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Need help: Rooted 8042 @ stock stuck on Android loading screen

Sunday 30th of December 2012 /
So I purchased 2 of the 8042 tablets for a good price for my kids for Christmas and immediately rooted them, got gapps installed and everything was working GREAT on both of them.Today, one of my kids brings me her tablet stuck on the "android" loading screen and it won't budge. The other tablet is working fine, loads up and works properly, but this one, for no explainable reason, is stuck like it's bootlooping.I thought I had created a restore image right after I rooted and installed CWM, but it's not on the card so I must have forgotten to (which is strange, because I've been playing in ROMs since Android was still in Cupcake).I'm now at a loss. I've booted into recovery (CWM) and reflashed gapps, but that did nothing. I wiped cache and Dalvik and that did nothing. I've even flashed CWM again (for lack of anything else that I know how to do) and that did nothing.What else is left?I suppose that I could create a restore image from the other identical tablet that still works, drop it on this one's card and restore it, but then my one daughter would lose everything she's done
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Stuck on Android Logo - Page 2

Thursday 20th of December 2012 /
ok this is where i am... i edited the vold.fstab file and now its stuck at the loading screen. Could you please walk me through how you fixed this. Was it simply replacing the file with the original? if so, i have another kyros 7036 i can get the file from. any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Scared....please read

Tuesday 27th of March 2012 /
Ok I woke up this morning and experienced this scare before. A few months back almost a year I have a rooted Charge and no problems. (BTW, I posted the problem the first time and got it resolved). As I was saying, I woke up this morning and found that either Samsung/Verizon has an update that has to be done to my phone. The first time it happened I got stuck at the loading screen and how to reboot back to stock and re-root, which was scary I thought I had bricked my phone. In short I am scared to do this OTA update and feel that my phone will be stuck again the "Samsung" loading screen as before. Should I update or keep hitting "Update Later"?????Thanks
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HTC One X Stuck at Cyanogenmod 9 Load Screen

Tuesday 26th of June 2012 /
I have an ATT HTC One X and it was rooted and unlocked. I went to install Cyanogenmod 9 and everything went fine so i thought. Now my phone is stuck at the Cyanogenmod 9 loading screen. what can i do to fix my phone. I am new at this so any and all help is VERY welcome.
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Video on YouTube loads on wifi, but almost never loads on 3G

Sunday 21st of October 2012 /
Hi,Ever since I've bought my Xperia X8 about a year ago, I've been having trouble loading Youtube videos (or any other videos for that matter), while connected to a 3G network. However, the videos work flawlessly when run via wireless networks.It's as if there is a certain chance that a video loading over 3G would run. At times it loads smoothly, and at some other times it doesn't run at all - it just gets stuck at the loading screen. It doesn't seem to matter if the video is short or long, low or HQ quality, popular or unknown. For example, yesterday I successfully opened a 30-minute video, while today it failed to open a 10-second video. Really, it's like the phone has a mind of its own Naturally, this is not some kind of a terminal problem. I can handle running videos over wifi only, but that option is not always available and that can be an annoyance.I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this and what the fix could be. Is it the download speed issue, or perhaps something else? The ROM is stock (2.1.), just as is everything else in the phone.Thank you for your tim
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Stuck at the loading screen

Monday 25th of July 2011 /
so i installed liberty on my phone, from the bootstrap menu, after it was done installing, i clicked update sd card, or what ever that option is. and it gave me an error saying "no ... folder update. found" or someting like that i did it a few times. so i just backed out and rebooted. as it restarted i got the liberty logo, and its been there for about 15 minutes now. probably longer. i cant do anything it seems, should i just pull out my battery or what do i need to do?
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Nexus One stuck at welcome screen.

Tuesday 01st of January 2013 /
Hey all!,Recently I have been experiecing some problems with my Nexus One phone. First of all, the power button of this phone broke, I simply fixed this by installing an app which makes the volume button function as the power button. Now yesterday my phone got stuck (which happens quite often to be honest), but when I tried to reboot my phone, it wouldn't get passed the loading screen. After retrying a few times I finally got passed the loading screen. But now it's stuck at the welcome screen where it says; "Welcome to Nexus One. Touch the android to begin".I can't get past this, I tried simply pressing the adroid button, I tried tapping all corners in clockwise order but none of these seemed to work.Do you guys have any idea on how to fix this? That'd be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance guys,Stereohead
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Le Pan TC970 stuck at loading screen

Friday 21st of June 2013 /
Hello, I have bought a le pan tablet on amazon in December 2012, I have had no problems or bugs except for this problem.. after I turned on my tablet it stays stuck on the loading screen. It wont let me turn it off, and if I reset the tablet (which I have done) it does the same exact thing over and over. I have tried a factory reset, and it says to me "Firmware File is Bad." I would appreciate any answers to help solve my issue.. thanks.
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HTC One stuck on "HTC Quietly Brilliant" loading screen

Friday 06th of September 2013 /
Late yesterday I experienced a problem where my phone would shut off without me making it do so. I then proceeded to turn it back on and it went through the loading screen, which confused me because I have the fast boot always on. It went through the AT&T logo and HTC logo screen then went to the stock HTC One lock screen. I thought it was maybe just a minor error but when I went to unlock my phone it asked me for my Encryption password; I have never set an encryption password before. I then took it to AT&T and they had to factory reset my phone. Needless to say I lost everything. So last night I re-downloaded my apps and synced up all of my accounts I use. There was no problem until this morning as I am waiting to enter my school. I was browsing twitter and my phone randomly went black. Then it went back to the HTC loading page. I then turned it back off just as before. As it came back on it everything seemed to be fine. I then went to refresh my BlinkFeed and an error message popped up and said something I can only equate to saying the operating system had failed. Before I
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Woke up and my Moto X is stuck at loading screen :(

Friday 01st of November 2013 /
Was there an update overnight? I don't have anything on my phone rooted, it's completely stock. When I woke up, my phone was off,which was weird because when I went to bed it was at around 60%. I tried to turn it on, but it's stuck at the X on the loading screen. I've tried a reset, tried wiping the cache, tried a factory reset, but get nothing. Any ideas?
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