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How to Move Apps to the SD Card on Android Froyo the Easy Way with SDMove

Thursday 05th of August 2010 /
If you finally have gotten your much-awaited OTA Froyo update, after obsessively having pressed the “Check now” button for a couple of hours (at least that’s what I did), there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you start using the new Move to SD feature.We recently did a tutorial on how to make Android install apps to the memory card by default, and we also discussed that some apps shouldn’t be installed to the external storage. Because when you mount your phone as a disk drive, the Android system will no longer have access to software installed on the memory card.If you have apps on the SD card that are loaded automatically when you start your phone, they will also be launched later than applications located on the internal storage, since it will take a while for the card to be ready: ever noticed that “Preparing SD card” message in the notification bar? One would think that Android should make sure that the SD is available before giving you access to the UI, like most other mobile platforms, but that’s not how it’s currently done.This is esp
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Newbtorial: Adding Sounds to Your Android Phone

Sunday 27th of September 2009 /
Hello Android users,I thought I would be a good exercise to run through how to create/add new ringtones, alarms, and notifications. It is very easy to add new sounds to your phone by following the steps below. Connect your phone to your computer via theUSB cable. Your phone will notify you that you have connected to a computer; check the notification and choose “mount.” This makes your phone a discoverable drive on your computer.On your computer, hit your windows button + ‘E’ to open your windows explorer.Navigate to your phone and open it, most likely called “removable drive.”In your phone, check to see if you have folders  called “alarms,” “notifications,” or “ringtones”… if you don’t’ have any of these folders yet, right mouse-click and create them.  (you may have these folders already if you have used a program like ringdroid to make alarms or ringtones) Once these folders are created, any MP3 you move into these folders will show up as a sound that you can use for whichever purpos
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How To: Sync iTunes with Android

Monday 02nd of August 2010 /
This guide is an easier, edited version of a article I read online. The source can be found at the bottom. For those of you coming from iPhones/iPods and have massive clean & organized music with iTunes, there is indeed a way to sync your music for free to your android phone. If you like it, support the project, the software I'm about to talk about is free.iTunes Agent - Windows based software that reads iTunes, keeps organization and brings the files to your Android Phone.----iTuneMyWalkman - Mac users that are smart enough to know that there are other Mp3 players other than iPods, install this software instead of iTunes Agent.1.) Download iTunes Agent, 2.) ---> Once Installed, the software will run in the system tray.3.) Plug in your Android (EVO 4G in this guide.) and mount it as a hard drive. The software is going to write files to your SD Card. 4.) ---> Create a folder on your SD Card titled Music. I will explain why below.Configuring iTunes Agent
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[Tutorial] How To Wirelessly Transfer Files To/From Your Android Phone And Your Windows PC

Friday 02nd of August 2013 /
1. Install SwiFTP2. Setting up SwiFTP3. Starting Server4. Map Network Drive5. Connect to Web site6. Enter Phone Address7. Enter Login Credentials8. Name the driveSUCCESS!(?)This tutorial will show you how to access your phone’s storage for transfers to and fro over your local WiFi network. We will install FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server software on the phone then mount it as a network drive on a Windows PC. Your phone and PC must be connected to the same network.1. Install SwiFTPSwiFTP can be downloaded freely from the market. It is a small application which allows your phone to act as an FTP server. It can also allow you to access your phone from a remote network via a proxy, but that will not be covered in this tutorial. As it states in the market description, any client (such as FileZilla or Cyberduck) can be used, but this tutorial will be using functionality built right into Windows.2. Setting up SwiFTPAfter installation, open SwiFTP. Tap the Setup button, which will bring you to the screen above. Fill in the empty fields with the details you would like to use to conn
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adb - How to mount system in rw mode if no custom recovery

Tuesday 03rd of July 2012 /
When I changed my build.prop for spoofing another device model, I copied build.prop from another device having gingerbrad but my system is froyo. When I rebooted, I lost my internet connection. It reports no ruim card where as it is there. I had installed apks for terminal emulator, busybox etc. but they are not working. Xplore file manager does not work. But free version of Astro File Manager and ROM Toolkit work. I tried to push old build.prop on device using adb but it gives permission denied error as it is read only system. I came to know that adb root and adb remount works if you are in recovery mode.I tried to go into recovery mode, but there is no custom recovery installed on my cheap android phone, so can not go into recovery does not work in my adb shell.Can anybody tell me the way to mount system partition in rw mode using adb ( without recovery mode ) or is there any tool which will work in this situation ?Thanks in advance.
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[Update] HD2 Closer to Stealing Android, EVO Steals HD2′s Car Mount

