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Please help me understand storage partitioning and internal vs external SD - Page 2

Wednesday 20th of June 2012 /
Originally Posted by lovemyram4x4If you don't have any media on your internal storage, what's on it to fill it up? I have >100apps, some d/L's & all my ringtones(even the ones I don't use), and haven't even came close to using 1gb of the 8gb available on the internal storage.Yes, I also have lots of room on my internal sd card. My only concern is backup files and backup settings are by default, stored on the internal card and if your phone ever becomes unusable then you do not have access to those backups unless you also save them to your removable sd card.Sent from my DROID RAZR Maxx using Droid Forums
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Apps/games to EXTERNAL sdcard

Sunday 01st of January 2012 /
good day, I'm new to android things. I'm actually from iOS for the past 4 yrs.I have Samsung Galaxy W and it only have 2gb of internal storage.i know about apps2sd or the option to move to sdcard. i used both of them. I tried it for plants vs zombies to move to sdcard and it worked! I saw the difference to my external storage but PvZ is a different case because it's apk includes the whole game unlike other big games like gamelofts that require additional downloads. I tried moving gta3 and other gameloft games to sdcard but i think only the app itself was moved not including the data files.I tried moving their data files to /external_sdcard/Android/data but the game don't detect it, What I don't understand is Xperia Play only has 400 mb and Galaxy Ace I think only have 100+mb so how do they install big games? I'm sorry for my long post but I'm seriously running out of memory. I'll really appreciate if someone would clear these thing sto me Thanks
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Path to direct apps to save on exteral SD vs internal??

Thursday 14th of July 2011 /
So, the Droid 3 seems to be handling the internal and external storage differently than I'm used to. I can see that I have a directory called "sdcard". I also have a 16 gig micro sd installed that seems to be named "sdcard-ext". So, I had an app that wanted to save music and I get to specifiy a download path. But when I specifiy a folder it's putting it on the internal storage and not allowing me to direct it to the external SD. For example, if I tell it to use a download path of /sdcard-ext/My Music/ then it's actually creating a new directory and saving it to sdcard/sdcard-ext/My Music/ I can't quite figure out how to write out the path to have apps save items on the external SD. Any ideas?
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Verizon vs. AT&T – LTE Phone Comparison Shows Galaxy Nexus With 32GB of Storage

Monday 21st of November 2011 /
It seems that the Galaxy Nexus is fraught with will it/won’t it rumors. We posted an article on Saturday suggesting that Verizon would only offer the Nexus in the 16GB internal storage variety. This caused quite a stir for those who were excited about the phone. Given that the phone has no external storage support, people were worried that 16GB isn’t enough space for apps and media. People have suggested that this amount of storage is more than adequate given Google Music’s cloud storage capabilities. This however, may be an issue given Verizon’s 2GB data cap. So Verizon dropping the 32GB model seemed surprising.Well worry not. It appears that Verizon has released a document that highlights Verizon’s top three LTE phones versus AT&T’s two LTE phones. This document sheds some light on the Nexus storage dilemma. If you look at the document it shows that the Galaxy Nexus has 32GB of storage, highlighted in red. Given that this is a document that was given to their employees, it appears that Verizon has made this 16GB rumor moot. For those of yo
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Evo vs Nexus S... what's the big deal again?

Monday 06th of December 2010 /
So here's a quick comparison of the Evo which is 6 months old, and the newly released Nexus S. I have to say I'm really disappointed. The Nexus 1 really set the bar for high end Android phones. While it wasn't a sales success by any means, it's impact to the Android world can never be taken away. So what exactly is the Nexus S bring to the table? It's really just another high end Android phone, and even that is a little hard to say. No 720P video recording? And no SD card? O_O This phone wouldn't stand a chance to be a flashship Android phone on ANY carrier. The only thing it has going for it is it's as pure Android as you can get, which of course is a huge plus. But put Gingerbread on the Evo, MyTouch 4G, any of the OTHER BETTER Galaxy S phones, Droid X, and there truly is no reason to even look at this phone... As far as specs go, besides having more internal storage (but no external which is ridiculous) and a better processor, how is this "new" phone any better than the 6 month Evo? Am I missing something?
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SD Card vs. USB Storage

