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Why is my android so slow?

Sunday 04th of September 2011 /
My Samsung Galaxy android phone is so slow when i'm playing games on it? please help. Is there anything i can do to speed it up? I've taken off most of my pictures off it and i've deleted messages and calls logged to see if this will speed it up but its no use its still slow.
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Problem in my android speed - Android Phones - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Friday 19th of April 2013 /
Hello friend two months before i was purchase micromax bolt. but from few days it's speed is so slow. if I download any apps it will not get download full. Please tell me what should I do now
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Web browsing is so slow

Thursday 16th of August 2012 /
Anybody else notice how choppy browsing the internet is on this thing? I've used both the stock browser and chrome and both are so slow. Everything else is so smooth but web browsing is almost unbearable. Are there any better browsers out there? Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T using Android Central Forums
posted on: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700
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Wifi on Tablet verrrrrry Slow

Friday 19th of October 2012 /
Hi All,This is my 1st time owning an Android device. I purchased one of these </title><meta name="description" content="10.2" Tablet PC,Superpad 8,Flytouch 8,Android 4.0.4 ICS, 32GB, 1.2GHZ 1GB DDR3 in Computers Tablets Networking , iPads Tablets eBook Readers |eBay"><meta name="keywords" content="10.2" Tablet PC,Superpad 8,FlIt came with ( i think the latest firmware ) But the wifi is so slow on it. My connection at home when wired is over 30MBOn my wireless laptop it's 20mb +on my iphone i'm getting over 15MB changes from 10 - 17mb.. But the tablet is not even getting to 1mb.. most times it's below .5mb. I've not done anything to it.. Does anyone have any idea as to why it's so slow. Or have an idea of how to increase the speed ?I'm sorry if this is not the correct area to post. I couldn't see a support area. Any help would be great. Thanks.David.
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SUPER slow speeds transferring files over wifi

Wednesday 06th of March 2013 /
Has anyone found a way to speed up file transfers from a computer to an android cell phone? Right now, Its taking about 2 hours to transfer 2 gbs of data. Thats crazy. I can transfer the same file from one computer to another in under 15 minutes. Why is the android transfer so slow? Any way to fix? It really shouldnt matter what android file explorer I am using, But i use "File Manager" by rhythm software to log into my computer remotely and transfer that way.
posted on: HTC EVO V 4G
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My Evo is running slow please help me

Thursday 17th of February 2011 /
Okay so I'm new to Android phones the Evo is my first phone. When I first got it it was running fast then I had a problem with the camera so I got a free replacement due to Sprints 30 day free replacements, after getting the replacement nothing was the same anymore it was slow and at first I tought it had to do with the network but its been slow for 2 weeks now it takes 15 seconds to load a simple web page and downloading is a pain in the ass, I can't watch YouTube videos because it says cant play video and the same for Droid streamer.The Evo is not rooted It's running on 2.2Please help me
posted on: HTC EVO V 4G
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file transfer - Why is sftp (client) so slow on Android?

Wednesday 17th of October 2012 /
I've encountered this across numerous Android clients on several devices and I don't understand it. Why is sftp so slow? For instance, transferring a single large file from my laptop vs my Nexus 7 on my home LAN I am getting a factor of 20 difference in speeds. The Nexus 7 is getting about 250-300KBps while the laptop is getting 5-6MBps. The server (debian sid) is connecting to a 802.11n router via a wired connection and both wireless devices are supposedly n (though the laptop reports 150Mbps connection and the Nexus 7 only 65Mbps. I know there's overhead and interference and whatnot but this just doesn't make sense to me. Is there some trick here or some way to speed up the transfer? I'm even willing to switch protocols if it would help. This problem has been floating around for a while but I haven't seen any constructive solution.The fact that >4.0 forces MTP which still has flaky linux support makes this issue all the more pressing.
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Android Forums - View Single Post - Idiots Guide To Rooting Kindle Fire HD 7" 7.2.3

Friday 18th of January 2013 /
First off, thank you for an amazing how-to guide on rooting the kindle! Excellent job. So here's my problem, everything completed with no difficulties, but when it reboots, it is so slow that no images will load on carousel. I've tried the other methods of running the RunMe again and going through the normal re-rooting process, but after several failed attempts, my kindle is still extremely slow. I don't want to have to unroot, but I know no other way around this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!EDIT- So I tried to unroot, but it cannot find su file? So I guess I'm not rooted. After I press 1 to do normal root in command prompt, here is what I get:Device type:1) Normal2) Special (for example: Sony Tablet S, Medion Lifetab)x) UnrootMake a choice: 1Checking if i should run in Normal Mode or special Sony ModePlease connect your device with USB-Debugging enabled now* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 ** daemon started successfully *remote object '/system/app/Backup-Restore.apk' does not existremote object '/system/bin/ric' does not exist..Normal Mo
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android resource management

Thursday 28th of January 2010 /
I could really use some help here, and I apologize if you guys have herd this 100 times before but i wasnt sure where to look/post. For some reason my phone has gone to a near crawl, i run a google finance widget, wall street widget, sports tap widget, the google calendar widget, a task killer widge, and the power control widget. A friend runs a similiar amount of widgets and his phone runs flawlessly. What is the best way to diagnose why my phone is so slow? When i go to manage applications and organize by running/size i only have ~8 apps in the MB range and no bigger than 5MB. I've tried using my task killer to kill all running apps but most of them seem to just come back the same. PLEASE HELP!!!! Again I apologize if this is basic but im rather new!!
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Android 4.2.2 update making my phone slow

Friday 28th of February 2014 /
Hi all,New to the forum here, I just did an update to the new 4.2.2 via Kia software. Now my phone is so slow, sending text messages takes forever, won't download images via text, pressing buttons takes a lot longer to activate the apps or screens. I'm on an unlimited StraightTalk plan using a Galaxy Note, I already have the SD card unmounted but still no fix to the issues. I've called StraightTalk and they say that their service works with 4.2.2 I've tried setting a new APN but this still has no effect on the speed of the phone. I really don't want to down grade, I like the new OS but I can't handle the slowness from my phone. Any suggestions?
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