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samsung galaxy s 3 firmware

Wednesday 02nd of January 2013 /
I'm new to the Android world, but I believe my phone's been hacked and my audio firmare has been changed. Is there any way to restore the original firmare version? Standard factory reset did not fix the problem. Thanks to anyone who could help.Badmonkey6969
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New to my android samsung galaxy proclaim SCH-720C in MAJOR need of help

Monday 29th of April 2013 /
This is my first time ever even using a forum i have a straighttalk android samsung galaxy proclaim cant seem to find it listed anywhere on android central is there another name? Im tryn to make sure my phone is secure and learn features n menus so I can gain complete control over my new phone ive only had it a few days just had a new one sent to me due to my last one being hacked and damaged and ive been finding suspicious things again and my antivirus's are not picking up on the added hidden items and then i went to my mcafee account and it shows threats high tracking and virus's n several trojans my phone went missing for about 30 minutes or so and when my boyfriend conveniently found it and so i ran scans they said nothing till i logged in to mcafee and seen the threats i dont no how to find these things or what is suppose to be on my phone and not be i never had a phone that has such advanced things. Can someone please help?
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Used Android phone: How can I make sure there is no spyware installed?

Sunday 15th of May 2011 /
I am new to Android and I am thinking about buying a used Android phone, but I am worried there may be some spyware installed by the previous owner.I am not worried about James Bond style hardware bugs, only what you can install using custom ROMs and stuff like that. Basic hacking skills any 12 year old can learn searching the web and wanting to have some mischievous fun.What should be the first thing I do if I buy such a phone and want to "scrub it clean" before I start storing my passwords and personal photos on it?Is there a factory reset that is guaranteed to work even if a hacked ROM has been installed? (Not talking about custom ROMs where you see there is a different interface, but a custom ROM that looks just like the original only with some spyware included inside.)Maybe I am paranoid but I would rather be that than being a fool that looses all my data to a school kid that posts it all over the web. Of course I could buy a new phone but my budget is a bit tight and I would not like to wait another 6 months before I get a proper phone.Please help
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Please help. "Gmail/Play store has stopped working"

Thursday 02nd of May 2013 /
Hello, been here before and have received great amounts of help, however i have a new one for you that has stumped me. Okay for starters, wednesday morning my Paypal acct was hacked. sucks i know. Anyway, as a method of blocking out the intruders i had reset all my passwords. Everything, wireless key, paypal, ebay all of it Gmail included. Thats where the fun begins. after changing the password and re-entering all the necessary info on everything thats when the tablet started telling me "gmail has stopped working". on occasion my android phone has done the same thing (LG Motion. pcs thing)I have attempted clearing the cache on everything. force closing, removing acct-shutting off and restarting to enter again and the same issues keep persisting. even cleared out phone and tablet, restarting both. no luckI did call Nexus support, they of course suggested factory reset but from doing a little looking into this issue i havent yet seen anyone whom that worked for. plenty of people still had the issue afterwards from what i've seen. This is where i wanted to rattle your brains a
posted on: Nexus 7
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security - How can I remove trusted CAs on Android?

Wednesday 07th of September 2011 /
From the current fallout around DigiNotar (in short, a Root Certificate Authority that has been hacked, fake HTTPS certificates issued, MITM attacks very likely), there are some parts concerning Android (see yesterday's interim report in PDF):fraudulent certificates for * has been generated (which would include may be other such fraudulent certificates signed by this CA in the wild (currently nobody knows for sure, one way or the other)this could happen to another CA in the future (Comodo had a similar problem a few months ago)So, how do I remove a CA I no longer trust from my Android phone? (I have root and CM6 on my specific phone, if that's relevant)
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Malware risks

Monday 04th of February 2013 /
Hi! I've been using Android phones for the past 4 years now. About 2 years ago I downloaded some pretty sketchy apps on my phone and now that I think about it I'm pretty fearful that the apps may have stolen some private information like videos or photos and posted them online. The phone that I previously used has already been completely wiped (using factory reset). I have never rooted my phones. I don't know if I've ever been hacked but about 2 years after having my first Android phone (a Motorola Milestone XT), it started getting very hot very easily but I think that was more of a battery problem.What are the chances that somewhere out there someone is holding sensitive information against me waiting to strike?Also, is there any possible way to see if my phone has ever been hacked/routed by external sources even after it's been completely reset?Thanks so much for your help, this issue has really been keeping me up at night.
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New Android Tablet User

Sunday 02nd of January 2011 /
I noticed that this is an android phone user forum after I signed up. I have a Pandigital Novel that has been hacked for use in the android universe! But I thought I could get some good info, and perhaps some APKs that I can use on my tablet. I'm looking for non-android market apks for amazon.mp3,, borders ereader if anyone has a link. I'm new! Be gentle!
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android and PC hacked

Friday 28th of June 2013 /
Both my LG Optimus and my old dell have been hacked. The bluetooth was turned on on my PC and all access software hidden so I have no control. I'm no programmer, so they have all the advantage. The admin password was changed on my PC and I was locked out of my android and thought I wiped it, but clearly, I didn't get it all. Now I can't even load a new antivirus program, so I'm reallly at a loss. I can't afford a new phone and PC< besides........if they got in these two, they can get in next. I wasn't careless with links or anything. Someone has gained access to my home and this is just a small part of the BS they've pulled.
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Google translate and Polaris

Friday 25th of October 2013 /
Has anyone else noticed on their HTC one, files being created by Google translate into Polaris office the files are txt and contain some pretty hardcore profanities and racial remarks, I was astonished this could happen and thought my phone had been hacked, I only used it for some basic French translation to test the programme.I have Since deleted Google translate and the files have gone, I couldn't remove them by clearing cache or data from either app, and they couldn't be found with x plore.. Posted via Android Central App
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has my phone been hacked

Monday 10th of February 2014 /
my htc android phone is reading clock running backwards... my text messages are being sent but not showing up... running like old messages also.. it runs weird... has my phone been hacked
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