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A red box is flashing on the screen of my Galaxy 3 mobile at

Friday 02nd of November 2012 /
A red box is flashing on the screen of my Galaxy 3 mobile at start up and close. What causes this and can I get rid of it/Optional Information: Type of Device: PhoneModel: GT-19300What have you tried so far?: Checked with the vendor and tried changing some of the setting such as led lights etc.
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Solved - Red Rectangle Flashes Around Screen

Tuesday 02nd of October 2012 /
So randomly when opening an app or a message a red rectangle flashes, that goes around the whole screen, but is hollow on the inside. I can't figure out where it came from, or what to do to get rid of it._________________________SOLUTIONThanks to the poster who posted the link. I also found a link, not sure if same one, but basically the only extra step was I had to do a shutdown and restart for it to work.If you turn on debugging mode, and turn on strict mode, this will cause the flashing red rectangle. Untick it, and just restart the phone, and all gone.
posted on: LG Motion 4G
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Red flashing border around screen

Monday 13th of August 2012 /
Okay folks.... When I call my wife a red flashing border appears around her photo for 5 seconds or so. Is this droids way of saying 'danger Will Robinson!' ?
posted on: LG Motion 4G
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Issue with Red not Displaying on Screen

Saturday 06th of August 2011 /
HiI broke my Nexus One screen.Ordered the part and installed it.Issue is now there is no red in the display. Just Blue and Green ... of course black. The red showed through when the screen was cracked so I know the display part was working before I did the fix.I was very careful with the led display part when I had it out as well as put it back in.I took it all apart again to make sure that the 3 ribbon connectors I detached were indeed fully connected and they are.So any ideas on what it might be or diagnostics I could perform to see what part/connection is toast?UGH! Thanks in advance for the input!Kent
posted on: Nexus S
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Red flashing boarder lines on screen

Thursday 27th of December 2012 /
Good dayI updated the Android/OS for my Samsung galaxy S3 and I ran 2 updates and the last update was about +80MB. after installing the updates the phone rebooted and i notices a flashing red boarder on the screen and it flashes every time i change one app to another at times but it always comes up when i unlock the do i fix this?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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Who Will be the First to Make a Smart Phone with a Wrap Around Screen?

Sunday 14th of April 2013 /
Curved screens are certainly not new. The Nexus S had curved glass, although not an actual curved screen, but it did make the screen feel a little more natural to swipe across. Next came the Galaxy Nexus, which has curved glass along it’s screen. This gives the device a great feel under your finger, but it still doesn’t technically have a curved screen.Then the Nexus 4 came along with a screen that is curved along it’s horizontal axis. When people talk about the Nexus 4 having a great “hand feel” or when they talk about how natural it feels to turn the pages on an ebook, that is what they are referring to. If you think about it, you don’t usually hold your phone directly in front of your face. You are generally looking down at your phone from an angle. Giving a screen a slight curve or tilt makes you feel like you are getting a more direct view of the screen with out tilting your phone to an unnatural position.There are rumors that the next iPhone will have a wrap around screen. This seems unlikely, since it took Apple five years to give people th
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blinking or flashing start up screen . Cant boot phone up

Sunday 22nd of April 2012 /
Ok so here is what is happening and what i have done. I had Vortex rc1 and had flashed to the Vortex reloaded rom. All went fine, loaded all my market apps, and was getting everything back in order. I have quickclock so that was my next move and went in and hit calibrate... phone seemed to have been going thru its thing to see what values it could apply and the phone went to reboot like normal for the quickclock but now all i have is a flashing screen with the google logo. I tried removing the battery and such but to no avail. How do i get the phone to reboot. I have no clue what happenedOk so i figured i would just wipe data and do a factory reset and use my nandroid to get to my previous rc1 build. Wiped it and went to reboot and it is still flashing. It just flashes slowly with a Google logo and occasional blue led light
posted on: Droid X Hacks
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[MOD | S-OFF] Remove Red HTC Developer Splash Screen Text

Thursday 28th of June 2012 /
More temptations...Regaw over on Xda is doing great things for our rooted community again. S-off users can now remove the red HTC development text on splash screens. I'm gonig to link straight to XDA since replacing your bootloader can be dangerous business and you NEED to be kept up with latest instructions/downloads[MOD | S-OFF] Remove Red HTC Developer Splash Screen Text - xda-developerscheck your md5!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Confirmed working!
posted on: Droid X Hacks
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Red Frame Around Screen?

Thursday 22nd of December 2011 /
Does anyone know what it means when a red frame flashes around the screen. It happens all the time? Also, where do I find my missed calls?
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Unwanted Blue Border Surrounding Screen

Wednesday 12th of February 2014 /
You see that blue border around my screen? I just downloaded and was playing the Radiohead Polyfauna app when this suddenly surrounded my screen. It is permanently fixed to my screen; doesn't matter the app, doesn't matter the task. Especially annoying when I type is it forms a little drop down border to surround every letter I touch in turn. I really want it gone. Please help. Thanks
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