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Stuck at "Upgrading Software", hard reset does not work, and cannot be recognized by PC!

Wednesday 06th of March 2013 /
Hi all, I am new to this forums and desperately in need of help! Sorry if I am posting in the wrong thread. I currently have a problem with my Sky Vega phone. I was updating it while it was connected to my PC but unfortunately the update did not finish properly. Now it is stuck at "Upgrading Software". I have tried the "Volume Down + Power Button" trick and other variants but I can't seem to access recovery mode / download mode. It keeps booting at "Upgrading Software". I also tried removing and reinstalling the battery. Additionally, now my PC doesn't even seem to detect it! So I am really currently at a loss of what I am supposed to do and how to fix my phone properly. Can anyone make a suggestion? Thank you everyone!
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Samsung Galaxy I9000 was disconnected from pc whilein download

Tuesday 12th of June 2012 /
Samsung Galaxy I9000 was disconnected from pc whilein download mode.Now shows pictogram of phone and pc with exclamation mark in yellow triangle and phone will not reboot.What do I do?Already Tried: Tried getting back to download mode.Did not succeed.Tried switching off phone but it does not respond to power on/off button.If battery removed and replaced then phone immediately shows pictogram of phone on left,PC on right and yellow triangle with exclamation mark between them.
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what does PC mode do?

Sunday 01st of May 2011 /
when i usb my droid 2 to the comp under usb mass storage, G and F drives show up. if i click on G my phone files come up and i can delete, copy whatever. But if i click on F it doesnt do anything, a thing comes up to install something, i did it but that didnt do anything. it still does the same thing if i click on the F drive.first question does the F drive (or whatever letter it is on ur comp) mean anything?then second if i change my phone to PC mode the G and F drives disappear, so i was wondering what PC mode actually does and what its for?thanks
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losing apps

Thursday 13th of October 2011 /
I'd like to avoid formatting it for now, but I imagine this probably affects other users.The problem is this: after c my phone from a USB connection to PC, the internal SD storage does not seem to be remounting correctly - about 8 or 9 apps form Amazon or Get Jar (mostly larger games) which have been moved to the media area and utilize the internal SD for data storage do not show up in the app drawer; rather I get a greyed out icon.There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what shows up and what doesn't. Rebooting does not fix it every time. Re-plugging into USB and disconnecting again (or using PC Mode vs Mass Storage mode) does not seem to have any effect on it, either.My BIONIC is not yet rooted and no major modifications.Ideas? Anyone else with this issue?
posted on: Droid Bionic Tech Support
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PC connection issues

Saturday 16th of July 2011 /
Hi, so I've had the X2 for about a month now with no real issues other than random skipping when recording video. I just finally got around to putting music on it, just to discover that PC Mode does not work no matter what I do. I've tried USB Debug mode, uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers, but nothing works.So whatever, I decided, I'll just use USB Mass Storage Mode. Now, I get two drives that connect when I put it in this mode. It's my understanding that one is the external SD card and one is the internal card. From my perusing of the internet I did prior to this post, I found out that one should be called Mot (the internal storage) and the other should be called something like Removable Disk (the SD card). However, they are both called "MOT." One has 4.23GB out of 4.30GB of free space and the other has 7.38GB out of 7.38GB free.I would figure that the larger one is my SD card, as 7.38GB is about how much an 8GB card would hold after formatting, but my confusion stems from a few things:-I'm pretty sure I have a 16GB SD card-they both have dcim and music folders-I found
posted on: Droid X2 Tech Support
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rooting Huawei Blaze ( IDEOS X3 model U8510-1 )

Friday 23rd of December 2011 /
I saw this post, which is a few years old, relating to the Huawei Sonic / U8650 here:www dot austech dot info/mobile-phones/61209-how-root-huawei-sonic-u8650.htmlI have a Huawei Blaze and inside it says IDEOS X3 model U8510-1Settings > About phone says:Android version 2.3.5 kernel Model Number U8510Baseband version 60501015Build number U8510-1V100R001C290B855As I have not had an android phone before I am not familiar with details as to rooting this phone.I have used linux on all my PC's and laptop's for years so am happy to try rooting it except that I could do with some answers.Would the same downloaded file be suitable?If not is there an updated one?Does it need unzipping and the files from it to be transferred to SD card or does it simply need copying to the card?Would it actually be an improvement on what I currently have?I have run All Backup and backed up what i have to SD card but what does this actually mean?Does it mean that if I wanted to I could go back to where I am and would that be by starting in recovery mode?Hope you can help.tia
posted on: Huawei IDEOS X3 (U8510)
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PC Mode

Saturday 24th of July 2010 /
What is this "PC mode" that comes up as an option when you plug into a computer? Does it do something in windows? I run Ubuntu and it does nothing when I select it. The manual doesn't mention it, at least not the PDF I downloaded. It covers mass storage and windows media sync but not PC Mode. Just wondering.
posted on: Huawei IDEOS X3 (U8510)
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USB Debugging Can't Connect (Win7) OTA2.2

Thursday 23rd of September 2010 /
A little background: I rooted with the 2.1 by using a terminal emulator on the phone and copying the files over to the sd card and such that is detailed in the sticky here. I didn't unroot before I updated to OTA 2.2 but as I understand it, it's not a big deal.I am running Windows 7 64 bitProblem:Seen as there isn't a way to do the root only on the phone (yet), I figured I would give ADB a shot.I installed all the stuff that I was directed to. SDK (even updated it), the motorola drivers (64 bit), unzipped the Droid2Root.rar where it was supposed to go and such. I plug my phone in making sure that it's in PC Mode and everything looks good. The MotoConnect tells me that my phone is connected and I can interact with the phone via my computer. As soon as I turn USB debugging on, however, Windows searches (online and on my computer) for a driver and fails to find one. ADB won't show my X in the list. I have tried in Charge Only mode, Windows Media Sync, and PC mode. All work until USB debugging is turned on.So what gives? Does the Motorola Drivers not cover USB Debugging? Did I overlook a
posted on: Droid X Hacks
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What does dock mode do?

Thursday 11th of July 2013 /
I do not own a desktop charger, but I heard there is a dock mode when you plug in S4 to a desktop charger. What does dock mode mean? What does it do? Do we have dock mode when we plug S4 to PC using the usb cable? Thanks
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S4
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Phone wont go into USB debugging mode, cant flash to stock

Monday 02nd of September 2013 /
I cant get the pc to recognize my phone so I can use odin to return to stock.... Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers in device manager, installing kies, reflashed the hyperdrive rom using TWRP, and wiped cache/dalvik. Mobile odin does not work for sch i545 so I cant use that... USB debugging is enabled and ive tried another cable/pc but nothing works, the pc just keeps repeating to me "USB device not recognized" this is a nightmare I cant get the phone back to stock rom. when I look at the battery when I plug it into pc is says charging (ac) not charging (usb) so I think that might be the problem but I don't know how to fix it. I feel like the problem is that the phone is not going into USB debugging mode because of what the battery says. Has anyone ever had this problem and what can I do to fix this. All I want to do is reflash back to stock.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S4
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