phone runs flawlessly. What is the best way to diagnose why my phone is so slow? When i go to manage applications and organize by running/size i only have ~8 apps in the MB range and no bigger than 5MB. I've tried using my task killer to kill all running apps but most of them seem to just come back the same. PLEASE HELP!!!! Again I apologize if this is basic but im rather new!!
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Slow Transfer Speed when Transferring Files on LAN from PC to Phone

Friday 28th of December 2012 /
Hi there. I'm having a bit of a problem with my HTC EVO 4G LTE. I'm rooted and am running Android 4.0.4 and Software Version: 2.13.651.1 710RD. I recently started trying to set up a way to easily and quickly transfer files from my computer to my phone so I wouldn't have to hook it up via USB every time I wanted to put a file on my phone. I figured a LAN connection transfer would work fine, so I got ES File Manager and made some folders on my PC shared. I went to LAN under ES File Manager and found my PC, connected to it with my username/pass, and found a file I wanted on my phone, and copied it over. It worked fine, but it was rather slow for a LAN connection; it took about 4 minutes to transfer a 123mb file, so about 0.51 megabytes/sec. Can anyone offer any ideas as to why my file transfer is going so slow, despite being connected via LAN Wifi??
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Why is Verizon slow?

Tuesday 21st of August 2012 /
So I am relatively new in the Android community. I started with the LG Ally (hated it) but stuck with Android anyway. I now have the Droid X and am starting to understand the OS upgrades and why they are better than the ones before them. One thing I would like to understand is why Verizon is slow to respond to OS upgrades? I get that companies are less likely to upgrade old phones (I'm running Gingerbread I think) but why does Sprint and AT&T upgrade their phones much quicker?Again, I am new so could have my information wrong...
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New to Android. I often here over time android phones o/s slow down, why is that?

Sunday 18th of August 2013 /
my computer does slow down after a few years, but i understand android phones slow down fairly soon, maybe after 6 months or so? Can anyone give me a little insight into any of this? thanks.
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jquery on android is very slow compared to windows phone

Sunday 24th of November 2013 /
My website uses jQuery and the it's main feature uses a loop. On the desktop, all 3 browsers (GC, FF, IE11) executes the loop approx. 1,100 times a minute. On Windows Phone, it does 1,000 times a minute, a bit slower. But on Android in particular, it only gets about 500, and the UI updating is slow. I don't know about iPhone. Can anyone give me advice on why my jQuery is running much slower on Android then the rest of the platforms I've tested? Thanks!
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