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[New App] 'My Sync Center' Offers Automatic Two-Way Data Sync Between Your Android Device And PC Over Wi-Fi

Friday 25th of October 2013 /
If, like me, you have always wanted a good data sync solution for your Android device, then we have a new app for you to check out. It's called My Sync Center, and it syncs data between your device and PC using your local Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to keep certain data up-to-date regardless of which device you're using, easily backup photos and videos, keep copies of your Titanium Backup files, and more. Did I mention that it does all of this automatically? Yep, you don't even have to to think about it. It doesn't just sync content from your phone to your PC, either -- you can also set it to automatically transfer music or videos from your PC to your phone (or tablet). If that's not enough, it also works with iTunes playlists, so if you don't want to transfer your entire collection, that's not a problem (granted you actually use iTunes, of course). Like most other sync solutions, MSC also requires a desktop client, which, at this time, only works with Windows. The dev notes in the Market listing that Linux and MaxOSX support is in the works. The free version of the app limits
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Super Sync Sports makes Chrome sync between devices fun!

Wednesday 27th of February 2013 /
The latest Chrome Experiment out of Google shows off the power of sync between devices with a fun little game called "Super Sync Sports". Head to on your computer and on your phone or tablet (Android 4.0 and above), enter the code to get them synced up and you're off to the races. Literally. You use your phone or tablet as a controller, with the computer display as just a portal to view the game. Select a character, and you can run, swim or bike against the computer or friends that you invite.It's a fun game to play, especially with more than one device, but it what it really shows off is the power of Chrome to provide real-time syncing between devices using just a browser. When on Wifi, there isn't any perceptible lag between actions on the phone and the response on the screen, which is quite impressive considering that you're just using an HTML5 game in two browsers.Google loves to do fun little experiments like this, and when they show it off to the public it's even better. Hopefully this means that it is plannin
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I share google calender info between my desk top, phone, and

Friday 01st of March 2013 /
I share google calender info between my desk top, phone, and Samsung tablet. In the past they would all sync. Now, for some reason, they all sync in all directions except my tablet does not send out its information. It recieves it but not send outOptional Information: Type of Device: TabletWhat have you tried so far?: Everything
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sync between phone and tablet

Wednesday 12th of December 2012 /
If I save a file to my nexus 4 will it show up on my tablet? I
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wi fi - Sync music folders between phone and tablet

Thursday 21st of June 2012 /
I want to use a DJ returnable app on both devices, send want a fast way (WiFi) to keep the music folders sync'd. I always buy from my phone so just need to transfer existing music and new downloads from the phone to the tablet, it doesn't need to sync automatically but I do need a way to do easy multiple/bulk file transfers. What is a good way to do this? Wifi preferably but bluetooth if I have to.
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It doesn't sync my apps and stuff between devices.

Friday 09th of March 2012 /
I've got android 4.0.2 phone and android 3.2 tablet.Both i'm using with the same google apps account, but it synced only the paid apps between them. All the free ones that i have installed on the phone it doesn't even show them under my apps in the market on the tablet.So the on the cloud sync doesn't work in this case, any idea how to get ti work?
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Question about synching Tablet, Phone, and PC

Friday 23rd of December 2011 /
I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab (8.9) for Christmas. I already have an EVO shift (owned by me) and a Lenovo Notebook (provided by the company I work for). I have HTC Sync running on my notebook to sync my outlook calendar with my phone. Unfortunately the company I work for has strict connectivity rules and I can only sync my phone with my notebook using a USB cable, but it is working to my satisfaction.Now, I want to sync my tablet with either my phone calendar or my outlook calendar - I don't care which, I just want all 3 calendars to match. The problem is I am finding all sorts of apps which will sync Google/Gmail Calendar between my phone and tablet, but that is not going to work for me. On my phone, the calendar I use to set up appointments is set to the "PC Sync" calendar - that is where I have to leave it set in order for my appointments to show up on my outlook calendar.What application can I use on the tablet that will sync with the "PC Sync" calendar on my phone? I would like the synchronization to be managed between my tablet and my phone (not between my
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anyone know how to transfer things between Notes?

Sunday 19th of August 2012 /
I read in a review and on Samsung's promotion site for the Galaxy Note 10.1 that there is supposed to be a way to transfer S notes between the Note Tablet 10.1 and the Note phone. I figured out how to transfer S Notes back and forth between the two (my phone and tablet) using bluetooth but it was rather cumbersome. I have a feeling there might be a way to sync such things but I haven't run across any settings or options. Yet, the first time I turned on the Tablet, I hadn't done much but the screen kept darkening so I found the settings for the display brightness and also checked out the wallpaper. That darn Tablet had the pictures in it from my Note phone! It had only been turned on for maybe five minutes! I didn't even have the phone on. Later, I found that one folder from one of the browsers I had on my Note phone had also been imported without me doing anything. It seems to try to sync naturally but I'd really like the notes/memos to go back and forth. If anyone has learned about syncing between the two, I'd REALLY appreciate learning how to do it! Thanks!
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sync notebook app between android phone and tablet

Monday 05th of August 2013 /
What is the easiest way using the basics to access and edit notepad entries on my android phone and tablet
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Google calendar, Samsung calendar, Acalendar syncing between phone and tablet

Thursday 19th of December 2013 /
I'm using Google calendar, samsung calendar, and A calendar on both phone and tab. I like the various views of month, week, and agenda so i want to keep all three on both. I also sometimes use google calendar on Win7 PC using chrome browser. both devices have recent set up, all syncing as evidenced by the syncing between calendars on each device, but the problem is: 1. On the phone (galaxy note 3), all three calendars sync fine with each other and also to the tablet's calendars but only if i set privacy to Private instead of Default at bottom of each new event page. 2. On the tablet (galaxy note 8.0) all three calendars sync with each other too, but never appear on the phone whether i set Default, Private, or Public on each new event. It actually took me hours and several days of research to even get this far. At least i have a way to sync to the tablet, but additions i make to any tablet calendar does not sync to the phone. Has anyone got these to work together from tablet to phone?
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