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how to know if the battery is fully charged?

Tuesday 11th of October 2011 /
can someone help me how to determine if the battery is fully charged? because in my samsung ace theres no msg appear in my screen on how to know if it full or not. so pls do help me
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Ace
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How To Activate Nexus 7 on T-Mobile

Wednesday 27th of February 2013 /
I have a new sim card that I inserted in my N7. It's supposed to tell me to activate it on the T-mobile site but I am not seeing anything like I did when I activated it using an AT&T sim. What is the trick to get this working on T-Mobile?
posted on: Google Nexus 7 Tablet
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How to prevent Nexus 7 of charging the battery every time when connected to a USB?

Friday 01st of March 2013 /
Hello fellow Android enthusasts,I recently bought a Nexus7 that I want to use for development. The thing is, every time I connect it to my USB, in order to test some apps on it, it starts charging. Now, i know that this is absolutely normal for every device, but I am also concerned that the constant charge/discharge cycles can shorten the life of the battery. What do I do?Do I need to get concerned at all? I mean, if it reduces battery life with something like 1% per year, I am totally fine with it. Yet, if it is a significant drain, how can I prevent it from charging unless I am charging from a charger?
posted on: nexus-7
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How long it takes to ship nexus 7 to NYC

Wednesday 01st of August 2012 /
I am traveling to NYC from SG on 3 Aug. I want to know how long it will takes to ship nexus 7(16G) to a NYC address if I buy it from Google Play Store. I will stay in NYC less than 6 days.
posted on: Nexus 7
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How Do I Know When Nexus Is Fully Charged?

Sunday 25th of December 2011 /
Hey guys, I just received an early Christmas present--I officially (and finally) own a Nexus. I have not powered the phone on yet, though the phone is plugged into an outlet and is being charged as I type. I have a few questions... My question is, how do I know when the Nexus is fully charged? I have installed the sim card and battery, and am currently charging it, however I don't see any type of notification showing that the phone is being charged/charging (example: no LED light flashing or no battery meter signs on the screen). Without these notifications, will the phone show some type of notification when it is fully charged?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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How to recover Nexus 7 (2012) Bootloader Fail

Tuesday 20th of August 2013 /
Hello, I've really blown it this time. I tried to hack my brand new Nexus 7 (18 days old....ugh) and I think I screwed up the bootloader by trying to uninstall a ROM named Paranoid. That is when it happened. Now whenever I start up the bootloader and try to hit recovery mode there is a small message that says "Boot Failed". Ugh. The problem is that I can't restart my Nexus and I cannot re-install my Android operating is in TOTAL LOCKDOWN and now it won't go past the Google start up screen. I've tried as many recovery methods as I can find without any success. Does anyone know ANYWAY to get my Nexus back to original factory settings. Please help! Thanks, Tomas
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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How to root Nexus 7?

Wednesday 21st of August 2013 /
OK, here goes. Well, I haven't been on the the forums for a long time since my coby kyros broke. Got a Nexus 7! Woot! I wanna root it... Here it comes... How? Don't go all high tech crap with me either. I know NOTHING of this stuff. Help me out here?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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how to find nexus 7 with android device manager

Wednesday 11th of September 2013 /
My son's nexus 7 was removed from my house without our knowledge. Using Android Device Manager, we can see when it was last used, but it cannot locate the device. I can find my nexus 7 after enabling google maps to use my location. Is it possible to remotely make that happen? Can law enforcement make that happen?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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How to restart nexus 7 2013

Saturday 26th of October 2013 /
Can I ask an expert to create a locked thread listing the known options to solve tablet lock ups such as:- Tablet will not power up- Tablet has frozen screens- Other?It would be very helpful to have a single 'help' source on this subject.Many thanksRon
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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How to open nexus 7 without entering password

Wednesday 11th of December 2013 /
I just bought a nexus 7 2013 model and have been setting it up.I dont know how i did it but now i am required to enter a password on the screen every time i start it up and i really dont want to have to do that. I have looked through all of the settings areas but cant find the place where i can eliminate the password requirement. I only use this tablet at home so i really dont want to be bothered with the password requirement. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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