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Video wont play

Thursday 24th of November 2011 /
It seems that for whatever SGS won't play back any videos I've previously recorded on it. When I try to play back those videos the player opens, the wheel just keeps going, and when I hit the play button the video comes up,...but it won't play. I can 'step thru' the video frame by frame using the 'double bar' (pause) button, but the video won't play. I've done a soft boot, I removed and reinstalled the battery and it still wont work. I've used my 'Android Assistant' to boost the memory and that doesn't seem to fix the problem. I can play YouTube videos and play music and view photos and play Angry Birds with my SGS, but I can't get it to play it's own videos.I've checked the forums and found some posters are getting error messages but I didn't find any postings noting the 'video wont play' problem I'm experiencing. So, if anyone out there has any feedback on this I'd love to hear it, I can watch my videos once again.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S
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Make YouTube DEFAULT to High Quality!!

Saturday 19th of December 2009 /
One of my biggest pet peeves has been finally solved by xeudoxus at Here is how to do it, I have tested it and it works 100% flawlessly! Well im pretty sure that this is the first time this has been done (on any android system). Tried to find it elsewhere and had no luck.So..... If you LOVE High Quality YouTube videos then download the file. As of right now (Later ill fix it, too tired now) You can ONLY watch high quality, even if you tell it to switch to normal it wont let you .If there is only a normal version video it will play that (so best quality of the video)This is for Droid 2.01 (I know some CDMA Hero users were using the Droids Youtube.apk) I know this works on Droid (Spent the last 5 hours on it) so use it at your own risk on other devices.Backup your /system/app/YouTube.odex first!!!!!!!!!!!!rename > YouTube.odexThen push the new one over to /system/app/YouTube.odex and reboot.-Matt
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help: LG GT540 - How Come Others can run theses 3D games and I cant?

Tuesday 22nd of February 2011 /
Hi guys, I really hope someone here can help me out. I bought FIFA 10 and Need for Speed Shift, FIFA 10 works but the graphics are really shocking., like I've got a downgraded version of the game or something. There are people on youtube with the same game but it looks amazing. Commentery, console quality, other features, great graphics and all. They're also using GT54O Android 2.10 like me, so how come they're able to play really high quality version, and I've got something that looks pre snes and calls itself FIFA 10? TBH I'm more than a bit envious... Also, Need for Speed Shift doesn't get past the EA sign before it goes blank and closes. (couldn't get refund because of the time it took to download files) There are other games like N.O.V.A, GT Racing motor Academy, which judjing by youytube videos, work on my the GT540, but they probably wont work on my phone as well. Does anyone know how to get these games working (the high quality versions)? all comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.
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updates, flashplayer and java

Saturday 29th of September 2012 /
I just got my new android tablet impression and i tried to play games and look at youtube videos. When I tried to watch a youtube video it said i had to update my flash player so i tried to and every time i try to download something it will say download unsuccessful. I play games on gamepoint and when i try to it says that i have to download java but it also wont let me. I'm trying to figure out what I am doing wrong if someone could please help me that would be great and to find out how to do general updates on it. Thank you
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Youtube and market stopped working

Wednesday 06th of March 2013 /
So I noticed that Youtube kept saying there is a connection issue and try to refresh. It pulls up the desired videos ( any video) but wont play them. I go to the market and it lets me go to the app I want but just spins saying its downloading but never actually downloads. I then hard reset and was prompted to update to 4.2 which was a surprise. Same issue. I hard reset 2 more times and still I can surf the web, my email works perfect, my video player works but still cant get youtube to play from the app or web and cant download apps. I am and have always been stock as well. Thoughts???? When I press the power button and volume key sown it says AO3 key driver not found. Could this be the problem and if so what happened? There were 3 icons to choose from. RCK And Android guy and Wipe Data. The RCK ( think those were the initials) said there was a match and then went to the error symbol with red exclamation and Android guy on his back. Was able to reboot. Android guy Icon just does a cold boot. Ill try the wipe data option even though I did a hard reset from the settings menu. Sent
posted on: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 300
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HELP!!!can not figure the apad out

Saturday 16th of October 2010 /
Hi I've had the apad for bout 2months now and i think its the version 1.6....I cant figure out how to get flash downloaded..i cant watch any videos on music wont play...i can get on facebook and other stuff but anything that has to do with videos or music it doesnt work...the app market sucks...i cant find any facebook apps...or any apps that i need...when on facebook using my apad it says download facebook for your xperia somethin and when i click that it goes to a google page sayin that the page has been moved...when i got to other android app stores to download apps that ill use and i need it tells me that i cant dowload them cause i havent downloaded their store and when i try to do that it doesnt show up or getting so stinkin frustrated with the thing ive gotten on youtube to try and figure it out but everything is in chinese...can somebody please help me with gettin this thing usable before i throw it away...thanks a lot...emily
posted on: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 300
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WiFi Issues Frustrated

Monday 03rd of December 2012 /
ok so i have a lg optimus one and a belkin 150n wifi routed,both are g compatible,not this router has some things which make it unusable.everything works on my desktop pc,but on my cellphone i get tons of problems.browsing on the basic browser is good,no problem with that,but once i get on my youtube app,it first won't load anything,it says it;s not connected,please reintry,althoough i get full signal.after i clear my cache and cookies in the default browser,and then clear the caches of youtube and market,there is a very slight chance it will fix the problem,but most of the times it wont.In the rare times when it does work,the youtube partially works,meaning it loads the videos(the home videos,meaning recommended videos and subscription videos),but it wont load the icons,it will load just a blank square with the video name on it.if i play that video,it will eventually load,but most of the times won't load related videos and the comments.same happens for android market too,when i search something,either it won't go trough at all(it tells me no connection,please reintry),or it wil
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lenovo ideapad k1 issues after 3.2 update please help

Thursday 15th of December 2011 /
I was wondering if you guys could help me im having major issues with my k1 tablet wen i got it it had android 3.1installed on it and everything worked fine but once i installed the 3.2.1 my tablet wont play any flash videos for more than 1 minute(an example would be youtube in desktop mode) without the video pausing by itself and becoming unplayable unless i refresh the internet page and even after the refresh it still freezes at the one minute mark.i also noticed a lot of force close in the browser with flash heavy content which all of these worked fine on android 3.1 ive tried a factory reset and it still does the samething is there anything u guys know wat to do to fix this or is there any way to fix this ot get it reported to be fixed?? Or is there anyway i can go back to android 3.1 and if so how and where would i get the original software?? Any input is greatly appreciated
posted on: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 300
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Unable to view Youtube videos outside Youtube

Sunday 25th of August 2013 /
Everytime I visit websites that uses Youtube for their videos, they wont play on my android phone but in my App and the website itself works just fine.
posted on: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 300
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New to android and galaxy tab, few questions

Sunday 08th of September 2013 /
So I just got my first android device and decided on a tab 2 10.1.I did have a tab 3 for a few days but wasnt happy with its performance so sent it back.First thing, I bought one song on the tab 3, but now cannot find how to get it on this device, if I go into my google play store all my apps are there and ive had no problems getting them, but cant find music downloads, or any account details? I have redeemed a voucher on there but cannot find a way to see how much credit I have unless I click to buy something.Also I couldnt log into or even watch videos on youtube on the tab 3, because I think my account is not linked to my google+ account and I dont want it to be, this one has an older version of the app and works fine though when I go to log in it asks for my Google+ account again, why.? Its very frustrating, its asking me to update it but I am worried that if I do it wont even let me watch the videos so basically do I HAVE to link my account to use the app.Im sure I will have some more questions soon but so far am quite pleased with my purchase
posted on: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 300
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