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Droid 4 - How to copy video/pics from phone onto PC?

Tuesday 31st of July 2012 /
I did a search but none of the topics provided an answer that solved my problem.All I want to do is get the pictures that are on my phone in my "My Gallery => My Library" folder onto my PC.It should be so simple, yet nothing I do works.My camera is set to Storage Location: SD CardI plug in my USB cable and my phone pops up with 4 options:1) PC Mode2) Windows Media Sync3) USB Mass Storage4) Charge OnlyI obviously tried USB Mass Storage first.When I open "My Computer" on the PC i have 3 choices:-Removable Disk (M)-MOT (L)-MotoCast (I wont use this, its horribly designed and a huge pain to use)None of those choices will show me my entire Library. No matter what i do, I only get the pictures that I had previously copied from my old phone onto this one.Then i tried PC Mode. This time i get a pop-up with a bunch of options tht look useless.I open My Computer and get the smae thing as before.Now What?Why in the world did Motorola make this so ridiculously complicated? When i plug in the USB cable I should get a simple pop-up with one of the options asking me if i want
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Camera Storage location was changed & not by me!

Friday 14th of September 2012 /
I had set it to store in the large 32 GB SD card soon after I got the phone & as recently as August had taken some photos & they were there as expected. Today I took 4 photos & they appeared as expected in my gallery but when I attempted to transfer to my computer via USB, they were not in the SD card DCIM/Camera folder with all the other photos! I finally found them in the Internal Storage/DCIM/Camera folder. Anyone else have their storage location mysteriously changed?Here is how to manually move the files from Int. Storage to Ext. Storage SD card & then switch the storage location back to SD card.To move files between internal and external storage:.Open the applications menu..Scroll to and tap My Files to open the file manager.Tap Internal phone storage.Scroll to the folder or file location to your desired file.Tap and hold the file, then choose Copy or Move.Press the back key and Tap the SD card.Scroll to the folder or file location where you want to place your desired file.Tap Move.Your file has been placed into your other storage locationHow to change camera sto
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internal storage - How to view the files on mntsdcard on PC and how to set default download and save location

Thursday 06th of September 2012 /
The directory mntsdcard is the location where all the downloads and the received files are saved, however this file cannot be located on the PC if connected using USB Cable. Moreover, it seems that this file is on the Phone's Internal Memory and not in the Memory card
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How do I move data from SD card to internal storage?

Saturday 02nd of June 2012 /
I have a couple apps... Livo Recording Pro and ACast which can't access the files of the SDcard I removed from my old EVO 4G after it died... Figured I'd just bring the EVO lte up in my laptop and I'd see two disks and move the data over to internal storage so Livo could see all the song ideas I'd created in my good ole' EVO. Same for ACast... figured moving the folder over and I'd be set! ARRRG! When I "mount as hard drive" I only see the sdcard on my laptop... don't see the internal storage, where the new livo is looking for the data... how do I access both storage locations to move things around? As EVO lte is the first with two storage locations, apps don't give an option to point to one or the other for the location they're storing data... I imagine this is the problem and it would be easy to fix... Hope my question isn't too dumb... but also, hope for an answer... BTW, I'M ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS PHONE!!!! FRACKIN' AWESOME!!!
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Storage Location?

Tuesday 22nd of November 2011 /
So I noticed that under Storage there are 3 sections - Application storage, Internal storage, and SD card. Then there is the final option at the bottom for Windows Media Sync. Looking over these sections, I realized that even after downloading multiple applications that are quite large (20MB-50MB each) this has not even touched the amount of storage space on my SD card. This lead me to believe that my applications, downloads, etc. are not actually being stored on the SD card (shows 14.80/14.81GB available). When you go to Manage Applications and check an application, some allow you to send it to the Media Storage on the phone. However, I thought this meant it was being stored on the SD card, but it's not. Does anyone happen to know how to set the phone to store applications, downloads, etc. to the SD card instead of the internal media storage?
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how to set storage location

Sunday 12th of May 2013 /
Hi all Just got a 32gb card for my s4 and have installed utorrent to download some movies from but how do I getthem to be stored on the sd card and not the internal memory ? The sane with any pics I take ?
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storage issue

Wednesday 09th of May 2012 /
Wasn't sure if i should post here because it is a maxx, or in the razr issue forum. 50/50 shot. Anyway. I downloaded 7-ish gigs of content to my phone. To whay i thout was the sd card. Same location its been for all my privious devices. Moto droid, droid x, htc thunderbolt... that mnt/sdcard. Its the default storage location for ttorrent. Anyway, got warning message on phone stating i am low on volume space. Took a look at my storage and it shows the internal storage is almost full and sd card is barely used. Opened astro and i see that everything is under mnt/sdcard. Also just sdcard (i assume these two go to the same place) so i unmounted sdcard for safe removal and removed card. Exited out of astro and back in, files still there, even played a song and viewed a photo. So why is everything stored internally when set to that file path? And how do i actually get it on the card.. my comouter is not running at the moment so i cant view the card seperatly to see if its on there too (im guessing its not)Please help!
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Micromax A89 Basis Doubt

Thursday 13th of June 2013 /
I have 3 Questn pls ans me separately for each questns ?1.How to set preferred install location is my sd card in mmx a89 ?2.If i download or install means it want to save in my sd card location how will I set that ?3.What is internal storage and phone storage in MMX A89 ?
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Insufficient Storage Available msg but I have ample space and I installed other apps with no problem

Thursday 29th of August 2013 /
I get the "Insufficient Storage Available" message when attempting to install app on my phone. Using Android Jellybean 4.1.2 LG Optimus F3 (T-Mobile)I have a 32Gb SD card, almost 29GB left on the card, and almost 600MB space on the phone.I set the SD card as the default location by running this couple of days ago: adb shell pm set-install-location 2 So far I am not able to install this app: Easy Battery Saver, even though I was able to install the following apps: Bejeweled BlitzKindle I tried deleting the Google Play Store cache, uninstalled updates, powering down and rebooting my phone - none of that works. Any advice? I guess I can rerun the adb command and put the set-install-location back to 1, but it doesn't explain how come I'm able to install other much Larger apps, but not the 1.71MB Easy Battery Saver app. btw, I have DU Battery Saver installed, and yes I tried disabling it, which doesn't make a difference.
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how to increase Internal storage ?

Thursday 12th of September 2013 /
when i install apps from play store , most up app directly install in phone memory (internal storage) not on memory card , already i set preferred install location in SD card its not working ,so how can i increase my internal storage , or link my external storage to phone memory any tricks for it ??
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