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exactly what does rooting do to your phone?

Wednesday 22nd of June 2011 /
I came from palm(hp) webos. Im used to the homebrew community and how easy it is to do. Im also hearing alot about rooting an android device. Im currently waiting for the evo 3d( which would be my first android experience).I have heard about rooting devices, and would like to know exactly what rooting does to the phones. If these ?s have been answered, can u pls let me kno what thread to read. Any help would be appreciated.
posted on: HTC EVO 3D
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How does rooting work?

Thursday 10th of May 2012 /
Or, how do I root my device without a rooter?Rooting instructions for Android devices that I have seen are typically of the following form:Download Gingerbreak.apkRun Gingerbreak, click “root device”Observe that Superuser.apk has been magically installed, possibly along with busybox and other things, and enjoy your rooty goodness.What I am wanting to know is this: how does the rooting actually happen? What does Gingerbreak do?I understand the end result of rooting:su is present and workingSuperuser.apk is installed and controls access to suVarious utilities are present, provided by BusyBox (optional?)I also think I understand the basic idea of how Gingerbreak gets started — it exploits some local privilege escalation vulnerability and uses its new-found powers to deploy Superuser and whatever else is necessary.So, unless I am wrong in some of the understanding I laid out above, the core of thing I want to know is what the root installer does to deploy and activate Superuser. It seems that just putting Superuser.apk in the right place wouldn't be enough — how does it get allo
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What Does Rooting do?/Conversation Recorder

Tuesday 23rd of October 2012 /
Hello everyone,Didn't want to make several threads1) What does rooting do? and is it hard to do?2) Is my S3 on Ice Cream Sandwich whatever that is?3) I want to use Total Recorder for my S3, will he record my voice and the person I'm speaking to? Will I able to use it on S3 fresh out of the box?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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What does rooting mean? What do you do with it? What does it do?

Sunday 06th of March 2011 /
Im sor of a newbie... I just want to know if i have a Dinc, whats rooting do, and how do you do it?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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What does rooting your phone do?

Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 /
What does rooting your phone doSent from my ADR6400L using DroidForums App
posted on: Thunderbolt Hacks
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What does Rooting Do?

Friday 08th of April 2011 /
Hello!I own a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Sorry for being a noob what wanted to know what does rooting exactly mean and what benefits do we get if we root a droid. Moreover, is it possible to get back the factory settings back again if one feels rooting was not his/her cup of tea?Thank you.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Ace
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ROOTING (come advise this nooby)

Thursday 20th of January 2011 /
What I'm wondering IS, I've read a lot about how rooting boosts the potential of the phone sky high. I've not rooted my phone because I've only had it about a month, and its my first smartphone ever so I was busy being amazed, now I've got settled in and got a feel for everything, played with launchers, customizing apps, loads of games ect...but now I'm getting curious, so what I'm asking is what does rooting do? What's the ups and downs, why root? I'm not asking how, I'm asking what exactly does it do for me? Before I get into how to do it I wanna know is it worth it to me personally. A lot to read. Thanks ahead of time662 J
posted on: Android Smart Phones
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What is rooting and is it risky to download?

Sunday 18th of August 2013 /
I just got my new samsung galaxy s4 (the unlocked international version) and some of my friends told me to root my phone so I can move my apps to the sd card and get the latest software updates so, I just wanted to know what does rooting do? Does it only do the things above or does it do other things and if its risky to download or not because whenever i see someone on youtube doing rooting many people say that their phone doesn't work so is it dangerous or save or 50/50 ?
posted on: Android Smart Phones
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What does rooting get me?

Sunday 25th of August 2013 /
So I got my s4 a few weeks ago and have been more than satisfied coming from iPhone. I've noticed that for iPhone, jailbreaking basically let me do everything i can do now in Android without doing anything to the phone. My question is, being able to do so much without rooting, what does rooting get me? I'm not quite sure but is there where me wanting 4.3 come into play? I got a Nexus7 2 and I'm loving the firmware as it doesn't lag like I feel on my S4. If I'm correct, there's some new version of S4 that's running that firmware and that's what I'd like. But rooting is required?
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What is root and what does it do?

Friday 15th of August 2014 /
What is rooting and what does it do? Posted via Android Central App
posted on: Android Smart Phones
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