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Rooting The LG Optimus Q From Straight Talk!!!

Thursday 29th of December 2011 /
posting this for all thoughs out there with an LG Optimus Q LGL55c from straight talk!THIS ROOT WORKS!!!first download these Drivers and install them.Second Download your phone into the USB on your pc, make sure your in "charge only" mode. open the LG Esteem folder and click the run.bat file, will prompt hit any key to continue... let it do its thing, when its done your phone will reboot and you have root!!!SUGGESTED: do a factory reset after preforming any root or flash!!!power off the phone then hold down volume down "home key" and power till you see the android system recovery. scroll(using volume keys) to wipe data/factory reset click "menu key" to select then scroll to yes and select it...WARNING: THIS WILL WIPE ALL YOUR DATA SO MAKE BACKUPS OF ANYTHING IMPORTANT TO YOU OR KISS IT GOODBYE! ^_^Enjoy!
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~ Need help with the new Straight Talk LG Optimus ZIP

Tuesday 09th of October 2012 /
I have a LG Optimus Zip through Straightalk. I've got everything on the sd card that it will let me, I keep the messages deleted off, all pictures and music are on the sd card but it keeps telling me that my internal memory is low. I wanted to root it because I read that you could trick the phone into thinking that part of the memory card is internal memory but I hear my phone can't be rooted. What can I do???Help Please!!!
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HELP straight talk lg optimus q l55c drivers??????

Saturday 03rd of December 2011 /
Can someone please help me to find where I can down load the propper drivers for lg optimus Q l55c. I have looked all over and haven't found anything on how to root or really any of the mod,s or customization tips that are out for other droid phones. If someone can help. Me out. I wld b veery gratefull. Please help.
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Need help Rooting the new Straight Talk LG Optimus ZIP (L75C)

Thursday 19th of July 2012 /
Anyone know anything about this phone? I have searched and searched and have found nothing regarding any drivers or roots.
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Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Screenshot and Root

Wednesday 26th of December 2012 /
I'm trying to take a screenshot of a text on my LG Optimus Q from Straight Talk and can't. Every app says I need to be rooted but I can't figure that out either. HELP
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(Solved) Straight Talk Lg optimus 2x release date????

Wednesday 29th of February 2012 /
Since Straight Talk themselves cant bother to tell their customers when their newest phone, the lg optimus 2x, is going to be released, maybe somebody on here has an idea on when ill get that email notification that its ready....
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Need help Rooting the new Straight Talk LG Optimus ZIP (L75C) - Page 2

Friday 08th of February 2013 /
Will work on this and see what i can come up with...
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Straight Talk LG Optimus Zip Custom Rom???

Saturday 11th of May 2013 /
Is there anyone who has found a working custom rom for this phone? I have it rooted but cannot for the life of me find anyone who knows where to get a working rom. All I want is to flash a Working CM mod or something that doesn't have all this bloatware. Anyone Please help.
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straight talk lg optimus zip

Thursday 13th of September 2012 /
My touch screen hasn't been working for 2 day on the touch screen without the keyboard help.. only been 3 days since I got this phone!
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LG optimus Q secret zombie art by jack larson

Friday 13th of September 2013 /
Just got a Straight talk LG Optimus Q android 2.3.4. Like always with every phone I get I was playing around with different button combinations, *#, #*,..etc...I remembered reading some where someone was talking about a hidden menu by rapidly tapping on a setting option..I was watching my signal and noticed if I quickly tap the signal box 5 or 6 times the box would gray out for a few seconds as if a menu was about to anyway to my surprise a zombie art picture opened up. Go to Settings>About phone>and quickly tap on >Android Version>5 or 6 times and the zombie art opens. Going to play around some more and tap on some more boxes and see if I can find anything else.
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