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Question regarding touch screen compared to iPhone / iPod? - Page 2

Monday 15th of March 2010 /
Being a current nexus one and iPhone user I can say that the touch screen on the iPhone is better. The Nexus One touch screen still has bugs in it. Example, I will touch a button and a button next to it will be clicked. But this may be to blame on software related issues. Also when the line test is done on both the nexus One's lines step and the iPhones's lines don't. The better the touchscreen the fewer the steps when drawing diagonal lines. The Screen on the Nexus One is sharper, but there aren't or probably will be any games that take advantage if it. I just wish the game development community was as refined on android as it was on the Apple App Store.
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Question regarding touch screen compared to iPhone / iPod?

Tuesday 23rd of February 2010 /
HiI just wondered what everyone's feeling is regarding the Nexus One Touchscreen compared to the iPhone?What I mean is, on the iPhone / iPod Touch (which I have) the touch screen is very effortless and scrolls very easily.However, on my girlfriends Samsung Jet, you kinda need to press down on the touchscreen till it registers (with a little vibration) and then you can scroll.I just wondered which one the Nexus One is more like?ThanksStewart
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Cracked Touch Screen (Digitizer)

Saturday 15th of January 2011 /
Hi everyone,My Nexus One fell out of my hands on the street, and cracked the touch screen (digitizer) so bad that my heart shrank to half. The actual Amoled Screen is still intact, seeing how I'm writing this from my Nexus 1, but the Touch Screen (digitizer) part is cracked to bits.I was wondering if anyone could give me step-by-step instructions on how should I replace this part:-What kind of screwdriver I need (the actual name or description of the screwdriver that's needed for opening up the Nexus One, like Torx #5 or something)?-is there some kinda prying tool I need to use-would there be available some schematics step-by-step instructions for me to be able to pull off this job of replacing the digitizer?I would really appreciate any help.with this, my friends, cuz I would hate to destroy such an awesome piece of technology that our beloved Google Nexus One really is...I'm awaiting emails to djmisi99@gmail.comThx a lot
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Onda Tablet PC V701 Touch Screen Digitizer Panel Replacement Dual Core Edition...

Friday 17th of May 2013 /
Just broke the touch screen on my tablet, it still works. I have a new screen on order. Wondering if anyone has opened up an Onda v701 and what problems I might run into. Tried finding something on U-Tube but found nothing. If anyone has any tips that you have learned during your experience I would appreciate the help and information.
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Hardware Question (regarding touch screen digitizer)

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 /
Hi,My HTC Desire Z is currently having a series of problems and I'm trying to find out if they're related to each other or just individual. The first problem is that my touch screen is not responsive at all. So I figure this has to do with the digitizer. The other problem is that I can't hear anything during calls. I've tested it out and I can hear them when I put it on speaker, so it's not a problem with the call going through. And the other person can hear me. I just can't hear them through the phone's earpiece. So I'm just wondering if there's a chance these problems could be related? Because I can replace the digitizer myself, but if that won't fix the phone problem, I may as well get it fixed by a technician since I wouldn't know how to fix that.Or if anyone knows what might be the problem with the phone's calling issue, please let me know.Thanks
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Need help changing gt540's front touch screen (Digitizer)

Saturday 06th of August 2011 /
Does anyone know how to change a digitizer? ive had my gt540 apart several times to change other bits (LCD Display Screen 3 times) but it doesnt look easy. Can anyone with experience or know-how give me some tips?
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EVO 4G Touch Screen Digitizer Unresponsive - Android Phones - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Thursday 11th of July 2013 /
RE: HTC EVO APA9292 PC36100Subject: Touch Screen UnresponsiveTouch screen on this phone is unresponsive although LCD is good. Read that replacement digitizers are either wide or narrow connections. Any way to determine which applies to this phone without dismantling it? Thanks!
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ZTE AVID N9120 METRO PCS touch screen digitizer unresponsive

Monday 05th of August 2013 /
my phone's touch screen all the sudden stop working. hold power and up button reboot it to factory settings still not work. clean it, open it and put back together, the same, nothing works. don't know if I buy a new digitizer will fix this. please help let me know if there are any ways that i can try to fix this anyone.Thx.
posted on: ZTE Avid 4G
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Front Housing Assembly LCD + Touch Screen Digitizer replaced . Shut down button..NOW

Friday 30th of August 2013 /
..Does not work when you push the physical top toggle , when I pull battery it shuts off (of course) ..but when the battery is re-installed it turns on automatically.Shut down wont hi lite. When you press Shut down it hi lites Airplane.Airplane OKRestart OK.Has been clean wipe/reset to new factory start. Not activated and no Apps installed.Device was Professionally repaired w/ HTC Rezound Verizon Front Housing Assembly LCD + Touch Screen Digitizer OEM on eBay! . When finger pressed, the areas all around the screen ,responds / short cuts render quickly.. and all button on screen functions operate as should.Bad Touch Screen Digitizer ..I guess...Back at the Shop ...any suggestions before it comes apart again.?
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legit touch screen digitizer

Sunday 20th of October 2013 /
hey guys , i ever so slightly cracked my glass on my 2013 nex7. hairline crack and touch screen in unresponsive above the crack but works fine below. i want to purchase a new one that is a true geniune replacement. im guessing its just the touch screen digitizer because the lcd seems fine. i see them on ebay from china for like 35 bucks. im guessing those arent accurate replacements? my question is...where can i buy the real thing so i can do it myself? im hearing there somewhere in the$ 100 and up range . and how will i know if its the great 1920 x1200 display if i have to buy the whole unit including the lcd? from what i read u must buy the glass digitizer AND lcd ,unless u want to do the heat gun thing with the glass which i dont. so it seems i have to get the whole three layers as one and i cant find them anywhere that prove or even say that there genuine and that the lcd would be the same as the asus one. any links or info towards finding my issue to this problem would be helpful. thx
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