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How can i save sms pictures.

Monday 25th of July 2011 /
I was just wondering if there was anyway i could save pictures that were sent over text message. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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Go SMS picture downloads

Sunday 26th of August 2012 /
I'm using Go SMS on a Samsung Galaxy S and I can never find the actual download folder when I save a picture that's been texted to me. It doesn't go to my "gallery". What I end up having to do is open the Messaging app on my phone and saving the picture and then going back to Go SMS to continue my conversation. When I connect to my computer, I see the SMSdownload folder, but I can't find it on my actual phone. How do I change the location of downloaded pictures? Thanks!
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Will Handcent fix my issues?

Tuesday 19th of January 2010 /
I currently have an LG VX11000 but played with a Droid at the local Verizon store. I noticed a few issues that pertain to SMS and MMS that are currently keeping me from making the switch to the new phone.1.) When I sent the Droid a picture message with sound, it received the MMS as some kind of slide show. Meaning I saw the picture in the thread, but it was covered with a "play" button. Upon clicking the button, the audio will play, but displays a black screen during the audio playback. If I send the same message to majority of my Verizon friends, they hear the audio while seeing the picture with no issue. That kinda bugs me because I like to save the audio and pictures sometimes that get sent to me.2.) On my enV Touch, and almost all Verizon non-smart phones, I can send and receive texts over 160 characters to/from Verizon subscribers with no issues. However the BB Storm had a cap at 160 characters for all sms messages regardless of recipients carrier. Yet I believe it could receive texts over 160 characters. Not really sure. How does the Droid handle them?3.) I can change
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Pictures sent via SMS question

Thursday 18th of February 2010 /
Hello everyone. Im slowly learning to use my motorola droid. I did a search but I didnt see anything. A friend sent me a few pictures via text messaging. I can open the text and view the picture but how do I save the pictures to my picture gallery?
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How do I save pitures sent in a text msg

Friday 07th of September 2012 /
Looked around here and did not see these issues answered.. Using the stock SMS app, I receive pictures via text msg but I cannot find an option to save it to my gallery (Or anywhere for that matter). Only option is to "Set picture as". Is it possible to save pics from text msgs and if so how.. Also, I get some pics where I can just touch them and I can resize on the fly etc (The ones I cannot save) ... and some I get when you touch them, it kinda looks like a video player pops up with the pic and a 5-6 second play bar runs left to right like I am playing a video clip but it is a picture only. Anyone know what type of picture that is and why I am getting those? Very annoying.. Any help with these two questions/issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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saving pictures

Saturday 04th of September 2010 /
Just switched from a BB Tour to the droid 2.... can anyone tell me how to save pictures that I received via sms text?
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Help with OS for Samsung Intercept

Friday 05th of November 2010 /
I've been having a lot of problems the past week with my Samsung Intercept. It constantly freezes when I receive and make calls and it drops calls. The browser freezes and so does the handcent SMS. It will shut off on it's own without me turning the phone off. It is very frustrating and I am not sure why it keeps doing it. A friend told me to save all my music and pictures to my memory card and reinstall the OS. How do I reinstall the OS for the intercept or for an Android phone in general? Are there any websites that give you step by step instructions on how to do this? This is the only option I can think to do to fix these problems. I find it ridiculous that I have to do this after having the phone for only three months.Can someone please help me?Thank you.
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Help with Go sms pro

Saturday 31st of August 2013 /
I just found out that SlimBean does not send pictures at all. I searched here and XDA and all I've found is to use go sms pro. So I dl go sms pro from the app store and I feel real stupid because I can't figure out how to use the darn thing. It does not have any of my contacts from my phone and when I try and add a contact it does not save it. I tried sending a regular text and a mms but nothing goes through. I've searched here, XDA and google search for a how to but the ones I've seen show the contact list is updated already, I can't find a settings menu anywhere in go sms at all.
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Saving Images from text

Saturday 15th of February 2014 /
I have been using Hangouts as my SMS for quite some time now. I never had a problem saving pictures from the app at full size but recently I changed my default SMS (hello SMS) and now when I save images to my phone the pictures are A LOT smaller when saved to phone. I went to the default messaging app that came with the One, same thing. I then switched back to Hangouts to see if its the app and it saves the image perfectly and in the correct size... any idea how I can get my other SMS to save my images fully like Hangouts does? Thanks for your time,Tim
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Savings Pictures From Hangouts

Tuesday 18th of February 2014 /
Just switched to AT&T and got me a Nexus 5. I'm currently using Hangouts for SMS and can't figure out how to save pictures from there. My father in law sent me a few of my daughter and I see no capability to save the images. Is there a way to get that done? Thanks!
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