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How to switch basic Android storage

Thursday 30th of June 2011 /
I have the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and my memory was automatically set to memory card. I think this is because my phone had absolutely no internal storage however my friend has what seems to be a newer version of the phone and she has some internal storage which means that her applications automatically download to internal storage and this is slowing her phone down. I have tried as many ways as I can think of to try switch the basic memory storage to sd card but the phone won't let me. I hear there are a few apps that one can download to help deal with this issue but I would rather fix the problem without using the help of an outside source. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this issue without downloading an app? All responses will are welcome!
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What's eating my RAM?

Tuesday 24th of August 2010 /
I've been suspect of my phone slowing down a little lately and so I went and got an app to help me find the source of the problem. I downloaded "Android System Info" by ElectricSheep and noticed that it says I have a Maximum of 476 (I assume MB) of ram and I only have 144 of those free so I have 30% RAM available. I can run the task killer and get it up as high as 41% but I'm thinking I should be rolling with 60%+ at all times! Here's what I have downloaded for Apps: Google EarthAndroid System InfoSnowflakes Live WallpaperMobile BankingCamCard LiteQRky Barcode ScannerShazamGesture SearchGesture Search BarMotoTorch LEDBubblePandora RadioeBayUSA TodayTV.comJorteAdvanced Task KillerWeatherbugWeatherbug LocatorGoogle MapsV Cast Media ManagerGoogle GogglesShopSavvy Barcode ScannerRingdroidGoogle Sky MapClassic RingtonesLoan AnalyzerFreeCaddie Golf GPS Is this just simply too much for the phone to handle? I would assume that if it was it would have the greatest effect on the internal memory and I have 93% free on that. Maybe this is a normal level of RAM?
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My phone keeps slowing down and burning battery. How can I debug performance and cpu consumption? (DHD 2.2)

Tuesday 01st of February 2011 /
I know there are already a lot of threads about suggestions on how to improve performance and, strongly related, save battery life on your android. I also have tried most of the tools to diagnose problems (eg. WatchDog).Problem is, my brand new HTC Desire HD will often be snappy and responsive, sometime get a few slow downs, and not-so-rarely start being completely unresponsive, as bad as my previous iPhone 3G which I gave away for exactly that reason.Also, battery would last less than 24hours even with extremely little use of the display (a huge battery drainer indeed), with background-data and auto-sync on, without GPS and with half of the time WiFi connection and for the rest WiFi off.WatchDog is usually not seeing anything weird. No process seems taking a huge hit on the CPU even when the phone is acting slowly; just today I got a first warning - HTC Sense Background 99.9%.So I would like to go a bit deeper in my debug. I /could/ uninstall all applications I installed, but I'd rather understand what is really causing the problem.So this is the real question: how can I better deb
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How do I get my GPS working in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

Wednesday 21st of November 2012 /
Recently I've been having all sorts of troubles with audio and GPS and the compass... I tried different ROMs, different kernels, different patches.The short story is that after a long time spent messing around trying to get all features working at the same time, in the end I had to factory reset my phone and start anew.Now, the current situation is that I have a rooted phone running Jelly Bean 4.1. It's freshly installed as of about an hour before writing this.However, the GPS is unresponsive. Of course I want to fix this, but I don't want to go through the whole mess I just went through over the last few days.So... how do I get my GPS working without playing feature whack-a-mole? I'm taking a breath, slowing down, and I'm looking for a reliable patch or process that I can execute with reasonable assurance and no guesswork.Specifics are that I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, GT-I9100, issued in Japan. Android version 4.1.2, Kernel 3.0.15-CM (Siyah 5.0.1), Cyanogenmod 10-20121120-NIGHTLY.Update: The compass issue I mentioned earlier was fixed when I used the build of Cyanogenmod available
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performance - Some advice to speed up Android on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini

Monday 23rd of April 2012 /
my first Android device is an Xperia X10 Mini. It is a good phone, i'm happy also because i've spent really few money for it ... i've also installed a custom Rom (miniCm7) and now my device is definetely 'cool'.The only problem is that a lot of application run on background slowing down the phone. Xperia x10 mini has a 600Mhz processor and only 256 mb ram, so it can manage 'few' applications alltogheter... despite they are applications i need of (for example: whatsup, facebook, dropbox ..etc.).So my question is: can you give some advice to speed up and maintain it ..clean?Thanks
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really starting to regret purchase

