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Why wont my phone download picture messages?

Monday 26th of December 2011 /
hi my samsung admire wont download incoming pictures and i dont know the problem please help me. i uninstalled a battery saver app if that helps
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wont download mms messages

Saturday 17th of September 2011 /
my bionic wont download mms messages, it will show download / reject buttons, i click download and it keeps saying text message not recieved. i have full service. i've pulled the battery, turned it off lots of times, but i can't download mms messages. they can send me the picture, but i can't download it to look at it.... any help would be greatly appreciated
posted on: Motorola Droid Bionic
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Android wont download picture messages

Sunday 07th of October 2012 /
I have an android LG OPTIMUS 2X without a data plan and when people send me a picture message i receive it but it wont download..i cant figure out why?
posted on: LG Optimus Black
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Why won't my phone download picture messages???

Tuesday 20th of December 2011 /
Hey guys my Samsung Galaxy S 2 won't download picture messages. I think it might have been because of the battery saver I downloaded. What should I do?? Thanks guys
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Sprint Evo wont download picture messages

Monday 08th of October 2012 /
Just recently (last month of so) my phone has had problems downloading picture messages. Didn't' used to be a problem. I used to just turn the wifi off and let 3g take over and it would download my pictures. Now, lately, even when turning the wifi off, 3g wont download the pictures either it says: "Download of message New Message from 586-xxx-xxxx was unsucessful" has anyone else had this problem? got a fix?
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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Can't download picture messages

Thursday 15th of December 2011 /
I receive text messages and it gives me an option to download them, but when I do they do not download and it gives me an error. Sometimes I can receive picture messages and other times I cannot. I haven't figured out what causes it yet. Anyone have a solution for this? I also can't even forward the message to another number or email the message to view on a computer.Anyone have solutions?
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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wont retrieve picture messages

Thursday 13th of May 2010 /
Im having a non stop issue getting picture messages as of late. Both the stock app and the handscent sms wont retrieve the picure ahter I hit download. I hit download button and keeps saying downloading but if my phones touh scren shuts off the button to download it comes back. If I keep te screen on it just keepw saying downloading
posted on: Android Tech Support
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Cant download picture messages...

Tuesday 10th of May 2011 /
I cannot download my picture messages all of a sudden. I have internet access via wifi and 4g. When I hit download it pops up the 4g icon and flashes the arrows and that's it. But oddly the 4g icon lingers now.. Us there ant way to get my picture messages? Can I forward them to my email? Stock messaging APP.
posted on: Verizon HTC Thunderbolt
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Phone wont receive picture messages

Sunday 01st of July 2012 /
Samsung transform ultra wont receive picture messages. It vibrates but nothing is there
posted on: Samsung Transform Ultra
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Huawei wont download picture messages?

Wednesday 21st of August 2013 /
Straight talk unlimited Huawei wont download picture messages ?
posted on: Samsung Transform Ultra
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