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Any way to install ALL apps?

Tuesday 12th of June 2012 /
Long story short my phone got wiped and I lost all of my backups. I had about 300 apps installed, and I see all of them under "ALL" in the apps section of My Apps. Is there any way to install all of them at once? Thanks!
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Is there a way to run all apps off sd card? *Solved*

Wednesday 14th of March 2012 /
Is there a way to run all apps off sd card? I tried apps2sd and when i move them to sd they don't work anymore. Does anyone have a solution for this or is this even possible?Thanks for all input.
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Is there a way to view all apps not yet assigned to a folder?

Sunday 28th of April 2013 /
This is more of a general usability question that I couldn't find the answer to by searching. I am running SLIMZ PHABLET on an A2109. I have over 200 apps I am organizing into folders on my home screen (using Nova Launcher Free). I've got a pretty good start, probably have organized about 50 apps, but have over 150 more to go. So I go into my app drawer looking at over 200 apps trying to remember which ones I've dragged into a folder and which ones I haven't. I see an app and drag it to the desktop, then drag it into a folder only to discover I have already dragged it into the folder already. This becomes frustrating as I have to do one at a time, and sometimes start over when I duplicate effort. Is there a way to view all apps not yet assigned to a folder? thanks
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Any way to Update ALL Apps in Android Market?

Friday 17th of April 2009 /
Am I a fool for missing this? Is there any way to update all your applications in Android Market? Right now, I'm just updating one-by-one and I feel incredibly inept. There has to be an update all, right? Is there a way to update all ? Please tell me there is.
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Want to root - Best way to restore all apps and their settings afterwards?

Monday 02nd of January 2012 /
So I'm wanting to root my GN for a couple of specific reasons, but I'm not sure about having my phone wiped clean and starting over.I've just now got everything setup and tweaked the way I like it and do NOT want to have to manually go through all that again.So...what is the best/least painful way of rooting and then getting my GN back to its previous configuration state (apps installed, all app's configurations, contacts, etc, etc) ?Essentially I want to have my phone rooted and nothing else changed....I just want to be able to run a few specific apps that require root access.
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Is there a way to migrate all apps from one Android phone to another??

Wednesday 14th of April 2010 /
It will be awhile before I get my next Android phone, but am curious, when that day comes, is there an easy way(or any way) to migrate all apps from my current Droid to whatever I get next??Best bet at the moment is it will be a HTC Android phone. But, who knows what will be out then, it's at least 7 months away.
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REALLY EASY / Fast way of restoring ALL APPS / call log / Texts / EVERYTHING - Page 2

Saturday 10th of July 2010 /
Originally Posted by BacknblackI don't the point in doing the wipe 3 times...It's not like it get emptier....I agree, but I do it because the devs said too and Im sure they know way more about this stuff that I could.
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REALLY EASY / Fast way of restoring ALL APPS / call log / Texts / EVERYTHING

Saturday 10th of July 2010 /
Sorry for the caps but I just stumbled upon this method and it has worked flawlessly over the past few Roms I have used it on. From Jrummy, back to BB, and whoever else's Rom you'd like to use.1. BACKUP your entire rom through rom manager2. Reboot into recovery.3. wipe (as you normally should 3X ).4.install new rom.5. Goto main screen of rom manager, click Nandroid>Advanced restore>select your ROM Backup you just created> Restore data.Voila! New freshly installed rom, and ALL of your data just the way it was. Nothing missing and all the information from the new rom you just flashed should not be affected, since we only restored the DATA part.Try it!Works GREAT and makes trying newer / different roms STUPID EASY!SO simple yet so great.Also THANK YOU PETE for all of your hard work. It is very much appreciated.
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Restarts after getting out of almost all apps

Wednesday 17th of August 2011 /
My EVO is stock. Literally has like 3 apps on it right now. It started restarting saturday night, took it into the sprint store the smart ones there blamed it on task killer, lookout and go sms and decided it was a good idea to factory restore my phone. Fixed the problem for about 12 hours then started doing it again. I hadn't even installed any apps yet and it was doing it again so it clearly wasn't any of the three apps they claimed caused problems. Went back in, waited 30 minutes then the guy working at the store told me I had rust in my phone according to what the "tech" said saturday. I tried to get him to prove it and he couldn't figure out where it was (because there is none). I ended up leaving with no fix for my phone. Only thing that fixes it is if I take my battery out and restart my phone that way and that fixes it for about 30 minutes. The guy did say before I left it was a glitch in the software but I haven't seen it anywhere else on the internet that anyone is having this problem at all. Anyone know of anything that can help without shooting the ******ed empl
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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Fast way to uninstall multiple apps

Friday 01st of July 2011 /
This app provides the fast way to remove multiple apps. Just select the apps, and click the "Uninstall the checked apps" button. It will be in the batch process.You can download it from download
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