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"Mobile Network Not Available" - Can't even call 911

Wednesday 21st of December 2011 /
I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is the same problem as other users or not when it comes to signal issues. I've had 3G and 4G data issues over the last couple days - which seems pretty common. But put that aside for a moment... I am not even able to make or receive phone calls - even calls to 911. My phone will show no bars, no 3G/4G indication, etc. I'm in places where I know my old phone would work and other folks have working Verizon phones. When I attempt to make calls, I get "Mobile Network Not Available" messages or calls that end with a duration of 0:00. I notice this most often when I pick the phone up and it's screen has been off. Power up and I can't make calls. Any incoming calls that came in while I was in this state went to voicemail. Yeah - I wouldn't advise calling 911...but I wanted to know if my phone was working at all or not. It sure appears the phone was worthless at that point. When I get into this state - it's stays there for minutes. I've had to reboot one time after it wouldn't get a signal after a few minutes. Is this the "normal" si
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Recent WMA "File not supported" Error

Tuesday 15th of February 2011 /
Hey everyone, first post.I was wondering if you could help me out. Today I went to listen to some of the music files on my Droid (1), and I'm getting a "file type not supported" error message whenever a WMA comes up. This is a very recent problem, as I'm almost positive I have been listening to WMA's since first putting music on the phone. Has anyone else had this problem in the past few days? I was thinking it might be DRM, but the music likely does not contain restrictive DRM and was obtained legally. Thanks!
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Droid X Calendar won't delete "this and future events"

Friday 17th of December 2010 /
Since the automatic update yesterday I haven't been able to delete "this and future events" in a series. It "deletes" it for about 2 seconds, then they're back. I can delete a single event in a series, or all events in a series. This makes it hard to input a series of events that repeats for a while, but not indefinitely. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?
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Bluetooth says "paired but not connected"

Saturday 02nd of January 2010 /
I tried to receive a file from an another phone, but the status on my Droid Eris kept saying "paired but not connected" even though I tried to connect many times. Please help. Thanks.
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"Text Message Not Sent" alert won't go away

Friday 10th of June 2011 /
I have a Droid. Earlier today, a text message did not send and as usual, the "text message not sent" icon popped up in the notification bar. No problem there. I just went back and successfully resent the message. However, after I did this, whenever I opened up my text messages or received one, the alert message kept popping up. It got annoying so i deleted my entire text inbox. It still keeps popping up. When I "tap to view message" it just says "message not available" Even so, anytime i receive a txt, open my inbox, or leave my phone alone for a while, the message still pops up. It's driving me NUTS. I have already taken out my battery, etc. HOW DO I FIX THIS?
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Droid 2 - "this audio format is not supported"

Sunday 05th of June 2011 /
I know for a fact the audio type is supported, its an mp3. I can play mp3s for an hour on a walk, shut down the player, and then try to resume playing again only to get the message "this audio format is not supported" the only things I do between when I stop playing music and try to resume playing it are texting and browsing the web. I have to restart my phone to fix the issue.1. How can I prevent this issue?2. Is there another way other then restarting my phone to fix the issue?Im using the default media player that came with the phone. Theres days I can stop listing to music and 5 minutes later the audio format will not be supported. Its not just one particular song this happens to but all of them.
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Error message: "Internet calls not supported."

Wednesday 24th of August 2011 /
What does this mean and how do I fix the problem? It comes up whenever I try to call any number. I have tried calling with WiFi turned off but it doesn't help. Anybody got any ideas?
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"Purchase currency is not supported" error when buying an app

Sunday 16th of June 2013 /
I tried purchasing apps from Google Play store with my AMEX, but received an error "Purchase currency is not supported", and was unable to complete the transaction.I suspect this is because I am physically in Finland right now, but my AMEX is Dutch. Both Finland and Netherlands are euro countries, though, and Google Play store I browsed on my phone was denominated in euro.Any ideas?
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Opening file when it says "This plugin not supported"

Monday 17th of June 2013 /
It seems using android you are not able to open any links that are pdf files. Is there a work around for this. I have a galaxy tab 2 and galaxy s4 phone. I have tried Chrome, Foxfire, Dolphin browsers with the same result All of my queries on Google nets me no answers.
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"this tag not supported"

Thursday 20th of February 2014 /
Hey I don't know exactly where to go to ask this but a notification saying "this tag is not supported" keeps coming up on my phone constantly. I don't know what it's on about and don't know how to stop it. Could someone help me out please
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