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Should I flash my HTC Evo 4g to Metro pcs?

Saturday 13th of October 2012 /
I've been hearing about phones getting flashed to Metro Pcs and a few weeks later they do not work Is there any truth to this? My HTC Evo 4g has a clean esn.
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Droid Flash to Metro PCS spot check

Friday 13th of August 2010 /
This is more of answer checking and not so much a question to flashing my Droid to Metro. I've been lurking here for while and have to say its been one hell of a journey. Everyone on this forum has been very very informative. Here goes..........1. Install SPRecovery.2. Root phone to gain administrative access. Superuser Permission - Little ninja dude.3. Install ROM. I used SmokedGlass 6.0.1. The latest one that lets you install through SPRecovery with Flash the phone to Metro. It is really as easy as just using CDMA Workshop to change the phones PRL??? *2288 test says the phone is with Metro and updated to 2004. Went into program mode and changed the MIED to match my 10 digit number.5. Push ESN to metro inventory. Has to be done by third party using Hudinisoft. Can this be done just by giving them my ESN/MIED or do they need the phone physically?6. Phone should now be working on metro, talk and text only. No web or app access.7. To get Web and app access, follow the how to guide on Howard Forums.Phone should now be fully functional on Metro, more or less.I think I'm in
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Droid To Metro PCS...

Thursday 18th of February 2010 /
I recently flashed my droid to metro pcs and was wondering if anyone knows about programming internet/pic texting. A buddy of mine mentioned using RSD Lite, it works for moto razrs etc. I'm just not sure it'll work on the droid. If anyone has any kind of info on programming, or anything that you think would help! thanks!
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Flash to metro pcs

Sunday 18th of March 2012 /
I just got a Droid a855 and I want to flash it from verizon to metro pcs. Is there a guide on how to do this? I googled it but all I can find is flashing it to cricket. Thanks
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Switching to Metro PCS, need to flash my phone?

Tuesday 12th of June 2012 /
This might not be the right forum section for this, so if there's a better one can you please direct me there.I kinda came up with a crazy plan that involves flashing my HTC Droid Incredible 2 to switch over to Metro PCS. I decided I wanted a tablet instead of a smart phone (sorta) mostly because I want a 10 inch screen, but I still want a phone for texting and calling. But after looking at pricing for every combonation I could think of I figured out that the cheapest thing to do WOUD HAVE BEEN to get a super cheap 4G phone (you can get them for a penny sometimes), a wifi tablet, and use my phone as a hot spot for my tablet because I'm currently locked into unlimited data for $30/month and tablet plans are really expensive. Of course, Verizon is run by horrible people who don't like having customers, apparently, and they're changing all their crap and I don't want to pay $80/month for 1GB of data (the no contract smartphone plan).Anyway, the only reason I explained all that is incase someone else want wants to help me screw Verizon with a similar plan. But my question is this: Do you
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Does Anyone Know how to flash a Moto Droid to Metro PCS Please

Tuesday 15th of June 2010 /
i have a moto droid, and wanted to know if anyone knows or can help me flash my motot droid to metro pcs,
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Can I Flash my Verizon HTC DNA to Metro PCS?

Friday 10th of May 2013 /
Please help. My brother gave me this HTC DNA as a gift and love everything about it, but I have Metro pcs and would like to get it to work on my Network. I would appreciate the instructions on how to do if possible. I have also been taking video with the HTC DNA, but im having trouble with the sound and the video being together in my pc when I import it/drag and drop. How do I get them to my pc together as one. And lastly, the thumbnails don't show up for the vids or pics so I don't know which pic is which. PLEASE ADVISE!!!
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Flashing HTC DNA to Metro PCS.

Monday 13th of May 2013 /
I got this HTC DNA from my brother and I absolutely love it. I do have a few things that i need to figure out so that i can enjoy it to the fullest ability: 1. Can I Flash it Metro PCS network, or do something that will enable it to function with Metro? 2. When i import video from phone to pc for some reason the audio and video separate and sometimes only one, either the audio or the video, are saved to my hard drive. And 3. When i hook up the phone to the pc i always ask it to "Open to view files" button and it doesn't show the pics in the thumbnail, and when i drag and drop or import the video or pics to the pc, if it did transfer properly, the thumbnail don't show me the pic either. Please advise i really like this phone and would love to keep it without having to change carriers.Thanks for your help
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EVO flashed to metro pcs restarts when playing apps or on the internet too long

Friday 20th of May 2011 /
Hi thereIve had my Evo for only a 2 weeks now, i bought it from ebay and had it flashed to metro pcs. Now when i purchased the phone, it came with a Seido 3500 platinum series (or Pt) battery. The problem is that when i go to play some apps, like angry birds or robo defense, the phone will restart after minutes of play. The phone also restarts if im on the web and im looking at high resolution pics or on web pages with alot of info on them. Now I do know alot of people have problems with their phone constantly restarting/rebooting for no reason, but my phone normally acts fine until i put it under load. I called HTC tech support and they said it is probably the battery. Bc it is an aftermarket extended battery, the phone is restarting itself to keep from overheating or the battery may be going bad. I just purchased a new oem battery and battery door for the phone to see if it fixes the problem, but i just wanted to see what others think about this. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ill update when my new battery arrives
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Activate NEW (out of box) HTC DNA on Metro PCS

Saturday 21st of September 2013 /
Brand new Droid HTC DNA never activated. I have the new Metro PCS SIM card in and the phone is stuck on "please wait while your phone connects to Verizon Wireless and automatically activates. Any ideas on how a dumb @ss can get this to work? Appreciate it. Again, phone never activated and is not unlocked.Thanks!
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