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4.1 jelly bean - How can I access android log files on my Nexus 7 without root access?

Thursday 06th of September 2012 /
Since aLogcat now no longer works with Jelly Bean, how can I access the system log files on my device without either root access or attaching it to a computer?I have tried using adb logcat from my PC and that worked fine, so I know that plenty of messages are being logged.Using logcat from Android Terminal Emulator on my Nexus 7 shows almost no output though and adb logcat from Android Terminal Emulator, starts the daemon but then just says - waiting for device - and nothing more appears.So, is it possible to access android log files on my Nexus 7 without root access?
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How can I stop gingerbread install?

Saturday 22nd of October 2011 /
My wife has a droid pro and it started and OTA download with no description other that "Updates". When it finished she said it asked to install android 4. something. From what I understand this is gingerbread, and thus far there is not a one-click root for gingerbread. She doesn't quite understand all of this so I can't do anything to it that she won't be able to fix, so flashing anything is out of the question. I will be leaving town for quite awhile so I need her to be able to unroot it on her own if she has to claim insurance on it. If she installs the update, will gingerbreak still root it? If not, how do I stop the install notifications? She needs to have it rooted because internet is virtually impossible to get where we live unless you want to pay ungodly amounts of money for it, so she uses it for wifi.
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How do I upgrade ROM with TWRP?

Saturday 09th of March 2013 /
I have nexus 7 running android 4.2.1 and TWRP boot loader. The OTA upgrade doesn't work (presumably because of TWRP). Can someone explain to me how I am supposed to upgrade the Nexus 7 to 4.2.2 maintaining TWRP and root? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
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How can i root with android 4.4

Friday 25th of May 2012 /
okay so i upgraded to the leak version of android 4.4. i did the voodoo root keeper but it didnt work. im trying to root my phone again but it can only be done with android2.3.6. pleasseee help.
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How can i root with android 4.4 - Page 3

Saturday 26th of May 2012 /
Originally Posted by zagan13 is it just me or does this version have a really poor battery quality. i harge my phone 100%. ive been using it for 58 mins and its already down to 70%My battery life is pretty much the same as on GB. Still not great, but its good.
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How can I root my Thunderbolt?

Thursday 12th of July 2012 /
I have a Thunderbolt with Android 2.3.4 running 2.11.605.19 710RD. Is there an easy way to root it with no data wipe, I am a rookie at this so if someone can help me out with easiest way possible. Thank you in advance.
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How can i root with android 4.4 - Page 4

Saturday 09th of June 2012 /
It's outlined here in detail: [HOW TO] Restore your Motorola Droid 4 (XT894) to stock [Windows Only]
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ZTE z750c (savvy) how can I root???

Tuesday 15th of October 2013 /
I had a Huawei h866c rooted great with poot, until I tried flashing a new Rom... whoops, I bricked it!!!... so I go try n buy another one at Wal-Mart n they don't carry it anymore, least the one here don't... I ended up buying a ZTE Z750C (savvy) with the android version 4.1.2... How can I root it, or unlock it???... I'm trying to develop my own app... now I have to learn how to work this phone first... this sucks!!!... ANY IDEAS???
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Is my phone dying? How can I check?

Friday 17th of January 2014 /
My phone was a brick a couple of weeks ago. When switching on it went to the SAMSUNG screen and stayed there.I hunted around, got the phone in recovery mode, and proceeded to root & flash the device with the latest stable Cyanogen mod (9) and everything worked fine for a week.Now I have applications crashing all over the place, including background apps. I see the message "Unfortunately, x has stopped working" where x can be Talk, Messaging, Facebook, android.acore and a host of other things.I've tried taking out the microSD card, deleting the cache, etc. but the problem has become persistent.Could I have issues with internal memory that are fixable? Is there a utility/app that can scan memory for me and indicate issues? Should I run something other than Cyanogen mod9? Would a more recent nightly / beta version work out better?Thanks in advance for any help.Phone : Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 International (France, SFR)Android 4.0.4I9100BULS1Kernel 3.0.32-CM-ge9cef6cblinky-ghost@cyanogenmod #1ARMv7 rev 1 (v71)Cyanogen 9.1.0-salaxys2892MBcm_galaxys2-userdebug 54.0.4 IMM76L-F
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how do i root my jazz ultratab c725 7 and install and back up the rom

Monday 07th of April 2014 /
i want to know how to root my jazz ultratab c725 cus it's bugging me that ya couldn't fully get jelly bean on there i found a rom that was made for this tablet that puts android 4.2 on there How to Update Jelly Bean 4.1 jinxlinx (He just posted that) or 6 months ago posted that. See because satcommranger and fsbently couldn't direct me to that work and we sorta worked through it to get Functionality on the c725, did he just back date it or what ? Thanx tox I mean henrie1. Really random I compile the package then a week later it pops out finished work predated.Can you direct me to the forum or page were tox posted this work originally. Not that I question tox if he did he did. But all of a sudden an Electronic Engineer makes 7 post and gets my edited copy of firmware then it magically appears predated but " just posted ". Would all fall into a big puzzle if you were in tox pocket or tox wtf is he doing with a 1000mhz 69$ piece of junk from OD. But in all honesty I guess that's why I was involved in this thread so its a big step for us all ty for sharing.HMMMMmmmmm......"
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