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Monday 27th of August 2012 /
I'm curious if anyone else has been having an issue with the process "MAPServiceSamsung" I've noticed that some days my batter life will be terrible and i'll check whats been using battery and "MAPServiceSamsung" will show up on the list as a high usage item right below screen usage.I force close it sometimes and the batter drain stops, but sometimes it restarts and the drain continues to be bad.There are also other times that it is running but ISN'T draining the battery.Also sometimes my SGS3 will be a bit laggy and slow or freeze entirely and i'll get an error saying that MAPServiceSamsung stopped working and it was closed.Its getting to be a bit frustrating and i don't' know if this has been discussed already or not.Please help.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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MapServiceSamsung error after ICS upgrade

Wednesday 28th of March 2012 /
When deleting multiple texts, a notification called "MapServiceSamsung has stopped" error appears from time to time. Has anyone encountered this after ICS? It has no major effect on the phone but it's a hassle when you want to delete multiple messages fast.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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