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Google Android 2.2 OS wont connect to wifi says disconnected

Wednesday 09th of May 2012 /
I have just purchased a Google Android 2.2 OS tablet and when i try to connect to the wifi it says disconnected all the time. It searches for my router but wont connect to it.I have a sky router if that makes any difference please can someone help me to connect to the internet
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Wont downloads apps from android market

Tuesday 13th of September 2011 /
HiMy Alcatel ot 980 wont download any apps atall from android market. When i click the icon to install the app is says 'starting download' then nothing it just keeps saying this and doesnt download. My wife had no trouble downloading apps on her orange san franciso so its not the wifi router blocking the phones. I can connect to the internet so if def not the router, really need help here!!!
posted on: Alcatel OT-980
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Is there a reverse tethering app on android market?

Saturday 14th of April 2012 /
i know there are apps that help you connect to the internet on your pc using your phone, but I really need an app that does the opposite. I wanna share my pc internet access with my phone, any one know how i can do this? Or does anyone know how i can access the internet on my phone without wifi? i got a wifi connection at home but its locked with a pass and my parents wont give me the pass.. so any help?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Ace
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Droid 1, everything force closing. URGENT

Monday 13th of December 2010 /
So today I received my new 32 gb micro sd from sandisk. I copied the root of my SD (old one) onto my computer. I then turned off the phone, put in the new sd card, and formatted it. Next, I copied all the files back onto it.Now, I am getting force closes on all ANDROID applications. Music works fine, my images show up, doodle jump works. Anything that uses a system resource though (XScope, Phone, Handcent, Messaging) force closes immediately.Also, when I try to connect to wifi, it just says connecting... disconnecting. Then it wont connect. I cannot place calls or respond to texts.Should mention:Droid 1, running stock froyo with the OTA update that came a few days ago. I installed the new market yesterday, but that has been workign fine. I haven't downloaded any other new apps recently.P.s. I cannot try uninstalling and reinstalling apps, because market wont connect to any internet.I have a field trip tommorow, and would like to have my phone working.
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Mytouch 3g unlocked on att

Friday 11th of February 2011 /
I just picked up a mytouch 3g and unlocked it for att love the phone running the most current android operating system.. Phone works great but it wont connect to the internet.. I have the data pro plan on att would like some help getting my internet to work... It will connect to wifi but no 3g or edge data.. Please help love phone but need internet when im on the go to get my work emails etc...
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My Asus epad transformer wont connect to the internet. I have

Friday 03rd of February 2012 /
My Asus epad transformer wont connect to the internet. I have a DG834Gv3 router and run Aol on 1 desktop and 1 laptop pc. my PS3 is connected via the ethernet cable as it wont connect wirelessly. my wifes new android phone wont connect either. Same problem as my tablet, both gadgets recognise the network SSID but stick on finding an IP address.Please can you help Kind regardsAlan PurdyAlready Tried: inserting our wep key
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WiFi keeps dropping after Android 2.2.1 or FRG83 update.

Friday 15th of October 2010 /
Hi Everyone Ok loving my Nexus One every day realising the possibilites and stopped being cranky of not having 3G in my city, its a great phone with WiFi but ever since Android 2.2.1 update or the FRG83 update things have been horrible with WiFi , it keeps dropping everytime. If I just go out of range and return back it wont connect immediately unless I force it to connect and if I let the screen go off for a while it just disconnects.Sometimes it wont connect to the access point at all then i have to switch of the WiFi radio on the phone or switch to airplane mode and then restart the wifi then it would connect Why is this happening anybody else getting the same thing? WiFi is my only source of internet without having 3G in my city Please help Rahul
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Apple Fanboy that has moved to Android

Sunday 13th of November 2011 /
Hey GuysI am new to Android, and I thought to myself, lets start at Android ForumsI have recently migrated from the Apple iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S IISo far I am loving it but wish to know a few things.First of all, the 4 default buttons on the bottom bar, is there a way I can remove one of them and drag what I want in there?Second, what is the easiest way to get audio and pictures onto the phoneThird. Is there a way I can control the music player from my lock screen so I can change songs safely while driving like I could with the iphone. Like >> Play and <<I am having a few connectivitiy issues at the moment, and maybe its because I have not set something up right. A few applications I am using so far wont let me connect to the internet, saying something about Android is having trouble viewing the webpage.Thanks in advance for any info you can give me
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my tablet says its connected to a wifi signal but still wont

Monday 05th of December 2011 /
my tablet says its connected to a wifi signal but still wont connect to the internet why is that?Optional Information: Make: android tablet 2.2
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need help just got a polaroid pmid709 running android version 4.1.1

Tuesday 04th of March 2014 /
alright in new to the whole tablet scene and i just got that tablet and i downloaded google play store and it keeps crashing and also when i try to connect to my router i have to turn wifi off and on again for it to connect or else it wont connect and just says authentication problem. it also happens when the tablet iis in sleep mode. and also when it connect to the internet it says unfortunately the process has stopped can anyone help?
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