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Friday 04th of December 2009 /
I am sure there is tons of other comments about this already but I just wanted to say this.Google,Please do everything possible to allow apps to be installed to the Android based phone's SD card. I am aware that there is some security issues involved with it, but if you do not allow installation of apps to SD card, you will never gain anymore ground on the Iphone or any other Smartphone because of the lack of internal memory available for apps. The iphone has all 8, 16, or 32GB available for apps, while the G1 has a measly 256MB. To have any chance of competing with the iphone's many robust apps that use much more than a few MB for installation, there is no other option than expanding use of the SD card for apps.Here is a tip, the Nintendo Wii had the exact same problem with a lousy 512MB of internal memory with not much room for many downloadable games, so they finally released a patch that secured the SD card so that games could be transfered to the SD card with no threat of copyright issues.Thank you for hearing me out.
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Is there a way to install on to SD card instead of USB storage?

Friday 06th of January 2012 /
Ok, you know when you move apps to the SD card or when you have to install extra stuff for a game, it goes to the built in USB storage instead of the SD card. I want to know if there is a way to change that so it goes to the actual SD card instead. I downloaded a couple of games that take up alot of space. The second game I downloaded says there isn't enough space on the SD card to install the extra stuff, even after I moved everything out of my USB storage onto my phones storage.
posted on: Samsung Exhibit 2 4G
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How to install games with sd card files

Monday 28th of November 2011 /
How can I use the games whose sd card files I downloaded and copies in the phone..? I tried the airplane mode method....but it's not working. It still shows you need to download files from the internet. plzzz help... I have samsung galaxy sl i9003. Thanks..
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[HELP] How to move my Apps and Games to SD Card

Thursday 17th of November 2011 /
Hello everyone, I am a Acer beTouch E130 user. I was just wondering if how can I install apps/games to my SD card? All of my installed apps are on my Internal memory, how can I move them to my SD?
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Install games to SD card?

Tuesday 20th of November 2012 /
How do I install games directly to the SD card? I have 676MB of free space on the phone for games, according to the storage screen in settings, but I hardly have anything installed on the SD card, I want to install a game that requires 1gb of room, not enough on the phone, but plenty on the 16gb sd card. Is it possible to designate more on phone storage to games? My Usage screen indicates taht I have 676MB available for apps, but it also says I have 9.8GB free on phone storage. What is the difference? And I also have 14.1GB free on the SD card. Any help with this is much appreciated.
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how come i can only move some apps to sd card?

Saturday 04th of December 2010 /
Hi, i am running 2.2 and was under the impression i could install all apps on sd card now if i wnated, although i have never seen an option when installing apps asking if i want to install to phone or sd card. today i got a further update from orange and after it downloaded i got a prompt saying i have to reseve at least 25mb free space and only have 20mb free. It took me to the manage apps tool which i then seen i can manually move apps to sd card, but i noticed i could only move about 25% of my apps, most appeared grayed out so i couldn't, some where only games as well or basic apps, how come i cannot just move these to sd card? And does anyone know if it makes operating or using the app slower by having it on the sd card? James
posted on: HTC Desire
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How to install applications/games to SD card of Nexus One?

Thursday 08th of August 2013 /
So I just bought a HTC Nexus Ones as my new Android phone. I've been preparing for this new phone, such as knowing that it's old, I'm going to flash a custom JellyBean ROM to it, ect. Anyways, I've been reading that you cannot install applications to the SD card of a Nexus One, only to the very small 512mb internal memory. I'm wondering what I need to do to be able to install all the apps and games I download and install to the SD card, so I do not run out of space. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! I'm willing to what it takes. I ordered one with a cracked screen, so that's gonna be tested on first, just in case.
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how to install games from sd card on acer tablet

Thursday 12th of December 2013 /
how can i install games from sd card to my acer b1 tablet
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cant move my games to sd card help!

Monday 23rd of December 2013 /
Ok so I downloaded a lot of apps games movies book etc...And when I tried to move my apps to my sd ccardthe option wont come up (the move to sd card option) I have tried 3th party apps but still wont work I have samsung galaxy s4 verizon android 4.2.2 is theee aanway around it install older version of android or new?
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Using a micro sd card with Sero 7 Pro

Thursday 02nd of January 2014 /
Just bought my Sero 7 Pro at Walmart. 8 gig internal storage Added a 32 gig micro sd card. (Lexar Class 10). QUESTION: If I install apps like a game will it go to internal storage or will it go onto the SD card? If not on the SD card by default can you make it go to the SD card? Hoping I can make it install apps to SD card for at least some of the larger games. I downloaded one and it took like 1.2 gig of space, didn't like game so uninstalled it(this was before I had the 32gb card installed). But if I find a game I like I wouldn't want to tie up or even fill ALL the internal storage. Oh I paid $149.99 for mine. I keep seeing people paid $129, did the price go up? Just curious. Glad I found this forum as it will be very helpful. Oh this is my first tablet. I don't even own a smart phone. But pretty good with PC's.
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