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Netflix won't let me log in.

Tuesday 11th of September 2012 /
Is there an issue with the Netfix app and the Rezound? I'm running rooted stock and it refuses to accept my login credentials. I know they are right because it works everywhere else.TIADLM
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i have an android tablet, it wont let me sign in, it tells

Tuesday 09th of April 2013 /
i have an android tablet, it wont let me sign in, it tells me i have wrong password XXXXX usernamei can sign in to my google account on laptop useing same password XXXXX username.what is wrongOptional Information: Type of Device: TabletBrand: prestigio multipadModel Number: pmp32708What have you tried so far?: i have used username and password XXXX i think are right, but it wont let me sign in.username and password XXXX when signing in on laptop. can you help
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Since new software- Droid won't let me log in to market with Google account

Monday 03rd of October 2011 /
Everytime I try and go into the Market it asks me for my u tube password. For some reason I had 2 different passwords for gmail & utube. A tech at Verizon told me to go into google and reset it so that I will only have one. That didn't help it still asks for my utube passwrod and I've tried every password a couple of times. Another tech told me to uninstall utube that didn't work. I am now being told that I will have to wipe out my phone and start over. I blame the new software which has already made my phone do wierd things. Does anyone have any suggestions or can anyone give me advice about what to do or not do when wiping your phone and re-setting it? Thanks
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I have a nexus 7 asus tablet but it wont let me log in. apparently,

Tuesday 01st of January 2013 /
I have a nexus 7 asus tablet but it won't let me log in. apparently, i have forgotton the screen password. i don't even remember setting one up! how can i set up a new one or get rid of it?Optional Information: Type of Device: TabletModel: Asus Nexus 7What have you tried so far?: tried using all the passwords reload i have ever used. none of them worked. also tried hard reboot but all i get is the android with the red triangle. i can get to where it says start and restart bootloader and recovery mode, but then idon't know what to do.
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Google plus won't let me log in

Wednesday 14th of December 2011 /
I made a mistake when I first made my Google + profile. I wrote my last name in katakana just to be ambiguous. I didn't think it would be a problem, but Google suspended my profile. Apparently there is a rule against your name having both foreign and English characters, which I wish they had warned me about before they suspended my profile. I have since changed my name to its original form, and resubmitted my profile for review, but Google has done nothing. It has been weeks. I tried and tried to find a way to contact them, but but it seems Google doesn't want to be contacted. Is my only option to give up and make a new profile? I wish I wouldn't have to, because I wanted it to be attached to my primary email address. Thanks in advance for any input!
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Google+ : App will not let me log in w/my Hotmail

Friday 19th of August 2011 /
Not sure if this has been asked before(did a few searches on the forum and internet), but if it has it would be great if you could link me to it.I think the problem is probably me, but I am tired of spinning my wheels on this isssue...I just received my Droid 3 (great phone so far!) this past week and am trying to get the Google+ account set up on the app. I just switched from the Droid1 where I have the google+ app and was working with my account. I was running froyo on the D1 w/no modifications, root etc. I am now on the D3 w/Android 2.3 and trying to add my account which is based off of a hotmail email address.(I had Igoogle set up through my hotmail as I did not have a gmail account until later). Anyway, when I open the Google+ app on the Droid 3 it asks me what email account I want to use to sign in. It gives me the choice of my 3 gmail accounts, but not my hotmail. I do have my hotmail set up as an account on the phone( I use the email app w/my hotmail). I look in the my accounts app and when I try to add a new account it does not seem to give a google+ option for adding new ac
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Hi i havejust got a samsung note it wont let me log on to

Saturday 26th of May 2012 /
Hi i havejust got a samsung note it wont let me log on to the hub. it keeps saying i have no device help pleaseOptional Information: Make: samsungModel: helpAlready Tried: everything now pulling out my hair
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Samsung Account in Galaxy Note wont let me sign In!

Wednesday 29th of August 2012 /
Hey guys... ive faced a problem please help...I own a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with Android 4.0.3 Base band GTN7000xxlpt.I created a Samsung account via the SamsungDive and it says to register my phone by adding a Samsung account in the phone. But unfortunately in my phone Samsung account sign in or sing up doesn't work. Nothing appears when i select either options.... Does any one know how to fix this issue .???? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wont let me log on. it says my password XXXXX XXXXX good. Trying

Saturday 12th of May 2012 /
wont let me log on. it says my password XXXXX XXXXX good. Trying to set up new accountAlready Tried: It says I have an exsisting A/C but I just got my kindle and my computer password XXXXX'X work
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won't let me log in

Saturday 30th of November 2013 /
Nexus 7 WiFi V2 , I go into setting, add an email address and says it cant connect to servers and yet I can log in fine with other email addresses
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