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I wanna read Amazon books on my android phone, can I? - Android Development - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Saturday 15th of September 2012 /
I am searching for this book 'Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher' on Kindle, I wanna download and read the book on my cell (android phone), Anyone having know what format should I convert the book? I heard .pdf is very slow in Android. What about .epub? Does it work?
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Can I Read Amazon Books on My Android Phone?

Sunday 16th of September 2012 /
I am searching for this book 'Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher' on Kindle, I wanna download and read the book on my cell (android phone), Anyone having know what format should I convert the book? I heard .pdf is very slow in Android. What about .epub? Does it work?
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Very slow contact search on ICS 4.0 after adding Exchange Mail - Android Phones - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Friday 11th of January 2013 /
I bought this new phone which has ICS on it. It's the raw version of ICS without any changes. Everything is good except for the fact that the search in the contact has become very slow since the time I have added my corporate mail through exchange.If I look for any name, it starts searching the name in my exchange mail contact list as well and displays the result with the exchange contact details also if there is any. This makes it mandatory for me to be connected to the net if I have to search within the contact list.I have disabled synching of mail for exchange contact list and I have removed Mail for Exchange from the Display list of the contact tab too. It still searches in my corporate account and if there is name, it displays the details too include VoIP number, email ID etc. Is there anyway I can restrict the search to the entries in the internal phone memory only ?
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wi fi - Can I use my Android device as Wi-Fi Dongle (ie Tethering to PC through USB, but using Wi-FI not Phone Network)?

Thursday 25th of November 2010 /
I want to use my Android phone to connect a desktop (windows 7) PC to the internet via Wi-Fi (ie, not muching though my Data plan). Is this possible with the various tethering options out there?The reason I ask is, most suppot wi-fi the other way around, ie, the phone is the wi-fi hotspot, and the internet connection comes over the phone network. I want to connect to an existing wi-fi network, and share that with the PC.Background - for various reasons our office LAN network is b0rked and very slow. The office WiFi network on the other hand is happy and fast. But my desktop PC is wired only. If I can use my phone as a wifi dongle/modem/adaptor, and connect to the office wifi, then I'll get a much faster connection.Edit: I've got an HTC Desire HD, I haven't rooted it so far.
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internet VERY SLOW

Monday 05th of March 2012 /
hey guys, im a proud owner of a new galaxy note, im still in the process of getting used to Android from my apple iphone (i owned all generations of the iphone up to the 4) i am content with the phone, however is anyone else noticing VERY SLOW internet loading times? i mean come on, i havent been so frustrated with loading times on any of my devices (laptop, iphone, ipad, etcetc) for the past couple years. i know the specs of this phone is supposed to be better than an iphone 4, however why is the internet so slow? i doubt it is my internet connection because i compared and made couple webpage loading times with my iphone 4. (I am running the tests on my wifi) the green loading bar takes forever to reach the max. i say estimated about 5~15 seconds more than my iphone when i ran a few tests. also, do you guys notice the 4g and the 4g LTE signal on your phones? im not too sure, but i dont think i have seen a "4g LTE" signal as of yet.. Please reply to this thread as i would like to know how others are dealing with their phones!im hoping that my phone is a defected one so tha
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My galaxy y is very slow...

Wednesday 02nd of November 2011 /
Hello frnds, first of all very congratulations to all of us because owning a gud andriod phone...My phone is just less than one month old, day by day i downloaded new apps and installed them and mostly i just installed 10 apps, to my surprise my phone is working very slowly. When i drag the icon when i get any call it is just struck. My doubt is this because of installed applications or because of one bad application. My RAM earlier is at now not decreasing from 230mb.Plz frnds help me to make fast my android phone. Thanks in advance.
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applications - Why My android device show less RAM and Slow at Jelly bean?

Sunday 17th of February 2013 /
I bought a new Samsung galaxy S Advance(GT-i9070). It came with Gingerbread. It was actually a phone with 768 RAM. I clearly verified this with the shop when I bought it. Last day I upgraded my phone to Jell bean with official Russian firmware and reset to factory default settings. But now the phone seems very slow . Also full RAM Capacity seems 521 MB at Application manager. All applications are now consuming memory from total 521 MB memory.My question is- where is remaining memory? How can I obtain the remaining memory to speed my phone? Some people on the web say to root the phone, install ROM manager etc. Are these approaches good? Please give me a solution
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Perfect android phone for me (150-250 pounds)

Sunday 06th of November 2011 /
I have HTC Wildfire and it's time for change. I'm looking for perfect for me android phone within 150-250 pounds (I can look into used one within that price range on UK ebay, or new one).Now what I mean perfect for me:Ebooks - that's what I mostly use on my WIldfire unfortunately it's too slow to read PDF-s quick without annoyance so I had to stick to ePUB which narrowed my choice of books, this time I would like something that will operate PDFs ebooks really smooth. Skype, Fring, Nimbuzz - those on wildfire are terrible, I do international calls quite often and it is convenient to use those even within UK as it is cheaper but WIldfire was again too slow a specially with Skype and that impacts sound quality, this is a must for meRoot - as I use cyanogenmod I want it to be rootableGPS - I use lots of GPS trackers to log my cycling performance so it's a must be,also I find using GPS very useful very often so good GPS is importantFacebook, Dolphin, Google talk - yes I use those a lot, but I'm guessing that any modern device works perfect with those so I'm guessing that it's not an issue
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wi fi - How to simulate a slow internet connection on an Android phone

Tuesday 14th of May 2013 /
I basically use internet using wifi which provides a very high speed internet and LAN connection. I would like to simulate a slow speed internet and LAN connection to understand how my web site works on slow speed. Is there any app that I can install on the android phone and simulate it?
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jquery on android is very slow compared to windows phone

Sunday 24th of November 2013 /
My website uses jQuery and the it's main feature uses a loop. On the desktop, all 3 browsers (GC, FF, IE11) executes the loop approx. 1,100 times a minute. On Windows Phone, it does 1,000 times a minute, a bit slower. But on Android in particular, it only gets about 500, and the UI updating is slow. I don't know about iPhone. Can anyone give me advice on why my jQuery is running much slower on Android then the rest of the platforms I've tested? Thanks!
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