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How to sync contacts with Macbook Pro?

Friday 29th of January 2010 /
Anyone here try the Missing Sync to sync with an apple computer? What is the best way to sync contacts,calendar,photos and music with a Macbook?
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Going from BlackBerry to Android

Thursday 24th of March 2011 /
Hi, I recently got a Droid Incredible, it is currently being shipped. I've had a BlackBerry for about a year and decided to move on for various reasons. However, one thing I really liked about my BlackBerry was that it synced flawlessly and easily with my MacBook Pro. My questions for you guys are how to sync my data on my Mac with my Android device. I do have a Google account and I am in the process of syncing everything with my Google "Cloud". 1. Contacts: I figured this out and it was rather simple. This is already done and in my Google account. 2. Calendar: This is bugging me. I searched around and was instructed to do certain things with iCal to set it up (CalDAV or something like that). Nothing is showing up on my Google Calendar. What I want to do is sync the events I create on iCal to Google Calendar so those sync with my phone. Is this possible? 3. Media: I saw there were a lot of options for this, so I'm open for suggestions for the best one. I ran across "Sailing Media" which seems like a simple and straightforward application. 4. To Do's and Tasks: I
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How to sync contacts with Macbook Pro? - Page 2

Sunday 31st of January 2010 /
Originally Posted by americanexpat Originally Posted by esinchomissing sync works fine and there's a trial version U can use 4 15 days. I've been using the windows version before gettin a Nexus. U don't have 2 dump Android like the other guy said. Also, if U use gmail 2 sync wit address book, the contact pics get lost in the shuffle. This happens the other way around 2, pics don't convert overI bought missing sync and will sync soon. Haven't done it yet because I am not sure where I put the cable at.Where 2 put it? U mean how 2 connect it? Just like u charging it and mount it.
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Inspire+Macbook Compatibility

Saturday 05th of February 2011 /
I have decided that the Inspire is going to be my first smart phone. I have been curious about the Inspire from CES and this forum has been where i get my daily information. I am wondering how well my music, contacts, and calendar from my macbook pro are going to sync with this phone. Will their be any changing of format for my music?
posted on: Nexus One
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