Saturday 26th of June 2010 /
We still haven’t seen Sprint or Best Buy launch the more desirable accessories we’re expecting (such as the HDMI dock and the official car mount) for the HTC EVO 4G. If you need a car mount and can’t wait until the middle part of the summer, then you could probably bend that HD2 car mount into a perfect fit.HTCPedia modified the HD2′s car mount by moving the location of the USB charging port (built-in functionality) and breaking off one of the dock’s silver grips to make room for the EVO. A huge plus is that the Car Home-like Navigator app launches automatically when the phone is plugged into the dock. It’s probably not the prettiest solution for now, but it works (and I doubt you’ll be paying a good deal of attention to how your dock looks, anyway, what with all that screen real estate consuming your attention).If we turn around to the other end of the spectrum, the HTC HD2′s getting closer to being hacked to run Android. The guys responsible for the project have made some great strides recently that puts the first bootable build of An
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usb - File Transfer: How to transfer files betwen my Xperia Neo (Android 2.3) and Kubuntu Linux?

Tuesday 18th of October 2011 /
I have bought a Xperia Neo which runs Android 2.3 and I'm running Kubuntu Linux on my Laptop.I just connected the Phone using a USB Cable and set it to Mass Storage Mode. I expected to have the phone SD card in my devices list, so I can mount it and use it as a file storage. But there were no device added.A few Googling led me to some Microsft Applications, (Activesync, etc.). Does it mean I cannot connect to my phone's SD Card in Linux?Should I really use Windows for such a simple task, Tranfering files using a USB Cable?!NoteWith the help of @onik I tried to mount the SD card manually and here is the result:in Mass Storage Modetakpar@skyspace:/media$ sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /media/android/mount: no medium found on /dev/sdbtakpar@skyspace:/media$ sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/android/mount: /dev/sdb: unknown devicetakpar@skyspace:/media$ sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb /media/android/Error opening '/dev/sdb': No medium foundFailed to mount '/dev/sdb': No medium foundand in Media Mode there would be no /dev/dsb anymore. But a window opens with url: camera:/MTP Device@usb:001,021/ and e
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SD-EXT failing to mount - Seeking to install A2SD

Sunday 25th of March 2012 /
Installed:GingerKernel v07.1Mobster Rom v1.3 Objective:Install A2SD to deal with this inane low internal memory nonsense Using:How to Partition an SD Card and Install Darktremor Apps2SD on Android Smart Phone? ~ Handy Information A step 5:Reboot your device and open a terminal emulator or shell commander and type in the following command to make sure that your second partition (aka sd-ext partition) is mounted at boot.mount | grep sd-extYou should see the following code:/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 on /sd-ext type ext3 (rw,noatime,nodiratime,barrier=1,nodelalloc,data=o rdered)My results from Terminal Emulator:# su# mount | grep sd-ext# In other words it does not find the mount. Using the command mount from within Terminal Emulator: $ export PATH=/data/local/bin:$PATH$ su# mountrootfs / rootfs ro,relatime 0 0tmpfs /dev tmpfs rw,relatime,mode=755 0 0devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,relatime,mode=600 0 0proc /proc proc rw,relatime 0 0sysfs /sys sysfs rw,relatime 0 0none /acct cgroup rw,relatime,cpuacct 0 0tmpfs /mnt/asec tmpfs rw,relatime,mode=755,gid=1000 0 0tmpfs /mnt/obb tmpfs rw,relati
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Mount Android phone to Android netbook?

Thursday 08th of August 2013 /
Hello, I recieved my netbook today which runs on Android 4.1 and when I connect my LG Optimus Showtime via USB it only gives me the options Media Sync (mtp) transfer files or sync with Windows Media Player and LG Software Connect to PC software for LG Mobile........ I am very confused as to how I can browse and transfer what I have on my phones SD card back and forth between my Android netbook.....when I would connect my phone to my Windows laptop via USB it gave me the option to browse my SD card... So my question is....what app would I need to browse nd transfer my Android phone files with this Android netbook? Unfortunately this Netbook does not support bluetooth.
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How to root android without voiding warranty

Sunday 30th of March 2014 /
I want to root my android phone Tele2fon v5 ( without voiding warranty.The phone is new and I do not know whether the quality so if i brick it...Is there any way to root without voiding warranty. The reason why I want to root my phone is that I dont have enought memory space so I want to use an app FolderMount to mount games to SD card and it requires root.If I root my phone can I unroot it? If yes can that be undetectable so I don't void warranty.
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