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Uh oh... do I have to buy a new phone now?

Friday 26th of April 2013 /
I have a Rise and managed to successfully root it. Until now all I had done was use Rom Toolbox to adjust simple stuff like cpu tweaks.I was fooling around with the tweaking app Pimp my rom today and installed busybox. After applying some tweaks I rebooted....only to discover that nothing on my phone works now except for the pull down menu. My background displays properly but it continuously throws up "Unfortunately, launcher has stopped." This prevents anything from loading up or me from changing anything.I would plug it into my computer but the damn thing is stuck on charge only mode and I cannot access it with adb.Doing a hard reset did not fix the problem.Am I screwed in terms of making this phone ever work again?
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Help.... Boot loop/: no custom bootloader. Kyocera rise/:

Saturday 08th of June 2013 /
I recently rooted my kyocera rise and tried downloading fonts. Like a dummy I check marked all the boxes for replacing fonts and then got stuck in a boot loop I don't have a custom recovery bootloader thingy so I can't just flash new rom and when I connect my phone to the computer it doesn't reconize it. I heard that there's a script that can be used to have the computer recoongize the phone but I'm not sure what that would be. If someone could be of assistantace that would be of great help. I'm moving soon across states and I kinda need the phone in case I get into any trouble along the way. Someone anyone ease try and help me. /:
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rom for my rise?

Monday 10th of June 2013 /
its been a while since I been here but has anybody romed a Kyocera rise because I rooted this thing like 4 months ago
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Kyocera rise bootloop help!!!

Tuesday 18th of June 2013 /
I dont have cwm recovery installed i did use Rom toolbox pro to install a different system font and it usually asks for a reboot to take affect and it didnt and then suddenly Rom toolbox pro force closed then i went back to it and it force closed again and i kept on going back to it and my home screen just went blank with just my wallpaper so i took out my battery and reinserted it and powered it back on and it passed the boot logo then when it got to the boot animation it restarted so i then booted into recovery mode and did every option given (wipe cache and wipe data/factory reset)and that didnt work plz help me!!
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Gps problem

Sunday 06th of October 2013 /
I have hyperdrive rom and for some reason it wont let my gps work it doesnt give it permision to access my location any ideas how to fixRise Phoenix Rise
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Which phone to root/rom

Monday 24th of March 2014 /
After reading (but not always understanding) about root and flashing roms, I have decided to use one of my inactive phones to give it a try. My inactive phones are LG Optimus V and Kyocera Rise. I would like to find a rom at least comparable to 4.1.2, if not more current. Which phone would be the best for this experiment? Advice on roms and a location for instructions would also be appreciated. After I narrow this endeavor down to which phone, I am sure I will have more questions for it's root forum. Thank you for your help.
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