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Won't Re-charge? How to fix it.

Wednesday 14th of September 2011 /
I've had my Tab for about 10 months. A couple of days ago, I thought I'd run the battery down. But I could not get the device to recharge. I'd plugged into my work computer's usb. Didn't take a charge. My car charger: wouldn't take a charge. I'd even left it plugged in for 24 hours to my home computer, but still no luck. The solution: charge in on the Samsung USB charger. As you probably know by now, the Galaxy Tab needs a 1.5 amp USB power supply to charge at full speed. It will charge slowly on a 0.5 amp USB power supply as long as the device is powered down. And it will run without depleting the battery as well, but will not recharge. One more wrinkle apparently: if you totally discharge the battery, then you will need to charge it on a 1.5 amp charger instead of a 0.5 amp charger. Kinda relieved. I thought I'd lost it. :-P
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is my charger jack broken too?

Sunday 16th of June 2013 /
I don't understand exactly what happened but my samsung galaxy note tablet 2 (10.1)'s charger broke. It's bent slightly back (metal part) and I noticed that there are small cracks on each side . I bent it back into place and tried to see if my tab would charge but to no avail. I'm pretty sure that I would have to get a new charger but I'm worried that the charger jack is broken too. Is there any way of finding out? If it is broken, how do I fix it ? Thanks
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my galaxy tab 2.70 is not charging

Friday 29th of November 2013 /
when i plug my charger up to my tablet the battery sign flashes on and off empty then it flashes on and off like there is a little charge but it wont come on. how can i fix this?
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[Help!] Galaxy Tab 7+ Dead (?)

Tuesday 31st of December 2013 /
My galaxy tab 7+ won't turn on, display is dead. Connected to a charger, nothing happening. Haven't used it for quite a while. The bottom-left corner (screen facing me) is quite warm when connected to the charger, with the rest of the tab rather cool. Tried holding down power button for as long as possible, nothing. It was running rooted stock ICS normally. After some weeks of not using it, it went into this state. Did i just hardbrick my tab? How can i fix it? Will Samsung Philippines be able to service my tab even if it's out of warranty? Thanks!
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
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