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Tuesday 09th of October 2012 /
New to android phone, have a Droid Razr-M, ICS wondering what is the best way to stop programs in the running apps section. When I open an app or say the camera, and close it I see it later on in the running app area taking up memory. How do these programs close without manually stopping them? I've removed them from the "recent apps" window (right button) list but they still show up in running apps. Is there a way to close these down to save memory and ultimately battery life. How to remove these running in the background after using them automatically without having to go into settings, apps, running, and force the stop manually.
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How to close an app? (use the"back" or arrow button to "back out" of an app)

Friday 08th of June 2012 /
Hy all,This is going to be my first android phone (been using an iPhone ) and was wondering, how do you close an app? Like on my previous phone, pressing the home button only exited from the app but still kept running in the background. Is it the same on the 4LTE? How do you permanently close the app?Dave4
posted on: HTC EVO 4G LTE
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How do you close or switch app? - Page 3

Monday 12th of April 2010 /
I think that it's all fine and good if people feel the need ATK...I'm not opposed to the use of it in when it's needed for a specific task, particularly to kill rogue apps that are, imho, mis-coded and don't provide a way to close them. Admittedly, I used ATK myself for a while when I first got the N1 with mixed results. However, I found that after I removed it my phone began running smoother after a few days without it.I never said it's entirely unnecessary for everybody. Some folks may not be able to work without it, but that's probably due to some code, or lack thereof, in the apps we use. I think it should be looked at on a case-by-case basis; in many cases you'll find that there's more than one way to skin a cat. Maybe other management solutions could be explored before jumping on the "kill it" bandwagon. Honestly, this topic has been discussed ad nauseum even before our N1's even came out:FAQ: Why You Shouldn’t Be Using a Task Killer with Android Geek For Me – Android CDMA Sprint HeroPLEASE READ: Do NOT worry about Apps running in the Background - Droid Fo
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First Android Phone (eris) .... app closing question ?

Monday 26th of April 2010 /
Like I said in the title..i'm new to android (just ditched the blackberry!) Anyways, how do you close apps ? haha Most apps DO NOT have an exit option when i press menu. If i hit the back button or home button, they just run in the background, Correct ? I was advised to download a Task Killer app which I did.......... I run it every now and then, and here is another wierd thing. I have NEVER opened the Amazon MP3 store app on my device, but often when I open the task killer app to close all running apps, the MP3 store is running ?? I don't get it.
posted on: HTC Droid Eris
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Where can I go to get info on how to operate this thing?

Thursday 27th of October 2011 /
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and although I have figured out a lot of things, I am still at a loss about how the Android (Honeycomb 3.1) OS works.For instance, I seem to have 5 "home" pages, with various things on them--I've accidentally dragged a few widgets there, and on one page I even have two of the same widget. But I cannot figure out how to remove them! Also, I cannot figure out how to close a running program--all I can seem to do is to return to my home page, which leaves me with a lot of open apps (I found the task manager where I can go to close them, but is there a way to close an app from within the app?). I would like to have a "home" page in my browser, but every time I open it, it is still on the same page where I left it. I guess all my questions could be answered if there were a Users Manual that describes how to operate in this environment. It took a while even to figure out how to open an app and navigate around the page! Any/all help greatly appreciated. I tried to locate this question elsewhere on the forum, but surprisingly, it does not
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I figured something out.. how to close an app from active.

Sunday 16th of May 2010 /
Maybe others already know this or figured this out. Apparently our phones work a lot like a Blackberry. On a Blackberry if you hit the home key or end key to exit an app it will stay running. Same thing happens here. However, if you hit the return key to exit the app it will stop running.I tested this out on my Incredible and it also works. I used Facebook and a couple other apps as examples. If I go in to the app and then leave the app by hitting the home key it stays as an Active backgrounded app. If I however use the return key to leave the app and return to my home screen then the app is listed as inactive cached. This could help a lot of people with battery life and sleep issues, but I'm not sure. I know the way Android works that background apps aren't supposed to really do anything. There does appear to be a difference though. This also works on the Engadget app which I've heard people mention for not closing.
posted on: HTC Droid Incredible
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Can you close android apps?

Thursday 01st of July 2010 /
Coming from BB, you were able to close a app/program when you finished. Playing with my buddys Incredible you could not close the apps, he ended up with like 10 things all running at once. He says the battery life sucks as is, so I'm guessing you would want to close them. Also read something about a "app killer" how they will close the apps, but I remember someone on the forum saying that app killer apps don't work. Patiently waiting for my X
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How do you control running apps?

Sunday 06th of November 2011 /
I had a mytouch 4g before switching to a 9780 and now moving back to an android, used Advanced Task Killer to end apps but always came back up. Now I'm coming across articles such as if you move apps to the sd card they won't reopen and that task killers are useless.How to you close apps? Is there an app thats 'best' in managing background tasks?
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Android Forums - View Single Post - How do you actually REALLY close out a program/widget/app...?

Friday 05th of February 2010 /
With regards to overall lag, I have noticed no difference between repeatedly hitting the back button to exit an app, or simply hitting Home when I'm done with it. I'm not running a task killer, I used to, but the phone does seem to run better when left to its own devices.What I have noticed is that the home screens tend to lag more, the more pages (and widgets probably) you pile on there. I've also read the white paper ( on how Android manages apps, and I see no reason to use the back button over the home button. Some apps do offer an actual exit or close option (Dolphin and Pandora off the top of my head), and those will actually end their own processes, but the reason it's not obvious how to truly quit an app is because you're not supposed to worry about it.It's a beautiful system*, really, and once I got over the whole "omg i need to see exactly what's running all the time omg" feeling, it's almost liberating and I feel like the phone just facilitates doing a million things at once on it with barely a slowdown or two.* = when it works. There's alway
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Google Search force close

Friday 08th of November 2013 /
I have installed the new Google Search and Google Experience Launcher from the Nexus 5 on my Nexus 4. Everything had been working great until today. Now any time I try to use Google Search it just say "Unfortunately Google Search has stopped". My device is not rooted and I already tried turning the phone off. Anyone experiencing the same problem? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it running again? Posted via Android Central App
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