Friday 15th of March 2013 /
So I've had the phone for about a month. My regular internal storage (2gb) is getting full fast. I have an external SD card, but it is mostly filled with my music and I don't want to put any large programs on it. Is there a way to move my larger applications from the internal 2 gbs to the usb storage (14 gb) which is going largely unused? I'd rather not have to root the phone but if rooting is what it takes to do this I wouldn't be completely opposed to it.
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Internal SD vs. External SD vs. Internal Storage

Wednesday 28th of July 2010 /
When I look at the settings and "SD card and phone storage" option I see the different types of storage. Based on what I see, please verify the following assumptions are correct...The external SD card is obviously the one I added. I assume it can be used to store media files (via USB, direct write on a PC, etc.). I read until Froyo we won't be able to install apps on this card.The internal SD card is what is built into the phone for apps and other things those apps write to the phone. Looks like Google Listen writes to this area (can't make it write to the external SD and not sure why). It appears that the only things writing to there are my camera and of course any music, pics, or videos I load on there directly. Nothing else seems to make use of it.The internal phone storage is for things like the OS and is pretty much off limits.When I go into the "My Files" app on the phone it dumps me into the home directory which happens to be /sdcard. I assume this is the internal SD card? under that directory it also has "/sd" which appears to be my external SD c
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External Storage vs SD Card

Friday 03rd of February 2012 /
So this didnt bother me until I ran an RUU and lost all my Titanium backups a minute ago, along with who knows what else...The internal storage on the Rezound is located at /mnt/sdcard whereas the SD card is located at /mnt/sdcard/ext_sd -- This is a change from the OG and D2 I'm intimately familiar with.This means that apps that like to save out to the SD card (Titanium, JustPictures) arent actually saving to the SD card, they're saving to the internal storage of the phone, which is vulnerable to loss when an RUU or bootloader unlock takes place.Anyone know how to fix this? And by fix it, I mean making the SD card the primary storage location, so it's less susceptible to loss when I play around with a ROM? I have a 64gb SD card, and I'm perfectly happy making the internal storage completely unusable, or is there an app that can run in the background and mirror the internal storage out to the SD card?
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External vs Internal Storage

Wednesday 31st of July 2013 /
I have an issue with SD/external storage and my phone's internal storage. And, as a heads up, I have already looked at other threads regarding this topic but none have addressed my issue.In a nutshell, my phone (Atrix 2) seems to automatically install apps and their data on my SD card rather than its internal storage; for example, the Google Play store won't let me download apps if the memory space on my removable SD card is insufficient while I have plenty of space on my device itself.Before I continue I'll give some specs: I have a 2 gb external SD (1.9 gb are used) and a 4.5 gb (1.2 gb are used) internal storage.Whether or not the issue above is supposed to happen, this has become a problem because my SD card is basically completely full (with apps consuming 1.2 gb out of the 1.9). Every article on Google consists of people asking how to free up internal memory by moving apps and data to their SD card storage while my problem is the exact opposite.The specific app that I'm currently trying to install is Blood and Glory: Legends. The Play store, at first, wouldn't let me install it
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Will factory reset in recovery delete the internal storage?

Friday 02nd of August 2013 /
Hi everyone! I have a question that is bugging me. There is a lot of info on the net about full wipe hard reset etc. but all devices are different. Here's my question: I have sold my used Asus fonepad and did a factory reset in recovery mode along with installing the original Asus rom before I sold it. I installed the original rom in download mode since it was rooted before by me and the customer wanted it "out of the box" with no root. I followed the instructions of this site: . Seemed legit. Now with the phone sold I got paranoid. The site above says that all data is wiped with a factory reset but other sites (describing general android and samsung devices) states that factory reset won't delete data on the internal storage. The whole internal sd card/internal storage vs. external sd card makes me confused, but I guess we are talking about different partitions on the harddrive when we talk about system as well as the "internal sd card". That is at least what I can understand when searching the net. Please correct me if necessary. I am afraid I sold my fonepad
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