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mip error 67!!!!!

Saturday 28th of April 2012 /
ok this is my first time here maybe y'all can help me. i need help with this error code 67.I bought the warp love the phone had it for three weeks and started having this error code 67 and my data was gone . tried updating all profile ..prl.. and nothing data still gone . so i pulled the battery and woohoo!! data returns ...but then it started again and again and again ..then i took it back to boost and they replaced the phone . so i have a new phone and low and behold i get it again ! so i call boost tech support they give me some code to pop in and update me again . so after awhile it happens again .. so i take it back to boost they wipe my phone clean i get a new sd card start from scratch again ....and then after awhile booom!! mip error code 67!! i want to throw this phone !! i need help!!!!!
posted on: ZTE Warp (N860)
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Am i doing something wrong?

Saturday 29th of September 2012 /
i have talk and text on my flashed warp , but im getting an mip error 67 and no connection to 3g . here is the settings cricket requires me to enterUploaded with here is what i entered Uploaded with not sure what to put hereUploaded with thx
posted on: ZTE Warp (N860)
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about my zte n860

Thursday 08th of August 2013 /
I'm having problems with my zte phone its popping up on my phone mip error code 67 and I don't know what that means and my phone has been acting weird it won't let me hang up my call or it just ring when someone tries to call me I don't get a miss call or anything and I don't receive my text messages until days late please help me
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