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sound during calls not loud enough after playing with settings

Wednesday 06th of February 2013 /
How do I make the sound for incoming calls louder for my galaxy note 2 (verizon)? I was playing around with the settings the other to turn on other battery saving options and other features, but after that, I could barely hear the voice of people in talking to during calls...I tuned up all the volume controls under settings > sounds already, but its still not audible enough...even media sound settings are cranked up too...
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Android music player not loud enough? make it sound ipod loud?

Sunday 23rd of December 2012 /
Im not using my ipod anymore. Instead im using my new android (lg motion) as my mp3 player. The only problem is the music volume. The volume at 100% is the same as the volume at 50% on my ipod.I Already installed a 3$ app called audio master pro & that only helped a little. & I tried countless other free "volume booster" apps with no luck. I use double twist as my music player & i dont want to change that. I just need & want a app that can increase my volume significantly and/or make it sound as close to a ipod as possibleI listen to my music through my headphones so I dont need any speaker booster apps.PLEASE HELP
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Call Volume and Music Volume Not Loud Enough

Tuesday 09th of February 2010 /
Does anyone else notice that even with the volume turned up to the maximum level on the Nexus One, it isn't loud enough when there's a lot of background noise? I can't use the phone in crowded places because I can't hear the other person talking.I can't listen to my music at my noisy gym because the max volume isn't loud enough. After spending $530 for the phone, I don't want to buy a separate MP3 player with better sound quality for the gym. I don't want to go back to the iPhone, but the sound volume has much higher limits on my old iPhone 3gs. The speaker on the iPhone 3gs is also louder. The earphone that come with the 3gs are also better and include volume control on the cord, unlike the ones that come with the N1.Though the Nexus One has the fastest processor, best screen, and the best Android OS, what good is the phone if the sound quality sucks? Does anyone else have similar concerns?
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Phone is not nearly loud enough! Anyone else?

Wednesday 20th of July 2011 /
I bought this phone with one of the major selling points being the HD audio, thinking the massive amounts of music I play through my phone would sound good. Well, it sounds fine, but it has to be the quiestest external speaker of any phone I've owned, and the sound thru a headset isnt much better, either. Anyone else notice this? Maybe when they unlock the boot loader, we will get the code to adjust the audio volume to a respectable level. I know it's possible, the ringer and other audible tones get very loud.
posted on: HTC Sensation 4G
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Sound not loud enough

Monday 27th of June 2011 /
I looked back a few pages and didn't see anything to answer my question. Also didn't see much online either. I am a newb and I work in a pretty loud enviorment. I could usually hear my old phone okay but not this Evo 3D. I have the volume pegged but I can never hear it when a call, email or text message comes in. Is there any way to make it louder? Step by step would be appreciated.Also I noticed that the phone can tell if it is in a pocket, how does it do this?ThanksNewbie
posted on: HTC EVO 3D
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Maximum Volume Not Loud Enough

Monday 08th of February 2010 /
When in crowded places with a lot of noise, the maximum volume for calls and the media player are not loud enough. I can get the sound volume much higher on my iPhone. I'd rather have the option to turn it up louder to make a short phone call when in a crowded place.Although it may be unhealthy for hearing, is there any way to up the maximum volume beyond what the phone presently allows?
posted on: HTC EVO 3D
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N1 Speaker phone / Sound Quality

Saturday 09th of January 2010 /
I noticed that my N1 internal speaker when turn all maximum still not lould at all even the sound is clear. Also the loud speaker for alarm and ringtone, just comparable with iphone 3G, not even 3GS. Anyone have the same problem?The sound quality is better iphone a bit but it just not loud enough. I also notice that it has too much treble, hard to hear when using GPS navigator. I dont know if mine is defectived.
posted on: Nexus One
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Speakers not as loud on my unit?

Monday 17th of June 2013 /
I've had the 32GB unlocked One basically since it became available in the US. Before that, I had the AT&T model. On both phones, the speakers sounded great and were loud enough to hear, but not extremely loud like some people are claiming. If I turn on the loudspeaker in the car I struggle to hear it just like I would with any other phone. It doesnt sound noticeably louder than other phones I have, just clearer. Is my unit defective? Is there a way to increase the max speaker volume? Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4 Beta
posted on: HTC One
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Sound is too low on GalTab2 10.1" tablet

Sunday 21st of July 2013 /
I just bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 tablet. I have set all the settings for sound to be as loud as can be. The sounds for alerts are loud enough, but any videos with sound that I play are too low. The tablet is NOT in a case. Is there a hidden sound setting I may have missed? I went to Settings, and whenever a site has a megaphone icon for sound control I put it on maximum. It's brand new and surely there is a way to be able to watch a video and hear sounds at a normal level. Ideas welcome, please.
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Crazy freeze up with loud buzzing alarm sound?

Thursday 02nd of January 2014 /
Got a new Nexus 10 for Xmas and love it so far! Running KitKat. Have had a couple random reboots, but I understand that has been an issue with this tablet. However, tonight was playing an online game, Golf Star, and the screen suddenly went black and the tablet started making a LOUD buzzing alarm type sound! Not unlike a smoke alarm going off! I could not access anything, home button didn't work, back button same, recent apps button, none of them worked! Neither could I turn the volume down and trying to power down the tablet wasn't working either. The battery was not low, either, about 75% full. The noise was loud enough to scare the cats and be uncomfortable for hubby and I to hear! I finally connected it to the pogo cable and held the power button down a long time and then it booted up again and seems to be behaving normally. Even my game progress was saved. But it really scared me! Hate to think of this happening again in a public place, like say the library!!!! Has anyone had anything like this happen? Should I consider getting a replacement from Google? Really alarmed that thi
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