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Media Problems

Wednesday 29th of June 2011 /
I was wondering if anybody else had media problems with their captivate also. Every two or so days ( alot of times everyday) when I try to play a video on youtube, or other sites,& apps it won't play. Also about every week when I try to play music it won't play. I can only fix these problems by restarting my phone, but these problems just reoccur. Please help, Thanks!Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using
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Samsung Media Hub

Thursday 16th of September 2010 /
Did anyone get the Samsung Media Hub update yet? How about FroYo? I spoke to a Sprint tech yesterday while having problems with text messaging and he told me that the release for the Media Hub should be today 9/16/2010. I then asked him about the FroYo update. He didn't have a definitive answer but said that he was reading and assuming that it would be shortly after the Media Hub update do to the fact that the Media Hub made need FroYo to run some stuff. Ok, well then shouldn't FroYo come out BEFORE the Media Hub if it is required to run some stuff in the Media Hub? I guess only time will tell. I haven't received my update for the Media Hub yet.
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My ICS problems and how i fixed them

Sunday 01st of July 2012 /
Please feel free to add your own problems and solutions here. Problems: froze at updating apps while installing update. Upon hard restart it said successfully installed. But I found the following issues: battery drained fast, phone became hot, Facebook didn't work, couldn't access my media or my music or photographs. Random freezes. Solution: first I gave it a couple hrs. I assumed battery was draining BC it was doing a bunch of post install stuff like assigning photos to my contacts and reindexing. That helped with certain other issues I was having but not with the ones above. Then I assumed that the indexing must have messed up somehow. I went to settings, apps, all, media storage. I stopped the service and deleted all data (this deletes just the indexer not any actual media). Then I rebooted. Gave it 15 minutes to go through all the media and rebuild. After that everything worked. What a pain. But overall I think i like ics. Still not as smooth as iOS or windows phone but plenty of nice features that will hold me over for another six to 12 months
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Problems getting TF to "see" files on desktop media file storage

Saturday 03rd of September 2011 /
Hi there, I am a complete Noob when it comes to Android.I have a home system where I have, through Network magic, three Windows based laptops connected and using media files stored on my Desktop.I can't seem to find the shared files on the TF.Network magic shows the TF connected and available to see the files, but on the TF in folders, it only gives me the internal folders and My net only shows media files on the TF and gives me the option in settings for a Digital media server, nothing else.Am I missing something? or perhaps and app to alllow me to play media from my hard drive on the desktop to the TF?thanks in advance
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No media sound, weird dock mode?

Wednesday 19th of September 2012 /
The phone: HTC Incredible SThe country: CanadaThe Network: TelusThe OS: 2.3.3The Sense: 2.1Extra info: Not rooted anymore, problem started bout a week ago, dock mode openned alone when I plugged it in to charge at night via the oem htc usb cable and box.The problems: -Calls automatically go to speakerphone, both outgoing and incoming.-No media sound plays from speakerphone or wired headset.-No locking/unlocking screen sound-No ringing sound when an outgoing call is connecting, Just silence until the other person answers. (makes it very awkward)-Phone will randomly go into dock mode when I charge it at night and sometimes when it's in my pocket in the middle of the day-When I make a call, I can press the home button and then go into any media (music, video etc) and if I play it, magically the media sound does play (at the same time as the call is on). As soon as I hang up the call, the media sound shuts off even though the song keeps playing (I can see the time advance, just no sound)When I receive a phone call, text, voicemail etc the notification sound/ringtone plays well and loud.I
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Media problems

Wednesday 02nd of November 2011 /
I had an mp4 video which used to play on the S2. I then installed some apps, including ES MEdia player, and now the mp4 won't play, reporting, "unsupported file type."Also, I can't play mpeg videos.Anyone shed some light please? Is there any slight chance that I might regain mp4 playback after removing ES Media player? (unlikely, but I know very little about android, so there is nothing to be lost by asking people more knowledgeable than myself.)
posted on: HTC Incredible S
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Media Manager

Monday 03rd of May 2010 /
I have the Motorola Droid and an iPod Nano 5th Gen (for radio) and I want to sync music to both using iTunes. I've discovered Motorola Media Link and V-Cast Media Manager will both import from iTunes but Motorola Media Link will try to synchronize with whatever folder you specify in Windows as well as with iTunes, either copying over duplicates or transferring over the entire Droid library into the folder synced on Windows. V-Cast doesn't seem to be able to synchronize at all, but it does let me manually move over 250 music files at a time ;P. This whole thing is making me want to just jump ship and get an iPhone. Importing from Windows Media Player doesn't behave any differently (though I get more accurate cover art). What I'm looking for is a solution to synchronize from iTunes to the Droid without all these confusing problems. My music library is in x:mp3 (not My DocumentsMy Music), and iTunes handles this absolutely fine, along with all my podcasts. I can get MML and V-Cast to use x:mp3, but there's no cover art. What is the best way to syncronize all this stuff?
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MY BACKKUP PRO continuing problems.................

Wednesday 27th of June 2012 /
I am at my wits end. I am having continual problems with uploading backup files ( Apps,Media, etc ) to my "My Backup Pro" account.I have a Drioid Razr Maxx now, but had problems with my DX2 also. I schedule a backup for early morning for All Apps, Media, etc, and when I wake up and check the phone, I get a warning in bright red letters: "Last Error:Unable to upload BackUP file: SocketTimeoutException"I am ready to trash this app and seek another cloud, if this keeps happening. Any other backup app suggestions will be appreciated.Has anybody ever seen this warning?I do have strong 4G network at my home, which works a whole lot better than my LAN, which is supplied by Frontier, ( Enough said about this carrier ) and is about as fast as my old dialup.Any responses would be greatly appreciated. I can't be the only one on earth who has seen this warning. Thanks for the help.Lyle
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Problems with Media Player

Friday 22nd of October 2010 /
I have an LG Ally running android 2.1. The problem I have is that I use Audible audio books, I also use Mortplayer Audiobooks player. with the Mortplayer everyting works fine for the books I have in mp3 format, I pause the book everything is fine, I do have to unlock the phone to restart which I have gotten used to and is not a problem. This is a small thing for the fact I don't have to carry an mp3 player with me also. the problem comes with Audible, when I pause the file I am listening to with my bluetooth headphones Audible pauses, but at the same time that Audible pauses the base media player starts and randomly starts a media file that is on the phone. Every media player I have downloaded does this except Mortplayer, the only way I have come up with combating this is to delete every media file off of my phone which it still starts media player but nothing starts playing so this works but if I am listening to an mp3 audio book or music and want to listen to Audible I can't stop working and delete the files. I contacted audible on this issue and they said that it is a problem wit
posted on: LG Ally
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Media Scanner / Manager Causing CPU Battery Usage / Drainage -

Thursday 22nd of November 2012 /
Have a brand new HTC One X+ (AT&T). Having an issue where after boot and sometimes all of the sudden during the day, the phone gets hot and battery level drops l like ton of bricks. Using Android Task Manager App and enabling monitor of system processes and selecting realtime monitor, I've traced the problems to "". This appears to be something to do with Android scanning the device for media files (audio/video/etc) and creating some sort of database. I also usually see the "Music Enhancer" process which has to do with Beats Audio according to HTC (but I have Beats turned off.) I've seen old threads of people with same problem and in some cases it had to do with a "corrupted" media file and they had to remove all media files and/or factory reset their device. I just spent an entire weekend customizing this device! Plus, how the heck do you prevent yourself from copying the corrupted file over if it was a corrupted mp3 or something? I'm pretty sure my issue stems from the fact I used my media manager (Media Monkey) to sync over 2,
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