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How to install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire HD

Thursday 18th of October 2012 /
The Amazon Kindle Fire HD, as well as Amazon’s other tablets, are very good buys. The tablets take reading a notch higher, giving you a rather new experience in reading ebooks. The only thing that the tablets come short of, despite being an Android device, is that you can only download and install apps from Amazon’s Appstore.Although that was the case, owners of the said tablets can now install apps from the Google Play Store, all thanks to the developer community.  XDA Developers member stopxwatch has provided a workaround that allows Kindle Fire owners to enjoy the ever-growing number of apps in the Google Play Store. Just a heads-up though, this guide entails adding files to the /system folder. As of the moment, there is no way one can restore the original system folder so do proceed with extra caution.This guide shows you how to install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire HD.WarningThe instructions in this guide are intended for use with the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes.The inform
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Add credit to your Google Play account from the web

Wednesday 17th of October 2012 /
Google now lets users add credit to their Google Play accounts directly from the internet, bypassing the need for those physical gift cards.  You know the cards we’re talking about here – they’re the ones that aren’t anywhere to be found at least in our neck of the woods.  Digressing, it’s possible to add in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $25,and $50 values.  We’ve not heard of any other countries outside of the United States as of yet but we figure it will be a slow trickle to other markets.  Looking ahead, we’d love to be able to purchase credits and send them to email addresses and gift them.How do I add credit to my Google Play account?  Scroll to the bottom of the page in Google Play!
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How to fix stuck app downloads [From the Forums]

Tuesday 19th of October 2010 /
Having issues with applications from the Market not downloading, or stalling during installation? There's a fix that might help, and we've detailed it in the forums. It's not complicated, doesn't require root or any real hackery, and we've even covered the method to make the fix stick so you aren't doing it every time an application wants to install itself to your SD card. It all circles around the .android_secure folder on your SD card, which is the place applications using the "install to SD card method" that comes along with Froyo want and need to be.Hit the forums and have a look, because even if you're not having problems now, you never know when they might spring up. [Android Central Forums]
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How to make music play LOUDER from the speaker

Friday 11th of June 2010 /
If this has been posted... then sorry. I searched, but I did not find.I couldn't hear the music play at max volume on my Incredible at work (noisy environment). Was disappointing coming from a raggedy BB Storm 1. But then I did something to it and the volume incresed... about 25% higher from the max setting that I had. I can now hear it while I am working. I tested this method on the Pandora. It worked every time.Here is how:1. Play music (from whatever app you use)2. Hit the home key3. Open Voice Search (Programs key if you don't have it on your home screen).4. Done.*edit-Do this trick on Pandora first... the volume stays LOUD for everything else.I call it... the LOUD glitch. If this helped you in anyway... please thank me. I havn't received any yet lol.
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hi was wondering how to make my android work from the scr

Tuesday 27th of December 2011 /
hi was wondering how to make my android work from the screenAlready Tried: REstart charge all of the batterie
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How to retrive/view saved passwords from the Android browser

Monday 29th of October 2012 /
How to retrive/view saved passwords from the Android browser? One more question:- How to auto save password without notifing/prompting in any Android browser.
posted on: HTC Wildfire S
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How to download and save images from the web?

Wednesday 28th of March 2012 /
Hi everyone,I've been trying to figure out how to save an image from the web on my Ace. Pressing and holding the image (like I've read elsewhere) doesn't give any options at all. I'm sure you can give me the key how to do it. So.... curious to hear from you. Thanks in advance!
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how to create music playlist? (alternative from the default player)

Wednesday 09th of January 2013 /
hi all, i have just recently bought a nexus 7 from craiglistmy question is:is there other ways to create music playlist other than browsing through your whole libraryand pick one by one? thanks ahead,-Andy
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how to print a saved page from the internet from my samsung

Friday 01st of March 2013 /
how to print a saved page from the internet from my samsung galaxy tab 2Optional Information: What have you tried so far?: I TRIED PRINTING THRU CLOUD PRINT BUT IT WONT WORK
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How to make fastboot files(img) from the recovery files((zip)?

Sunday 01st of April 2012 /
Does anyone know how to make fastboot files from recovery files of the ROM? My phone is not detecting the SD card so my only option is through fastboot to install the ROM.
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