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Concerns about rooting? Let me put your fears aside - Android Authority

Wednesday 21st of March 2012 /
The Joy Of Using Experimental SoftwareOne of the main reasons behind me rooting all of my devices and playing with custom ROM’s is that I enjoy being a part of projects that are in development or experimentation. Anyone can use a ‘perfect’ ROM from the device’s manufacturer, but I enjoy running Android builds that other people have gone to the trouble of making for us all. Manufacturers never get this right when it comes to development, they’re under the illusion that we like what they give us. Whilst this is partially true, we end up discovering we want more features, and we know exactly what these features are. Across forums on the internet, these ideas are submitted and kind souls make these community builds of Android.I also love snagging the development builds before the final versions are released. If something works perfectly, I get bored of it. If something doesn’t work quite as you would expect, I like trying to find a workaround, or submitting a bug to the developers of that ROM. Using a custom ROM makes you part of a deeper community,
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How to Root Samsung Illusion SCH-I110 with Odin

Wednesday 24th of April 2013 /
The Samsung Illusion is a low range Android based smartphone that was released on Verizon back on November 2011. So, if you still own this device, then you are probably looking into powering up its performances and why not in updating its system with the latest custom ROMs (unfortunately there aren’t official updates released for the Illusion). If so, then you should begin your work with a root procedure, as first of all you need to unchain your phone from the factory restrictions. Well, don’t worry because during the following lines I will show you how to easily root the Verizon Samsung Illusion by using Odin.Now, it is important to read all the lines from this tutorial because the root operation is not official and more, guides like the present one are being considered risky and complex. Anyway, if you stick to my indications everything should be fine. As you will see below, before showing you how to root the Samsung Illusion, I first explained on how to prepare your handset for the installation (you are going to install some stuffs) procedure; well do apply the pre requisites
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N00b, 1st Droid Phone: Samsung Proclaim/Illusion (ANYONE know about this??)

Saturday 03rd of November 2012 /
Hey-lo, I am new to the forums, new to a 'droid phone, but I have had an android tablet before, a Pandigital, which I also rooted successfully, but got tired of. I was originally into just ebook readers, and that's the reason I got a tablet also, but I was hoping to have something to play videos on, and the PanDigital was very heavy and bulky and had low battery life. I was browsing for something like an iPod/iPad (but I wouldn't get ANYthing from Apple, no worries!) that I could use for vids and books, when I saw the reviews on this phone on the walmart site. I have been using Straight Talk anyway, with the most basic, boring flip-phone you could get, and I was dying to upgrade that, so this phone seemed perfect! I can get UNLIMITED talk (U.S.), text, and data/web for just $45 a month, which I hear is super cheap. I am on a really tight budget and am still anxious about what buying this phone is going to do to my bank account, but I had to get something! So anyway, I do have some issues, I guess I can mention them here? I searched the forums before joining and couldn't find ANY foru
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Illusion Turns Itself Off Regularly

Wednesday 27th of June 2012 /
My Samsung Illusion (on Verizon) worked fine for the first 6 months. But recently, it turns itself off regularly. Sometimes several times a day. I'm not saying that it goes into sleep mode; I'm saying it turns itself completely off. And when I eventually discover that it has turned itself off, I have to power it back up. This happens even when it's sitting on a table, so it's not being caused by the power button inadvertently being pushed in my pocket.I have done some searching online, and it appears that a number of Samsung Android phones suffer from this problem. Does anyone know what is causing this? Could it be turning itself off because it gets too hot?
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Camera Illusion Brings Real-Time Effects to Your Android Phone [App Reviews]

Tuesday 03rd of August 2010 /
We recently had an Android camera app shoot-out here at Androinica, and we’ve also reviewed the both powerful and popular camera application Vignette. Another interesting piece of camera software for Android that can be added to the list is Camera Illusion.Some time ago, a couple of my friends and I joked about how neat it would be if we had video glasses that applied a real-time filter that made the world look animated – similar to the effect that is used in Richard Linklater’s 2006 film A Scanner Darkly. With the recent advancements in head-mounted displays and augmented reality, I thought the notion soon would be quite plausible.  And when I discovered Camera Illusion, that’s almost what I got.Because unlike most other camera apps for Android, Camera Illusion applies its effects in real-time, so you’ll instantly know what your pictures will look like. If you view your surroundings through Camera Illusion, you can indeed make the world appear animated. When you first start the app, you’re greeted by what your camera sees, with four buttons on top: one turns on you
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Camera Illusion on Motorola Droid

Tuesday 02nd of March 2010 /
Hi,my name is AndroidIllusion and I'm the developer of "Camera Illusion", a camera application that lets you process photos in real-time:Camera Illusion - CyrketUnfortunately, the Motorola Droid is not compatible with my application and I have no chance to try on a real phone.I created a debug version to find the problem. I need someone with a Motorola Droid to try this version and send me the log files.If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful.Regards,Android Illusion.
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Camera Illusion

Thursday 04th of March 2010 /
Hello,I am very pleased to announce that I just release my first version of my application compatible with Motorola Droid."Camera Illusion" is a free camera application that lets you process photos in real-time, previewing and taking amazing pictures with filters, effects and masks.I hope you enjoy it!Regards,Android Illusion
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I need help rooting my illusion

Saturday 27th of October 2012 /
I have a verizon samsung illusion running android 2.3.6 its on page plus. How would I root this phone? Sent from my SCH-I110 using Android Central Forums
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Install Illusion Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Custom ROM for Google Nexus 4

Wednesday 24th of July 2013 /
The Illusion custom ROM is based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and it is one of the smoothest custom operating systems that I have tested on my Nexus 4. Use this tutorial if you wish to install this new ROM on your device and then tell us in comments if you like it. Note that this is a guide that should be used by advanced users.Illusion ROMs are designed by an XDA Member and Developer, $droyd$. The main features of this new Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM are these: it allows you to change LCD Density Settings, set per-app dpi settings, stock UI, PhabletUI, TabletUI, per-app permissions manager, dual pane view, low battery warning, cLock, custom hardware keys, Widgets viewpaper, notification drawer options, power sound on plug-in / plug-out, PIE controls, Navbar customizations, power widget settings, Custom QuickSettings, Power Menu controls, Custom Statusbar options, custom sounds settings, custom phone settings, custom MMS settings, Integrated superuser, Trebuchet launcher, 3.4.x kernel base and multiple others.Check this YouTube video for a better understanding on how Illusion custom R
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********rom>>>>>illusion o.d. (also how to root and install cwm if you don't have already

Friday 24th of January 2014 /
ILLUSION O.D ROM and root and cwm6.0.2.8 recoveryfrom::: ANDROID ADMIRERwhat is this?i think it may be the first stock rom for the illusion gingerbread 2.3.5it is cwm flashable in a zip file what's inside the rom...1. deodexed framework and system apps2. zipaligned all apk's3.installed busybox4.enabled init.d support (for running scripts )5.deleted samsung and verizons bootanimations 6.deleted all boot sounds 7.enabled bootanimations 8.replaced those bootanis with my own custom made bootanimation9.replaced default_wallpaper with my own custom one10.replaced twlauncher with huawei modded launcher v.2.2.111.replaced stock music.apk with motorola connected player includes shoutcast radio12.installed *****PIE CONTROLS******through LMT launcher13.themed out using the u.o.t kitchen thanks u.o.t!!!so if your not rooted or you are rooted and never got cwm installed here we go root your device use framaroot.apk download.... you install apk then open it and tap on the name of the expliot you seeit should tell you install of su
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