Saturday 24th of March 2012 /
So, It's been almost 2 months since I've had my Nexus. I have had nothing but problems since the first day with it. First my charger breaks, then Verizon denies me a new charger/new phone within my 14 days. which I've learn to deal withEverything had been fine up until a month ago. I Decide that I'm wasting my 32gb of memory with only 3gb full, and decide to download every free app I've claimed Via the Amazon marketplace and every app i've ever purchased on the Android Market. Immidately my phone starts slowing down. I know what you're gonna say, It could be an app I downloaded, some of the apps out there are Memory leaks. Yeah, I know. I've ran all the diagnostics I've could, and nothing is using my ram that shouldn't be. Yet another problem I've learned to live with.So after this, I notice my phone has stopped being able to send MMS's. It just sits there and acts like it's sending, then eventually (2 or 3 hours later), it'll say cannot send. with no error number, or message. I have tried different messaging programs, GOSMS Pro, Android Default, nothing. I've tried restoring my phon
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Choosing a Sprint Android phone for under $100

Thursday 17th of February 2011 /
My girlfriend is looking to get an Android phone from Sprint but is on a budget of $100 or less for the phone itself, which unfortunately rules out the Evo and Evo shift. I have a Droid Incredible and both of us love it, so finding a phone that can have a very similar experience would be great. She needs the phone to be responsive and quick, able to handle angry birds, words with friends, and other popular games without slowing down. Manufacturer interface (sense, touchwiz, etc) doesn't really matter because she will most likely use Launcher pro and widget locker as I do on mine. Above average battery life would be great, at least enough to make it through a day with ease, assuming no heavy gaming, which always kills battery. Any suggestions?
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Why I'm Considering the iPhone 5...

Monday 14th of March 2011 /
Before you begin reading this, I'll warn you: it's going to be kind of long. Some of you will move on. That's okay with me, but I know this is the place to ask and receive answers. VS Why I'm Writing ThisLately, my mind has been going in the wrong direction: Apple. I used to be an Apple Fanboy-Wannabe (I had a Mac and an iPod, and was set on getting the iPhone), but the Motorola Droid turned me in the other direction. I don't know if it was because it was on Verizon or because I didn't want to be like everyone else, but I chose the Droid. It was okay for a while; then I rooted it. From then on, I loved everything about the Droid. You know everything I know, so I won't go into detail. However, lately (yes, I know it's an old phone) my Droid has been slowing down consistently. Flashing ROMs was a pastime for me; now it's a burden, but necessary. The reason I'm writing this is because I need some input. I need opinions. Convince me to stay with Android, or convince me to switch to the iPhone. I need you, community.iOSAfter seeing the redundancy of iOS year after year, I have no doubt th
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performance - What is /system/bin/mediaserver on Android, and why is it pegging the CPU?

Saturday 07th of August 2010 /
I noticed that my Motorola Droid, running rooted 2.2 Froyo, has been acting sluggish sometimes. I fired up the terminal emulator, and ran top, and noticed that /system/bin/mediaserver is using around 90% of my CPU.What does this program do? Is it safe to kill it? How can I prevent it from slowing down my phone in the future?Some quick Googling has turned up other people with the same problem, but not really any answers.
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Droid X slowing down

Thursday 05th of January 2012 /
Hello, I have noticed recently that everything on the X has been slowing down. I know that after 18 months (or a little longer) of use, things are going to get jammed up a bit. I am not a big game fan, so I have maybe 2 games on my phone, and they are basic old timer games (Tetris and Pac-man). I saw an older post about slowing down and it recommended doing a clean cache, involving turning the phone off and then turning it back on by holding power button and home button until a android and ! came up. But when I do this, it stays on that screen, and does not move forward once the "search" button is hit. Can anyone provide the instructions of how to clean cache for me and see if it helps. I only have a little bit longer until the upgrade, but if at all possible, I would like to wait until at least July to see what new phones Motorola brings out before just going ahead and upgrading to the RAZR. ThanksDoug
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