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Help with Rooting Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Tuesday 06th of December 2011 /
I am new to Android and one of my buddies has a Droid x by motorola and it has been rooted, I have done alot of research on how to root my phone and no success, help please it is a Samsung galaxy precedent from straight talk, Samsung SCH-M828C any info is greatly appreciatedSent from my SCH-M828C using
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U.S. T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Making and Receiving Phone Calls

Saturday 13th of November 2010 /
We all knew it would come, but it sure got here fast. You can now make and receive calls on the new T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab. So let’s just skip all the talk and get straight on with how to use this puppy as a phone.The first thing you have to do before anything else is Root your Tablet.Now that you have root, we can proceed with the instructions on how to unlock the functionality of making and receiving calls with your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab, so let’s get started.As usual AndroidSPIN is not responsible for you making your device a nice paper weight, use with caution and if you have any questions or concerns, head over to the XDA thread and check out the latest.This guide was originally post by Jyveafk on XDA.Download Odin3 v1.70 to flash.Use┬áP1_20100909.pit for formating. Selected ‘Repartition‘ ‘AutoReboot‘ ‘fResetTime‘. That rebooted with nothing apparently working but the filesystem structure was setup.Download P1000XXJHA for the base rom.Then, unchecked the ‘repartion‘ part (as the structure is already setup, y
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Switching from Straight Talk to Boost mobile on Samsung Galaxy Precedent, any tips?

Thursday 16th of February 2012 /
Hey guys, a newbie in need of a hand here. My Mum got a Samsung Galaxy Precedent for her birthday back in October, and really rather likes the phone. However, she does not like the service at all, especially after Straight Talk left her several very angry voicemails, stating that she was excessively using her unlimited access, and that they shut off her service if she continued. I honestly don't know how much she was using it, but she only did so at home, not at work. Long story short, Straight Talk decided that she was watching too many YouTube videos, and playing too many word puzzle games on her phone. Way to tease the buyer with 'unlimited goodies!', only to turn around and say otherwise to using apps that came pre-installed in the phone. :TAfter reviewing other service options in within our price range, Boost mobile seems to be the best, and she'd like to switch the phone over to that instead of Straight Talk. Question: What will I have to do to her phone so that I can switch the service provider? Will I need to root it, and if so, how? Any help is greatly appreciated! c:
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How to un-root my straight talk Samsung galaxy proclaim.

Tuesday 19th of March 2013 /
I originally rooted the phone for kicks to see all I can do, but I'd rather just go back to "normal" (no root). Can anyone help me figure out how to properly go about this?
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