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MMS settings anyone?

Wednesday 07th of April 2010 /
I have posted this in several forums and I have not gotten anyone to get the correct if anyone here can tell me what the MMS settings are for N1 on Bell 3G service I would really appreciate it.ThanksNJV
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APN Settings for Internet and MMS for Straight Talk for At&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket

Thursday 14th of February 2013 /
I had the problem going through forums trying to find the settings that work for my phone but to no success but I finally figured it out and I'm posting it on here just in case some one else has my same problem. I had to create two separate APN's one for internet and one for MMS. Settings are as follows: Internet:Name: Straight Talk InternetAPN: att.mvnoProxy: proxy.mvno.tracfone.comPort: 80User Name: Not SetPassword: Not SetServer: Not SetMMSC: Not SetMMS Proxy: Not SetMMS Port: Not SetMCC: 310MNC: 410Authentication Type: PAP or CHAPAPN Type: InternetAPN Protocol: IPv4Bearer: Unspecified MMS Name: Straight Talk MMSAPN: att.mvnoProxy: Not SetPort: Not SetUser Name: Not SetPassword: Not SetServer: Not SetMMSC: MMS Proxy: Port: 80MCC: 310MNC: 410Authentication Type: PAP or CHAPAPN Type: Internet+MMSAPN Protocol: IPv4Bearer: Unspecified Do not forget to create two separate APN's!!!!! Good Luck!!!
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samsung galaxy 5 - Where to find the MMS settings?

Friday 21st of January 2011 /
Possible Duplicate: How can I configure my phone for MMS? I am using a Samsung GT-I5503 and I can't send an mms. Where can I locate the mms settings so that I can configure it?
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[Useful][Root Only] MMS Settings for MetroPCS

Monday 28th of May 2012 /
** MEHTOD REQUIRES ROOT ** <-- Accessing and changing files in "/system/app" requires Root access.Alright well, I just thought it would be useful to have this somewhere in the MetroPCS forum. Why am I posting here? Because this applies to all Android phones whether they are from MetroPCS or not.For those who have a MetroPCS Android phone, it is safe to delete the "Mms.apk" file from "/System/app". This is the stock Messaging app that comes with all devices. HOWEVER, it is never a bad idea to have a BACKUP of said app just in case. You can never be too careful.Anyways,BEFORE you delete/move the "Mms.apk", you want to download any messaging app from the market, say.. GO SMS which is the one I use.~* Instructions for GO SMS *~1.) Open the app and click the menu button on your device to bring up the menu options.2.) Tap on "Settings" and select the "Advanced" tab. Scroll all the way down and tap on "Important Tips". Check the "Stock SMS Uninstalled?" option.3.) Go back to the previous menu and now tap on &
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mms settings for prestigio 4040

Tuesday 14th of May 2013 /
Hi I'm new to these forums so hi everyone. I have just bought a prestigio 4040 and am having some problems with picture message'II have contacted 02 which is my service provider and they can't help me with the settings. Can anyone help please
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APN Settings for Digicel

Thursday 26th of April 2012 /
Hi Everyone:I have a Samsung Galaxy Europa and I wanted to get the Internet and MMS settings for Digicel Jamaica. I spoke with the Customer Care Rep but they could not send the settings directly to my phone . They suggested that I use *151# but when I used that then the message was:"Your request cannot be completed. Either your phone cannot be set-up for GPRS settings or you are using a Blackberry phone"and"Your request cannot be completed. Either your phone cannot be set-up for MMS settings or you are using a Blackberry phone"There was a similair post where someone posted the APN settings for Lime but I need it for Digicel. I already tried a variety of settings that I found online. Any suggestions?
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I would like the settings for wap nd mms for my htc wildfi

Thursday 14th of June 2012 /
I would like the settings for wap nd mms for my htc wildfireAlready Tried: Tried the normal settings but it doesn't work
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APN settings for MMS

Tuesday 03rd of September 2013 /
I have a BLU Studio android 4.1. I'm using Straight Talk & I can't seem to find the correct settings for the APN. I'm unable to send or recieve MMS. Straight Talk & BLU customer service are of no help.
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Lost My MMS Settings

Tuesday 14th of January 2014 /
Lost my ability to send and receive MMS messages and attachments this past weekend. Suddenly getting "No APN for this Android device" when I try to send picture.I apparently lost every single setting trying to find a messaging app I can love.Could one of you kind people please post what you have for native MMS settings for your Tracfone ZTE Valet device???Thanks for the help!
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MMS settings for metropcs with tmobile network

Thursday 14th of August 2014 /
I have a new phone on the tmobile network through metropcs. I can't find the MMS settings that work. I tried tmobile settings and they don't work. Metropcs setting don't work because I am on the other network. Does anyone have the tmo metropcs MMS settings? I am trying to use a different sms app and it will not send or receive pivs or other mms.
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