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google play store - How does Android handle tablet specific apps and how do you distinguish these apps?

Thursday 03rd of March 2011 /
How does Android handle tablet specific apps and how do you distinguish these apps? I know there are Android apps that only work on Tablet devices (they say there are currently 16) and wont work on phones. There is a similar relationship between the iPad and iPhone but in the iTunes app store there are distinct iPad and iPhone tabs. There doesn't appear to be the same type of distinction in the Android Market that will allow me to browse Tablet specific apps.
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How does Facebook sync work?

Wednesday 16th of December 2009 /
The usual disclaimer: I promise I searched the forum for the answer to this question; if this is a repost I'm sorry.I decided to finally let my contacts sync with Facebook. For the most part it worked but there are several contacts who didn't sync. I'm trying to figure out how the ones that did work in fact worked. Does it go by name? Email? Because I can't figure out why my wife's contact didn't sync. We have a hyphenated last name so I am quite sure there is no one else in the world with her full name, let alone on Facebook, so it's definitely not confused and trying to pick one of the many people with her name. Her email address is the same on Facebook and on my phone, so that's not the problem. So my questions are:1. How does Facebook sync work? What datum is it cross-checking from my contacts list to my Facebook friends? Name? Email?2. Is there a way to manually tell it to sync a contact to a particular Facebook profile? I saw this mentioned in another thread but I can't figure out how to do it myself. I would rather know the global solution in (1) above but this would be better
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Does Android Kernel work with jffs2 File-system?

Wednesday 09th of September 2009 /
Hi all Does the Android Kernel work with 'jffs2' file-system?Or does Android Kernel work only with 'yaffs' 0r 'ubifs' file-systemsThanks & regardsAnanth
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How does Android@Home work?

Friday 10th of June 2011 /
This year at Google I/O the Android team showed off anew Android feature called Android@Home that was created for home automation. How does it work?
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how does clockwork mod work

Sunday 08th of August 2010 /
how does clockwork mod work i download rom manager form the mrket and flashed clockwork on my phone but what does it do and how does it work.
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How does Android update??

Thursday 24th of September 2009 /
Hi Guy's,How does Android update? Is it over the air? Or if not how is it done??Thanks in advance for any replies
posted on: HTC Magic
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hardware - How does Android calculate battery consumption by apps?

Thursday 01st of March 2012 /
How does Android measure energy used by individual hardware component? How does Android measure energy used by each individual process?
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So how does android email work?

Wednesday 25th of August 2010 /
Mine works fine but I'm curious. Coming from Blackberry I'm scratching my head. BB works by using a BB server as a proxy I have a pop3 account set up. Now I understand how it sends when I am at home as the wifi is feeding my isp's broadband which is where my Pop3 account resides. But when I leave wifi it still sends If I do the same thing with a laptop and go to another wifi spot provided by a different ISP my email will recieve but not send- unless I change the outgoing server to that wifi provider's. I would have presumed that over 3G that I'd have the same issue - as the phone companies outgoing sever is handling my email? Or am I missing something
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S
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How does the GPS work on smartphones?

Saturday 27th of February 2010 /
Hello all,I'm planning to buy an android phone but I have a question.How does the GPS work on smartphones?Does it work like a "true" GPS device like the I use when hiking in the mountains or do I need a permanent connection to internet to be able to the GPS application of the smrtphone?Thanks for your replies.Fujisan
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How does Android handle data?

Tuesday 08th of June 2010 /
All,I have just gotten my first Android based device, the HTC Droid Incredible. I am not new to the world of smartphones (I have owned a Blackberry and have worked on many other Blackberries), but I am new to the whole world of Android. I really do like it so far, but I have a question...How does Android handle data? What I mean by this question is this: Does Android use a store and forward approach to sending data (emails)? Or does it send it out and if it doesn't have a good connection, it will just fail out, never to try again? And based on the fact that it uses data, I also assume that it will never lose it's data connection even though a cell phone tower might be buried under voice calls? The reason I ask this is because during 9/11, many people's cell phones could not make or receive calls but those who had some of the first Blackberries were able to send and receive emails just fine due to the store and forward approach. Also, another reason is that this device will be used in a SHTF type of situation due to it's capabilities and I want to make sure that it will work with data
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