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I cant sign in to my Droid X. I get a sign in error msg and

Sunday 08th of July 2012 /
I can't sign in to my Droid X. I get a sign in error msg and then a distorted picture which I cannot read.Already Tried: Tried different versions of the challenge image. Tried shutting down the Droid. Tried going online and then finally uninstalled Google Chrome and I think installing it somehow began my problems.
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Getting Google "article titles" added to my Droid X contact list

Saturday 09th of April 2011 /
Somehow, google sync is adding google article titles to my Droid X contacts list, as individual contacts via Linked Profiles. WTF? How can I get rid of all these indiv "non-names" from my contacts, and stop whatever app or link is causing this? Sample names are: "According to the Mayo clinic", or "a malfunction in a aging plant,....." Is it possible that clicking "Like" on a Facebook link is causing this? It seems like the title "names" might refer to a newsletter like Bottom Line, but I do not remember clicking "Like" on their Facebook link.....any suggestions?
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Trouble adding Yahoo email account to my Droid X

Tuesday 16th of August 2011 /
I had to remove my yahoo email account on my Droid X as my password had been compromised on my yahoo account. For some reason the app wouldnt let me just put in the new password after I changed it in my yahoo account so I removed the whole account and figure I would just add it again. I added it and everything but I put in my new password and it keeps telling me log in is incorrect and will not let me add my yahoo email account. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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Can I copy game progress from an Ipod to my Droid X?

Monday 11th of July 2011 /
My son has an ipod touch. We have had cut the rope on there for a while. It's the paid version. I also downloaded and installed the paid version on my Droid X when it came out a few weeks ago. Is it possible to copy game progress from the ipod touch to the droid x?Thanks! Colleen
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BB E-mail to my Droid X?

Saturday 11th of September 2010 /
Hey Everyone. Generally i can figure this crap out on my own but im stumpped. I previously had the bb storm and had set up email on there...... soon learned the errors of my ways. Now i want my bb email on my xroid x. Is this "allowed" and if yes, where in the heck do i find my password and/or how do i retrieve it? Any help or advice would be awesome. Thanks! ^_^
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Selling my razr going back to my Droid x!

Thursday 22nd of December 2011 /
Camera sucks on both razors I've had. Battery sucks. Speaker phone is not as good. I'm really upset I wasted my upgrade for nothingSent from my DROID RAZR using DroidForums
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I need to set up my outlook to my Droid X and I am having trouble.

Tuesday 27th of March 2012 /
I need to set up my outlook to my Droid X and I am having trouble. please helpAlready Tried: Email set up
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whats wrong with my droid x???!!!!

Monday 09th of May 2011 /
it was dead for about 3 days, i plugged it into the charger for about an hour, then when i felt was EXTREEMLY hot, like burning hot. so i freaked out....unplugged it took about the battery and tried to boot. when i tried to boot....i still get the haptic feedback (viberations of lockscreen, sounds, texts, calls,etc.) but my screen is COMPLETELY BLACK. i cant see anything. the backlight is still on and it still works but my screen is just all black.....please!!!!! help what can i do??
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What's happening to my Droid X?

Saturday 16th of October 2010 /
My Droid X has been working excellent until a few days ago. I noticed when I receive a call, or turn on the screen (where I have to slide the bar to unlock), the bottom half of the screen looks like a "bar code". It is flashing in, and out. It seems to be getting worse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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whats happening to my nexus 4?

Tuesday 11th of June 2013 /
Okay, so just recently i scanned my phone for viruses and i was safe from harm. i used lookout premium to scan everything. and just yesterday i started being redirected almost every 3 minutes or so to a random website, asking me to download an antivirus, i thought it was chrome so i disabled it and in the morning when i woke up it was okay. but then around 730pm i started to get redirected to another website. why is this happening ? is this a spam or virus? please help!! it is so annoying!
posted on: Google Nexus 4
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