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ICS Randomly Freezes and Sometimes Reboots or Shuts Down Automatically

Sunday 03rd of June 2012 /
I recently upgraded to ICS 4.0.3. My phone now randomly freezes and sometimes reboots or shuts down automatically. Please help.Mohit SharmaSent from my GT-N7000 using
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What if I do not upgrade my Android phone when it asks to download

Sunday 17th of February 2013 /
What if I do not upgrade my Android phone when it asks to download an update. My Galaxy Y shuts down sometimes automatically. Is this because I didn't downloaded upgrades?Optional Information: Type of Device: PhoneModel: Galaxy Y
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What's wrong with my Android browser?

Friday 10th of February 2012 /
I just recently bought an Advent Vega tablet and it works great, but there's one problem. Whenever I go to view a video on the browser, it shuts down. No force-close or nothing. The screen goes black for a few seconds and takes me back to the home screen. It didn't do this when I first got it, so I could watch videos with no problem. But I found that as I used the browser more for watching videos, it took longer for me to be able to watch it because I had to restart the browser 1-2 times before it worked. Now before I can watch a video I have to restart it 5-6 times. Sometimes it doesn't even work.The tablet is running the 3.2 Honeycomb version of Android OS. I have looked around the net for answers and have tried some of the suggestions posted in the Android forums, like clearing the browser settings and restarting the tablet, but to no avail. I also read somewhere that you can update your Android OS, but my tablet says it's up to date and I don't want to go messing with it like that in case I don't get it back. Please help!!
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Nexus 10 Shuts Down when I Connect/Disconnect Charger

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 /
I received my Nexus 10 a week ago and every time I connect the charger to the device, it shuts down. Also when I remove the charger after overnight charging, it shuts down. I have had other android devices (phones - not on JB) and do not recall any setting or anything. Is anyone facing the same issue? I am also having trouble with the tablet responding to the power button, the screen comes on either late or after pressing the button 2-3 times (wake up from sleep) AJ
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Google Android 4.0 shuts down when I connect wi fi usb

Friday 03rd of August 2012 /
Hi Guys, I have recently bought a Google Android Tablet 4.0 and I don't know why but when I attach the usb wi fi the tablet shuts down, please help as I'd love to get started on my tablet, and really appreciate very much any help given, thanks heaps!
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Nexus 4 does not "lock" when display shuts down automatically

Saturday 24th of August 2013 /
Hey everybody ! Well, i noticed those last days that when my phone shuts down without pressing the "Power" button (Auto display shut-down after 60 seconds) and then i press the power button, it's not locked. I mean, i immediately arrive on my homescreen and not my lockscreen, so it's not actually locked. It might be problematic in public places. If i shut it down manually by pressing the power button, everything's normal, lockscreen appears normally. So does anybody here have the same problem/knows how to fix it ? Posted via Android Central App
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Ideos shuts down immediately after booting into Android (high temperature error message)

Monday 26th of August 2013 /
My mum's Ideos U8150 no longer functions correctly. It had an Infusion ROM and used to work just fine until one day whenever switched on it would boot up and load the Infusion ROM/OS and immediately display an error saying that the temperature was too high and that functionality would be limited. A second or two after that message the phone would vibrate and shutdown.I tried installing a new ROM (Cyanogen) via ClockworkMod Recovery and that process went just fine. The result is that the phone boots up into this operating system and immediately vibrates and shuts down, this time without the temperature warning.Any idea how I can revive the phone?
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My Windows XP Malfunctions when I connect my EVO V4G Android Phone

Saturday 26th of October 2013 /
I was trying to tether my Android phone to an older PC with Windows XP on it. But whenever I make the wired connection between both of them the PC begins to malfunction. It immediately shuts down, then goes to the boot screen, starts up again and shuts down again. It loops over and over until I sever the connection. I have already tried everything I know to do, what is causing this problem and how can I fix it?
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Experiencing difficulty in encrypting my 2013 N7 after 4.4 (build KRT16S) upgrade

Friday 22nd of November 2013 /
Not sure how many folks out there encrypt their devices, but it's usually the first thing I do when I get a shiny new Android device. Encrypting my Nexus 7 worked perfectly as of 4.3 via both PIN and password. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get encryption working on the latest 4.4 build (KRT16S) and am wondering if anyone else has been able to encrypt their N7? Here's the steps I've taken so far on my N7 (2013): Reset the device to factory defaults prior to upgrade (always a habit of mine)Applied the 4.4 KRT16O upgrade via sideloadApplied 4.4 KRT16S OTA patch (which I originally thought fixed a bug for encrypting devices)Made sure N7 was 100% charged and plugged inStart the encryption process in the Security settings areaInput my PIN (also tried same with a password) when requested From there, my N7 displays the familiar green android, shuts down and then goes through the normal boot up procedure back to the initial "login" screen that I unlock with my PIN (or password). If I go in to check the settings, the device is not encrypted and I can begin the encryption process a
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what do i do when my android turns off out of no where fully charged?

Saturday 30th of November 2013 /
I have an htc first and I was charging my phone while facetiming some friends and out of no where my phone shuts down and I turned it back on and it was working then after a while it did it again and now when I try turning it on the three buttons on the bottom blink and that's all it does it doesn't turn on at all. what do I do?!?
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