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Wednesday 13th of March 2013 /
how to hard reset android tablet cvgy-7402-black-2gen without gmail account and to many pattern unlock attemps i need step by step assistance i am willing to pay more if answer correctly helps me directlyOptional Information: Type of Device: TabletBrand: andriodModel Number: cvgy-7402-black-2genWhat have you tried so far?: safe mode
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lock screen - How to get visual email and message notifications on lockscreen?

Wednesday 17th of August 2011 /
I am very new to Android. I tried searching in this forum and google in general without finding an answer. I would like to be able to see notifications on my unlock screen. For example, 3 unread gmail messages, 5 unread exchange messages, 1 new sms, 2 new voicemail. Is this possible?If this is not possible can I at least do it on my home screen? I have widgets for all these there, but they don't seem to show a little number on the icon with unread. I feel as though this is a no-brainer feature, but I just can' figure it out.
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App Manager shows apps I haven't launched by myself

Monday 23rd of January 2012 /
Guys,Please, I need some help. I'm new to Android. I have purchased an LG P350 with Android 2.2.2. I'm enjoying it a lot. Well, there's one thing I still don't understand. I have a widget for the App Manager on my first screen. Sometimes, I kill all apps, then it shows 00 (zero) apps running. Cool. Then, I don't touch my phone anymore. Screen and keyboard are blocked by themselves. Internet is off. After a few minutes, I unlock the screen and keyboard to make a call or whatever. Then, there are a few apps running again. Why? I don't want them to run. Apps like Gmail, Market, Messaging and a few more (I don't remember all of them now) are running. Why does this happen? Another thing... most of the apps are related to internet, but the internet access is off (wifi and SIM internet are off). If internet is off, why are those programs running? Also, how do I set these apps not to run automatically, without my consent? Unless it's something mandatory that I don't know. Is it?Are there any apps which "have" to be running all the time? Which ones?How do I get some apps not to run
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Locked out of my T-Mo Samsung GS2 w/o data network

Saturday 07th of July 2012 /
Hi,I am in a conundrum and I am hoping someone can help. Here is my situation:My T-Mo GS2 running on latest official Gingerbread was running low on power recently, so I used my android app "Data Switch" to turn off only my 4G. While my phone is in my pocket, it somehow drew the security pattern too many time incorrectly and enough time to take me to the "Too Many Pattern Attempt" screen and is asking my Gmail username and password.The issue is I KNOW my pattern and my password, but I AM NOT CONNECTED to the internet through my phone because I DISABLED it.So as you can see, I am unable to identify myself as the true owner of my phone because my data network is off. HOW CAN I UNLOCK MY SCREEN WITHOUT DOING A HARD FACTORY RESET?Now that being said, let me tell you what I tried already:1. Power on/off2. Remove my battery and SIM card and put it back3. Tried the "null" trick for password4. Held the power button to turn on/off flight mode5. Called myself & repeatedly press the home & return button6. Download "Screen Bypass Recovery" on Androi
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Android 4.2 log in screen - side screens

Friday 16th of November 2012 /
Just received the OTA 4.2 update on my Galaxy Nexus. Standard stuff all across the board for me on my device. Regarding the unlock screen.........First of all, seems like the face unlock is immensely improved and much faster. Now you can swipe from the log in screen to the right and access the camera without unlocking your phone first. Nice.You can also swipe to the left of the log in screen and access more screens that will show you your messages, gmail, calendar, etc. You can choose the widget you want and the order, as they take up one entire screen each. This seemed like a nice idea that you could swipe to those. But you can pretty much see the whole inbox (but not interact and open things) and scroll up and down and read email subjects, names etc. I don't think I want anyone who can handle my phone to have this right. But I can't seem to figure out how to remove these widgets. Any ideas? (Note: when looking at these widgets off the unlock screen you can unlock the screen while looking at them and go straight to them when your phone unlocks.)Thanks!
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