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How to Delete Email Account on a Pendo Tablet

Friday 24th of February 2012 /
Does anyone know how to Delete an Email account on a Pendo Pad, without resorting to factory reset?
posted on: Android Tablet Q&A
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How to enable email sync on Samsung Galaxy S3

Monday 19th of November 2012 /
Hello all,Ok - this is really mind boggling and as such I decided to make an account and ask all you experts about it. I used to have an HTC Thunderbold and with its very poor battery, I had set my 5 emails to synch manually. So, whenever I felt like it, I would just go to settings and click on sync all. Yesterday I got my Galaxy S3. I rooted it right away, and then plugged in all my email accounts. 5 accounts - 3 gmail, 1 yahoo, and 1 private. I set them up all under the stock app, because I don't like the gmail app and I don't want to download any other apps. That's how I had them set up with my Thunderbolt too. Now, with the Galaxy S3, the battery is better, so I have set it to check for new emails/sync every few minutes during peak hours and every hour during off-peak hours. But I am just wasting time here - let me just get to the problem: If I go to Settings -> Email (under Accounts), then all my email accounts are there but the little "loading circles" are greyed out and they all say "Sync disabled". I have a screenshot that I wanted to post but as a new
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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How to set different Notification sounds?

Wednesday 25th of November 2009 /
Is it possible to set different notification sounds - 1 for text, 1 for new voicemail, etc? It seems there's only one section under Settings for all Notification sounds.
posted on: Android Audio and Video
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How to remove email notification sound while keeping phone ring?

Tuesday 01st of November 2011 /
I want to keep my phone on at night in case of emergency phone calls, but haven't figured out how to disable the email notification sound. Therefore, incoming emails are waking me up at the expense of the ability to hear if the phone rings.Must be a simple solution?
posted on: LG Optimus V
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How to get email permanently on the phone?

Monday 04th of October 2010 /
I set up email as soon as I got the phone to my roadrunner account (pop-server), everything O.K.This weekend I logged on to roadrunner via computer downloaded all email to outlook and deleted the mail from the server. (I store all emails locally and not on the email server as they have limits and I do not, just to answer why)Now when I went to the phone all my email was gone from the inbox. It looks like the phone actually synchs to the server and does not store a copy of the email locally. Strange as the deleted emails are still on the phone so they are store locally (what are developers thinking???).Anyway, is there a way, some setting I am missing to store emails locally on the phone?Thanks in advance.
posted on: Samsung Epic 4G
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How to sync email accounts on demand? (lengthy description)

Tuesday 13th of September 2011 /
Ok, here is the problem with the SGS2 after 4 months playing with it. I have four different emails which I use the samsung touchwiz feature to keep track of. Yahoo, gmail, hotmail, and Institution pop3/imap mail. All emails are set on "premium" in the email creation setting (you can see it with the yellow star "P" after your email account. Setting it to premium is better as there are some problems with non-premium syncing options. Should be same for both premium/non-premium but I have no idea why. Premium accounts feature gives the option of pull email where you can set intervals on the device. This feature is neat, but it drains the battery a bit. Since I'm still not on 2.3.4-this is an inherent problem for non-flash models. I'm not sure if the official 2.3.4 is out on Kies yet. In order to sync the email accounts, I need to actually tap the email account, it goes into the account (with the refreshing indicator at the bottom), press the back button to go to my email accounts, then tap another email account. I then need to repeat this for another 3 accounts since
posted on: Samsung Epic 4G
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How to change email notification sound on Kindle Fire HD 7

Sunday 16th of September 2012 /
How to change email notification sound on Kindle Fire HD 7 - meaning - how to add a custom notification sound Thanks
posted on: Amazon Kindle Fire HD
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How to set email notification on Xperia Z1

Thursday 14th of November 2013 /
Hi, I have recently purchased a Xperia Z1 and was wondering how (if at all) one can set a different email notification, as the default sound is very similar to another notification I have.Thanks,Chris.
posted on: Amazon Kindle Fire HD
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How to set Band Priority on Spark Edition

Friday 14th of February 2014 /
I have used Google to try to find out. I have my msl code and know about the ##DATA# screen but for the life of me can't find it. Any help on how to set it would be appreciated. Posted via Android Central App
posted on: Amazon Kindle Fire HD
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How to set up accounts on the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 lets you plug into a wide range of online accounts, many of which you can authorize when you first set up the device. However, a lot of the big services, like Facebook and Twitter, aren't preloaded, and will only become options once you download the official apps from the Play Store.Whether you're looking to add a new e-mail address or just want to see which services are available, here's how to add a new account on the Samsung Galaxy S5.How to set up accounts on the Samsung Galaxy S5Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon in the top-right. Swipe down to the User and Backup section, or tap the magnifying glass in the top-right to type in a search, and tap Accounts.Accounts you’re already logged into will be shown here. Tap Add account at the bottom of the list. A list of services to log into will be shown here. Accounts will populate this global list as you install apps from the Play Store. Often you'll be able to log in from within their respective apps, as well as from here.Tap whichever account you want to log into, and you’ll be pro
posted on: Amazon Kindle Fire HD
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