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Backup Android Phone : How to use Carbon App Sync and Backup

Saturday 06th of April 2013 /
Most people neglect backing up their devices. Normally this isn’t so much of a problem as contacts and calendar events are automatically stored in the cloud, and Google can backup device settings too. To the other extreme, we have the likes of Titanium Backup, a comprehensive backup application for power users with root privileges.If you find that the built-in Google Backup isn’t comprehensive or reliable enough for you and that Titanium Backup is overkill for you, then Carbon App Sync and Backup, made by the same team who made ClockworkMod Recovery, can provide an excellent intermediate-level solution. Bonus — it doesn’t your device to have root access, but it helps.In this post, learn how to use Carbon App Sync and Backup for creating backup copies of your data and files, as well as for syncing two or more Android devices. You may also watch the video tutorial towards the end of this post.To root or not to rootCarbon Backup offers advantages to those who are brave enough to root their device. However, this route isn’t for everyone. Some devices are eas
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How to move an app from data/app to system/app? - Android Development - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Friday 10th of February 2012 /
Question for all you pros out there. I was wondering how to move an app to system/app that is currently installed in data/app. I have Nova launcher right now but it installed as a data file but I want to run it as a system file so I can have the widgets in the app drawer. I have used Fatsix's transparent status/nav bar in which his mod reinstalled nova into the system file. Once that happened I was able to have the widgets in the app drawer. Since then I have upgraded to a newer version of the CND ROM and the transparent mods don't support it so I am looking for a way to make the move manually. Any ideas? I apologize if this doesn't make any sense, I am still learning
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Android How To: Customize Your App Drawer on Your HTC Droid DNA

Saturday 02nd of February 2013 /
The HTC Droid DNA brings with it Sense 4+ which is a new version of HTC’s skin. There are some changes in Sense 4+ compared to Sense 4 and 4.1, but not a ton. We’re going to show you how to customize your app drawer to fit your needs. It’s actually quite simple. We’ll be going over how to hide apps, sort apps, and add/remove tabs in the App Drawer. So let’s get started.How to hide Apps in the App Drawer1. Turn your phone on and unlock it.2. Next, open up your App drawer3. Select the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner. It also says “Menu” right below it4. Select “Hide Apps”5. Now you’ll see something similar to what is shown below6. Now you can check the apps you want to hide then tap on “Hide” at the bottom right.7. That’s it. Now this doesn’t uninstall your apps, it just hides themHow to Sort the Apps in the App Drawer1. Turn your phone on and unlock it2. Next, open up the App Drawer3.┬áSelect the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner. It also says “Menu” right below it4. Next, select
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I want to know how to download this app that tells you where

Monday 20th of February 2012 /
I want to know how to download this app that tells you where someone is when they call or you call them. It may work a little different but I would like to install this app on my android.Already Tried: I tried t find the app on my phone and download it but I can not find the app.
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How to restore Direct Dial icon/shortcut

Sunday 09th of September 2012 /
My terminology is probably not correct. I just received my first smartphone from Google - Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1.After getting connected without any optional apps installed. I started playing with the UI to get familiar with how it worked by temporary (I thought) changes to the home screen. I removed the Direct Dial icon and added a Settings icon and created a folder. Now I can't find how to restore the Direct Dial icon to the home screen. The functionality is still there through using the widget but I can't move that onto the home screen as an icon as it runs the application when released. I have read references to accessing shortcuts by long touching the home screen but on this phone that appears only to open an option to select a different wallpaper. I don't find the Direct Dial application when listing all the apps under settings > apps. Nor have a found it listed in the app store.Any way to get the standard direct dial icon back on the home screen?
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how to restore my apps?

Thursday 19th of August 2010 /
I had my Samsung moment was acting up, had to have it factory reset. I backed up my apps in the Astro file app. Now I downloaded that app. but I don't know how to restore all my apps. Please can someone tell me how to restore them. Or do I have to do each one individually? And I can't remember most of them ;(. Thank you.
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How to restore icon in Google navigation?

Friday 21st of January 2011 /
My wife accidentally deleted the "Restaurants" icon in Google Navigation (on the search page). She tried re-adding "Restaurants" but the icon is not the same as the original (a plate with a fork and a knife). Does anyone know how to restore the original icon? Thanks.
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how to restore navigation app

Friday 23rd of August 2013 /
Lg phone with metro service
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How to restore contacts

Friday 18th of October 2013 /
I accidently deleted over 200 contacts on my phone. How do I have it restore it back from google? I think it is trying to sync the delete to Google but an error comes up saying it is having trouble. I can't figure out how to restore? Posted via Android Central App
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How to restore lock screen settings.

Wednesday 22nd of January 2014 /
So I finally un-installed Foxfi now that I no longer have an unlimited data plan and Verizon does not charge a monthly fee for hotspot. The problem is I cannot restore some of my lock screen options such as swipe and facial recognition. None is also blacked out, but that is my current setting. I am afraid if I changed the setting I would also lose "none". When installing foxfi these were turned off by an administrator, encryption policy or credential storage change. Short of a nuclear factory reset... Does anyone know how to restore these settings? Sent from my SCH-I605 using AC Forums mobile app
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