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download unsuccessful

Monday 06th of June 2011 /
PLEASE HELPnow i have an unrooted moment and lately everytime i try to update or install an app it says starting download for like 2 or 3 seconds then says download unsuccessful. ive taken it to the sprint store, because i also wasnt receiving voicemail, and they hard reset my phone. the voicemail works now but i still cant download anything from the market. ive already done the uninstall updates in manage applications > market clear cache uninstall updates before when my market was having issues it never re updated itself so i have the stock basic old market right now. i have also taken the sd card out for a bit then put it back in. would rooting my phone help the problem or is their another way? its just my phone too, my friends who have android phones their market is working just fine while mine isnt so thats why i think its just my phone. also i can go to the android market but the downloads dont work, just for clarification.
posted on: Samsung Moment
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unable to download from the play store, plus other stuff :(

Wednesday 03rd of April 2013 /
hello, im a fairly new Android user. ive had my phone for about 2 months. I'm running 4.1.1 jellybean... im on at&t. im a former iphone user & I never had any of these issues with that phone. 1. I cannot download any apps, or anything for that matter. When I open the play store, it immediately crashes. when I try to save a picture, my browser crashes. I tried the whole clear the cache thing & the running applications, to no avail. I keep getting this error message that says "unfortunately the process com. google. process. gapps. has stopped." 2. I am unable to receive mms. I can send them fine, but when I receive them, it'll always say 'from hidden sender' I cant view the picture, & it'll keep sending over & over again. more recently, I'll keep getting the alert for a hidden mms msg in my notifications but not in my messaging app. When I clear it, it just keeps coming back. 3. my phone gets extremely hot & im not sure why. it'll be so hot, I'll sit it in the Window to cool down. 4. my phone just randomly restarts itself. 5. don't even get me started
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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Sense force closing or restarting itself?

Monday 04th of July 2011 /
just got my Evo3d today, was working superb until about an hour ago.. then all of a sudden, sense force closed, popped the white htc screen (with HTC in the middle) then reloaded the home screen. Now everytime i open and back out of an app it reloads the white screen with htc and reloads the home screen and all the widgets (like agenda, browsers, people, etc) have to reload themselves. I assume it keeps force closing and reloading sense, but i cant figure out why or what caused it. I didn't download any new app right before it started happening, nor did i do anything out of the ordinary in terms of phone use/settings. i was playing words with friends, then backed out, and it popped up. now no matter what i do it pops the white screen and sends me back to the home screen. doesnt let me go into personalize either.As for what i have tried to troubleshoot it so far, i cleared the data for sense in the app manager. i did a soft reset, powered the phone down, waited a few and turned it back on. still does it. then i did a battery pull, but it still does it. i tried searching the forums her
posted on: HTC EVO 3D
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RA - amm

Wednesday 12th of September 2012 /
why cant I access the samsung apps store from my galaxy111...I have not trouble going on the internet receiving calls and messages just can not download anything from the Paly store(Tell Us More or Submit Now to Talk to a Professional)Optional Information: Type of Device: PhoneModel: GalaxyS111What have you tried so far?: everything am about to throw the phone out the window..I have contacted the store I bought it from they dont know whats wrong I have contacted Virgin mobile and they have told me 4 different things and nothing has worked
posted on: Android Devices
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Why cant my phone download anything?

Tuesday 18th of June 2013 /
Hello everyone, So I've been having problems with my phone for a few months now and have only just decided to do something about it. I'm not able to download any system updates (currently there is an update for the People app), nor am I able to access my gmail or Google Play. When I try to access gmail or gplay it simply sends me back to the home screen. Gmail gives me the error message "unfortunatley gmail has stopped". This message will appear every 5mins if I have sync turned on.Has anybody else experienced this problem? Help would be most appreciated.Thanks in advance, Dean
posted on: HTC One X
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phone wont download on 3g

Tuesday 20th of August 2013 /
Hi, I have been struggling with this one for awhile. My phone will download over wifi but when away from wifi cant get anything to download. It used to.I can surf the web fine. Just no downloading.In the past toggling the phone into aeroplane mode and restarting helped on one ocassion. Alas no more.Have checked to ensure no restriction on background data.Phone company have said signal is not strong enough to download with. But I have in the past. And frankly if I can browse and watch utube dont see why I cant download.If it helps with suggestions I recently rooted phone. If anything needed be downloaded to help will have to wait till I visit friend with wifi :-)Could be elaborate process to solve. I am willing. :-)Thanks for help.
posted on: HTC One X
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Thursday 03rd of October 2013 /
I have an LG 3D phone and for some reason now I cant open any of the pictures people send me on a txt and also... if I try to get an app from the store it tells me my device is not compatible with the version! I just to be able to download anything I wanted.... why now I CANT get or do anything???????
posted on: HTC One X
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cant update samsung apps?

Sunday 22nd of December 2013 /
Pls help every time I go into Samsung apps on my phone it tells me there is an update if I tell it to download later it kicks me out the app? if I select the download option it starts but only goes about 5% then tells me it cant download. Yesterday my phone kept saying push has been disabled? I did not do this don't even know what it is. could this have anything to do with why I cant download/update apps?
posted on: HTC One X
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sprint s4 unlock problems

Wednesday 01st of January 2014 /
I got my s4 unlocked by sprint and I did the update uicc. After reboot of my phone it gives me a message at the bottom of the screen in a transparent window saying unable to download ect.. the goes away. I cant click on it or anything. Also a screen pops up saying at the top personalization in a box network unlock enter control key ok dismiss. Some times when I reboot and have 4g the personalization and message wont pop up. Also other sims do work in the phone. Any idea why this happens or is this something that the uicc does? If so anyway to lock the phone it bugs me xD. Posted via Android Central App
posted on: HTC One X
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How to retrieve all my Lost System Apps

Thursday 30th of January 2014 /
Help pls.. I rooted my 4.2.2 jellybean Android phone and using the Root Explorer app, I transferred all my system apps to my Sd card hoping to increase my phone's internal memory. After doing that, my phone rebooted and all the phone's system apps were gone!!!!!.. like the calendar, launcher, browser, dialer, contacts, File explorer and everything else.. Now using mc pc, I was able to download a few system apps like browser.apk and tried re installing it on my phone but it won't. . .THe error was "App not installed".. I think the reason was because I have also transferred the "downloader.apk something" into my sd card that's why I was unable to download apps now.. Begging Please help.. Cant use my phone now.. Do you have anything you can recommend for me to fix this?..I would really appreciate it! Gonna wait for ur reply.. Thank you!
posted on: HTC One X
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